Species in Milwaukee Group Seamount
Note: The list below is incomplete. You can assess the extent of its coverage by examining the references we used to assign species to this ecosystem. Note, however, that there are too many species of invertebrates for SeaLifeBase to provide you with complete species lists. You may be able to help us more on this list by sending us Internet sources or published references that we have not yet used for this ecosystem. We will encode this material, and credit you for providing it
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Species Name Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic Level Status
Antigonia eos Caproidae benthopelagic 3.4 native
Ariomma luridum Ariommid Ariommatidae bathypelagic 3.6 native
Bembradium roseum Bembridae bathydemersal 3.4 native
Bembrops filiferus Sharpnosed duckbill Percophidae bathydemersal 4.1 native
Beryx decadactylus Alfonsino Berycidae bathydemersal 4.1 native
Beryx splendens Splendid alfonsino Berycidae benthopelagic 4.3 native
Chascanopsetta prorigera Bothidae bathydemersal 3.2 native
Chaunax umbrinus Chaunacidae demersal 4.3 native
Chlamydoselachus anguineus Frilled shark Chlamydoselachidae bathydemersal 4.2 native
Dalatias licha Kitefin shark Dalatiidae bathydemersal 4.2 native
Echinorhinus cookei Prickly shark Echinorhinidae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Emmelichthys struhsakeri Golden redbait Emmelichthyidae benthopelagic 3.4 native
Epigonus denticulatus Pencil cardinal Epigonidae bathydemersal 3.4 native
Etmopterus lucifer Blackbelly lanternshark Etmopteridae benthopelagic 4.2 native
Etmopterus pusillus Smooth lanternshark Etmopteridae benthopelagic 4.2 native
Grammatonotus laysanus Callanthiidae pelagic-oceanic 3.3 native
Helicolenus avius Sebastidae bathydemersal 4.0 native
Helicolenus fedorovi Sebastidae bathydemersal 3.9 native
Hoplostethus crassispinus Trachichthyidae bathypelagic 3.6 native
Hozukius guyotensis Sebastidae bathydemersal 3.8 native
Hyperoglyphe japonica Pacific barrelfish Centrolophidae benthopelagic 3.9 native
Lepidopus calcar Hawaiian ridge scabbardfish Trichiuridae benthopelagic 3.8 native
Lophiodes miacanthus Lophiidae bathydemersal 4.0 native
Maurolicus muelleri Silvery lightfish Sternoptychidae bathypelagic 3.0 native
Microstomus shuntovi Pleuronectidae bathydemersal 3.2 native
Parabothus coarctatus Bothidae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Paraulopus filamentosus Paraulopidae bathydemersal 3.8 native
Pentaceros japonicus Japanese armorhead Pentacerotidae benthopelagic 3.4 native
Pentaceros wheeleri Slender armorhead Pentacerotidae benthopelagic 3.4 native
Physiculus japonicus Japanese codling Moridae bathydemersal 4.2 native
Polyipnus matsubarai Sternoptychidae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Polymixia berndti Pacific beardfish Polymixiidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Polymixia japonica Silver eye Polymixiidae bathypelagic 4.2 native
Promethichthys prometheus Roudi escolar Gempylidae benthopelagic 4.2 native
Scalicus engyceros Peristediidae demersal 3.5 native
Sebastes flammeus Sebastidae bathydemersal 3.8 native
Squalus blainville Longnose spurdog Squalidae demersal 4.0 questionable
Zalanthias kelloggi Serranidae demersal 4.0 native
Zenopsis nebulosa Mirror dory Zeidae benthopelagic 4.4 native
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