Species in Adriatic Sea
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Species Name Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic Level Status
Acipenser naccarii Adriatic sturgeon Acipenseridae demersal 3.3 native
Acipenser sturio Sturgeon Acipenseridae demersal 3.5 native
Aphia minuta Transparent goby Gobiidae pelagic-neritic 3.1 native
Apletodon incognitus Gobiesocidae demersal 3.1 native
Campogramma glaycos Vadigo Carangidae benthopelagic 4.5 native
Caranx crysos Blue runner Carangidae reef-associated 4.1 native
Cataetyx alleni Bythitidae bathydemersal 3.4 native
Chimaera monstrosa Rabbit fish Chimaeridae bathydemersal 3.8 native
Chromogobius zebratus Kolombatovic's goby Gobiidae demersal 3.3 questionable
Coelorinchus occa Swordsnout grenadier Macrouridae bathydemersal 3.6 native
Conger conger European conger Congridae demersal 4.3 native
Dalatias licha Kitefin shark Dalatiidae bathydemersal 4.2 native
Didogobius schlieweni Gobiidae demersal 3.2 native
Diplodus sargus White seabream Sparidae demersal 3.4 native
Echiodon dentatus Carapidae demersal 3.5 native
Elates ransonnettii Dwarf flathead Platycephalidae demersal 4.1 introduced
Enchelycore anatina Fangtooth moray Muraenidae demersal 4.0 native
Epigonus telescopus Black cardinal fish Epigonidae bathydemersal 3.6 native
Epinephelus aeneus White grouper Serranidae demersal 4.0 native
Equulites klunzingeri Leiognathidae demersal 3.5 introduced
Etmopterus spinax Velvet belly Etmopteridae bathydemersal 4.1 native
Fistularia commersonii Bluespotted cornetfish Fistulariidae reef-associated 4.3 introduced
Galeus melastomus Blackmouth catshark Scyliorhinidae demersal 4.2 native
Gobius bucchichi Bucchich's goby Gobiidae demersal 3.2 native
Gobius cruentatus Red-mouthed goby Gobiidae demersal 3.4 native
Gobius incognitus Gobiidae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Grammonus ater Bythitidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Helicolenus dactylopterus Blackbelly rosefish Sebastidae bathydemersal 4.0 native
Holacanthus ciliaris Queen angelfish Pomacanthidae reef-associated 3.0 introduced
Huso huso Beluga Acipenseridae pelagic-neritic 4.4 extirpated
Hymenocephalus italicus Glasshead grenadier Macrouridae benthopelagic 3.4 native
Lagocephalus sceleratus Silver-cheeked toadfish Tetraodontidae reef-associated 3.7 introduced
Lepidion lepidion Mediterranean codling Moridae bathypelagic 3.6 native
Leucoraja circularis Sandy ray Rajidae demersal 3.5 native
Lobotes surinamensis Tripletail Lobotidae benthopelagic 4.0 native
Mora moro Common mora Moridae bathypelagic 3.8 native
Muraena helena Mediterranean moray Muraenidae reef-associated 4.2 native
Nettastoma melanurum Blackfin sorcerer Nettastomatidae bathypelagic 3.5 native
Nezumia sclerorhynchus Roughtip grenadier Macrouridae bathypelagic 3.2 native
Notacanthus bonaparte Shortfin spiny eel Notacanthidae bathypelagic 3.9 native
Oxynotus centrina Angular roughshark Oxynotidae bathydemersal 3.1 native
Pagrus caeruleostictus Bluespotted seabream Sparidae benthopelagic 3.7 native
Pagrus major Red seabream Sparidae demersal 3.7 introduced
Paranthias furcifer Creole-fish Serranidae reef-associated 3.2 introduced
Pegusa lascaris Sand sole Soleidae demersal 3.3 native
Pegusa nasuta Blackhand sole Soleidae demersal 3.3 native
Phycis blennoides Greater forkbeard Phycidae benthopelagic 3.7 native
Pteroplatytrygon violacea Pelagic stingray Dasyatidae pelagic-oceanic 4.4 native
Raja clavata Thornback ray Rajidae demersal 3.8 native
Rhinoptera marginata Lusitanian cownose ray Myliobatidae benthopelagic 3.8 questionable
Schedophilus ovalis Imperial blackfish Centrolophidae benthopelagic 3.5 native
Serranus scriba Painted comber Serranidae demersal 3.8 native
Siganus rivulatus Marbled spinefoot Siganidae reef-associated 2.0 introduced
Sphyraena chrysotaenia Yellowstripe barracuda Sphyraenidae pelagic-neritic 4.0 native
Stephanolepis diaspros Reticulated leatherjacket Monacanthidae demersal 2.8 introduced
Terapon theraps Largescaled terapon Terapontidae reef-associated 3.5 introduced
Trachipterus trachypterus Mediterranean dealfish Trachipteridae bathypelagic 2.9 native
Trachyrincus scabrus Roughsnout grenadier Macrouridae bathydemersal 3.6 native
Tripterygion tripteronotum Tripterygiidae demersal 3.4 native
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