Species in Gulf of Maine
Note: The list below is incomplete. You can assess the extent of its coverage by examining the references we used to assign species to this ecosystem. Note, however, that there are too many species of invertebrates for SeaLifeBase to provide you with complete species lists. You may be able to help us more on this list by sending us Internet sources or published references that we have not yet used for this ecosystem. We will encode this material, and credit you for providing it
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Species Name Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic Level Status
Ablennes hians Flat needlefish Belonidae reef-associated 4.5 native
Acipenser brevirostrum Shortnose sturgeon Acipenseridae demersal 3.3 native
Acipenser oxyrinchus Atlantic sturgeon Acipenseridae demersal 3.4 native
Alectis ciliaris African pompano Carangidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Alopias vulpinus Thresher Alopiidae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Alosa aestivalis Blueback shad Clupeidae pelagic-neritic 3.8 native
Alosa pseudoharengus Alewife Clupeidae pelagic-neritic 3.4 native
Alosa sapidissima American shad Clupeidae pelagic-neritic 3.5 native
Aluterus schoepfii Orange filefish Monacanthidae reef-associated 2.0 native
Aluterus scriptus Scribbled leatherjacket filefish Monacanthidae reef-associated 2.8 native
Amblyraja radiata Starry ray Rajidae demersal 4.2 native
Ammodytes americanus American sand lance Ammodytidae demersal 3.1 native
Ammodytes dubius Northern sand lance Ammodytidae demersal 3.2 native
Anarhichas lupus Atlantic wolffish Anarhichadidae demersal 3.9 native
Anchoa hepsetus Broad-striped anchovy Engraulidae pelagic-neritic 3.4 native
Anchoa mitchilli Bay anchovy Engraulidae pelagic-neritic 3.5 native
Anguilla rostrata American eel Anguillidae demersal 3.8 native
Anthias nicholsi Yellowfin bass Serranidae benthopelagic 3.6 native
Antigonia capros Deepbody boarfish Caproidae demersal 3.5 native
Apeltes quadracus Fourspine stickleback Gasterosteidae benthopelagic 3.2 native
Archosargus probatocephalus Sheepshead Sparidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Arctozenus risso Spotted barracudina Paralepididae bathypelagic 3.9 native
Argentina silus Greater argentine Argentinidae bathydemersal 3.3 native
Ariomma bondi Silver-rag driftfish Ariommatidae demersal 3.5 native
Artediellus atlanticus Atlantic hookear sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.4 native
Aspidophoroides monopterygius Alligatorfish Agonidae demersal 3.3 native
Auxis rochei Bullet tuna Scombridae pelagic-neritic 4.3 native
Balistes capriscus Grey triggerfish Balistidae reef-associated 4.1 native
Bathytoshia centroura Roughtail stingray Dasyatidae demersal 3.7 native
Beryx decadactylus Alfonsino Berycidae bathydemersal 4.1 native
Beryx splendens Splendid alfonsino Berycidae benthopelagic 4.3 native
Bothus ocellatus Eyed flounder Bothidae reef-associated 3.8 native
Brevoortia tyrannus Atlantic menhaden Clupeidae pelagic-neritic 3.2 native
Brosme brosme Cusk Lotidae demersal 3.9 native
Caranx crysos Blue runner Carangidae reef-associated 4.1 native
Caranx hippos Crevalle jack Carangidae reef-associated 3.6 native
Carcharhinus obscurus Dusky shark Carcharhinidae reef-associated 4.3 native
Carcharhinus plumbeus Sandbar shark Carcharhinidae benthopelagic 4.3 native
Carcharias taurus Sand tiger shark Odontaspididae reef-associated 4.5 native
Carcharodon carcharias Great white shark Lamnidae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Careproctus ranula Scotian snailfish Liparidae demersal 3.2 native
Centrolophus niger Rudderfish Centrolophidae bathypelagic 3.9 native
Centropristis striata Black seabass Serranidae reef-associated 3.9 native
Centroscyllium fabricii Black dogfish Etmopteridae bathydemersal 3.8 native
Ceratias holboelli Kroyer's deep-sea angler fish Ceratiidae bathypelagic 3.2 native
Ceratoscopelus maderensis Madeira lantern fish Myctophidae bathypelagic 3.0 native
Cetorhinus maximus Basking shark Cetorhinidae pelagic-oceanic 3.2 native
Chaunax stigmaeus Redeye gaper Chaunacidae bathydemersal 4.2 native
Cheilopogon melanurus Atlantic flyingfish Exocoetidae pelagic-neritic 3.6 native
Chilomycterus schoepfii Striped burrfish Diodontidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Chlorophthalmus agassizi Shortnose greeneye Chlorophthalmidae bathydemersal 3.7 native
Citharichthys arctifrons Gulf Stream flounder Paralichthyidae demersal 3.3 native
Clupea harengus Atlantic herring Clupeidae benthopelagic 3.4 native
Conger oceanicus American conger Congridae demersal 4.5 native
Coryphaena hippurus Common dolphinfish Coryphaenidae pelagic-neritic 3.8 native
Cryptacanthodes maculatus Wrymouth Cryptacanthodidae demersal 3.7 native
Cyclopterus lumpus Lumpfish Cyclopteridae benthopelagic 3.8 native
Cynoscion regalis Squeteague Sciaenidae demersal 3.8 native
Dactylopterus volitans Flying gurnard Dactylopteridae reef-associated 3.7 native
Dipturus laevis Barndoor skate Rajidae demersal 4.0 native
Echeneis naucrates Live sharksucker Echeneidae reef-associated 3.7 native
Elops saurus Ladyfish Elopidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Enchelyopus cimbrius Fourbeard rockling Lotidae demersal 3.6 native
Etropus microstomus Smallmouth flounder Paralichthyidae demersal 3.4 native
Eumicrotremus spinosus Atlantic spiny lumpsucker Cyclopteridae demersal 3.5 native
Euthynnus alletteratus Little tunny Scombridae reef-associated 4.3 native
Fistularia tabacaria Cornetfish Fistulariidae reef-associated 3.7 native
Fundulus heteroclitus Mummichog Fundulidae benthopelagic 3.6 native
Fundulus majalis Striped killifish Fundulidae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Gadus morhua Atlantic cod Gadidae benthopelagic 4.1 native
Galeocerdo cuvier Tiger shark Carcharhinidae benthopelagic 4.6 native
Gasterosteus aculeatus Three-spined stickleback Gasterosteidae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Gasterosteus wheatlandi Blackspotted stickleback Gasterosteidae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Gephyroberyx darwinii Darwin's slimehead Trachichthyidae benthopelagic 3.9 native
Glyptocephalus cynoglossus Witch flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.2 native
Grammicolepis brachiusculus Thorny tinselfish Grammicolepididae bathypelagic 4.0 native
Gymnocanthus tricuspis Arctic staghorn sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.5 native
Helicolenus dactylopterus Blackbelly rosefish Sebastidae bathydemersal 4.0 native
Hippocampus erectus Lined seahorse Syngnathidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Hippoglossoides platessoides American plaice Pleuronectidae demersal 3.7 native
Hippoglossus hippoglossus Atlantic halibut Pleuronectidae demersal 4.0 native
Histrio histrio Sargassumfish Antennariidae reef-associated 3.9 native
Hoplostethus mediterraneus Mediterranean slimehead Trachichthyidae benthopelagic 3.5 native
Hyperoglyphe perciformis Barrelfish Centrolophidae pelagic-oceanic 3.9 native
Hyporhamphus meeki American halfbeak Hemiramphidae pelagic-neritic 2.8 native
Isurus oxyrinchus Shortfin mako Lamnidae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Katsuwonus pelamis Skipjack tuna Scombridae pelagic-oceanic 4.4 native
Lampanyctus crocodilus Jewel lanternfish Myctophidae bathypelagic 3.2 native
Lampris guttatus Opah Lampridae bathypelagic 4.2 native
Leiostomus xanthurus Spot croaker Sciaenidae demersal 3.2 native
Lepophidium profundorum Blackrim cusk-eel Ophidiidae demersal 3.5 native
Leucoraja ocellata Winter skate Rajidae demersal 4.4 native
Liparis atlanticus Atlantic seasnail Liparidae demersal 3.3 native
Liparis coheni Gulf snailfish Liparidae demersal 3.4 native
Liparis inquilinus Inquiline snailfish Liparidae demersal 3.3 native
Lobianchia dofleini Dofleini's lantern fish Myctophidae bathypelagic 3.0 native
Lophius americanus American angler Lophiidae demersal 4.5 native
Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps Great northern tilefish Malacanthidae demersal 3.8 native
Lycenchelys verrillii Wolf eelpout Zoarcidae bathydemersal 3.3 native
Macroramphosus scolopax Longspine snipefish Centriscidae demersal 3.5 native
Makaira nigricans Blue marlin Istiophoridae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Malacoraja senta Smooth skate Rajidae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Mallotus villosus Capelin Osmeridae pelagic-oceanic 3.2 native
Masturus lanceolatus Sharptail mola Molidae bathypelagic 3.8 native
Megalops atlanticus Tarpon Megalopidae reef-associated 4.2 native
Melanogrammus aeglefinus Haddock Gadidae demersal 4.0 native
Melanostigma atlanticum Atlantic soft pout Zoarcidae bathypelagic 3.2 native
Menidia beryllina Inland silverside Atherinopsidae pelagic-neritic 3.2 native
Menidia menidia Atlantic silverside Atherinopsidae pelagic-neritic 3.2 native
Menticirrhus saxatilis Northern kingfish Sciaenidae demersal 3.6 native
Merluccius albidus Offshore silver hake Merlucciidae bathydemersal 4.2 native
Merluccius bilinearis Silver hake Merlucciidae demersal 4.5 native
Microgadus tomcod Atlantic tomcod Gadidae demersal 3.8 native
Mola mola Ocean sunfish Molidae pelagic-oceanic 3.7 native
Monacanthus ciliatus Fringed filefish Monacanthidae reef-associated 2.7 native
Morone americana White perch Moronidae demersal 3.1 native
Morone saxatilis Striped bass Moronidae demersal 4.7 native
Mugil cephalus Flathead grey mullet Mugilidae benthopelagic 2.5 native
Mugil curema White mullet Mugilidae reef-associated 2.0 native
Mustelus canis Dusky smooth-hound Triakidae demersal 3.6 native
Myctophum punctatum Spotted lanternfish Myctophidae bathypelagic 3.4 native
Myoxocephalus aenaeus Grubby Cottidae demersal 3.4 native
Myoxocephalus octodecemspinosus Longhorn sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.6 native
Myoxocephalus scorpius Shorthorn sculpin Cottidae demersal 3.7 native
Myxine glutinosa Atlantic hagfish Myxinidae demersal 3.4 native
Naucrates ductor Pilotfish Carangidae reef-associated 3.4 native
Nemichthys scolopaceus Slender snipe eel Nemichthyidae bathypelagic 3.4 native
Nezumia bairdii Marlin-spike grenadier Macrouridae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Oligoplites saurus Leatherjacket Carangidae reef-associated 4.3 native
Ophichthus cruentifer Margined snake eel Ophichthidae demersal 3.8 native
Opisthonema oglinum Atlantic thread herring Clupeidae reef-associated 3.3 native
Opsanus tau Oyster toadfish Batrachoididae reef-associated 3.8 native
Osmerus dentex Pacific rainbow smelt Osmeridae pelagic-neritic 3.5 native
Ostichthys trachypoma Bigeye soldierfish Holocentridae demersal 3.8 native
Paralichthys dentatus Summer flounder Paralichthyidae demersal 4.5 native
Peprilus triacanthus Atlantic butterfish Stromateidae benthopelagic 3.9 native
Peristedion miniatum Armored searobin Peristediidae bathydemersal 3.7 native
Pholis gunnellus Rock gunnel Pholidae demersal 3.5 native
Phycis chesteri Longfin hake Phycidae benthopelagic 4.0 native
Physiculus fulvus Hakeling Moridae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Pleuronectes putnami American smooth flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.4 native
Pogonias cromis Black drum Sciaenidae demersal 3.4 native
Pollachius virens Saithe Gadidae demersal 4.3 native
Polymixia lowei Beardfish Polymixiidae bathydemersal 4.0 native
Polyprion americanus Wreckfish Polyprionidae demersal 4.1 native
Pomatomus saltatrix Bluefish Pomatomidae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Prionace glauca Blue shark Carcharhinidae pelagic-oceanic 4.3 native
Prionotus carolinus Northern searobin Triglidae demersal 3.7 native
Prionotus evolans Striped searobin Triglidae reef-associated 3.7 native
Pristigenys alta Short bigeye Priacanthidae reef-associated 3.9 native
Pseudopleuronectes americanus Winter flounder Pleuronectidae demersal 3.6 native
Raja eglanteria Clearnose skate Rajidae demersal 3.9 native
Reinhardtius hippoglossoides Greenland halibut Pleuronectidae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Remora brachyptera Spearfish remora Echeneidae pelagic-oceanic 3.5 native
Remora remora Shark sucker Echeneidae reef-associated 3.5 native
Rhincodon typus Whale shark Rhincodontidae pelagic-oceanic 3.5 native
Rhinoptera bonasus Cownose ray Myliobatidae benthopelagic 3.5 native
Rhizoprionodon terraenovae Atlantic sharpnose shark Carcharhinidae demersal 4.4 native
Ruvettus pretiosus Oilfish Gempylidae benthopelagic 4.2 native
Salmo salar Atlantic salmon Salmonidae benthopelagic 4.5 native
Salvelinus fontinalis Brook trout Salmonidae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Sarda sarda Atlantic bonito Scombridae pelagic-neritic 4.2 native
Scomber colias Atlantic chub mackerel Scombridae pelagic-neritic 3.9 native
Scomber scombrus Atlantic mackerel Scombridae pelagic-neritic 3.6 native
Scomberesox saurus Atlantic saury Scomberesocidae pelagic-oceanic 3.8 native
Scomberomorus cavalla King mackerel Scombridae reef-associated 4.4 native
Scomberomorus maculatus Atlantic Spanish mackerel Scombridae pelagic-neritic 4.5 native
Scomberomorus regalis Cero Scombridae reef-associated 4.5 native
Scyliorhinus retifer Chain catshark Scyliorhinidae demersal 4.4 native
Sebastes fasciatus Acadian redfish Sebastidae demersal 3.2 native
Selar crumenophthalmus Bigeye scad Carangidae reef-associated 3.8 native
Selene setapinnis Atlantic moonfish Carangidae benthopelagic 3.7 native
Selene vomer Lookdown Carangidae demersal 4.3 native
Seriola zonata Banded rudderfish Carangidae benthopelagic 4.5 native
Serrivomer beanii Stout sawpalate Serrivomeridae bathypelagic 3.9 native
Somniosus microcephalus Greenland shark Somniosidae benthopelagic 4.2 native
Sphoeroides maculatus Northern puffer Tetraodontidae demersal 4.0 native
Sphyraena borealis Northern sennet Sphyraenidae reef-associated 4.1 native
Sphyrna zygaena Smooth hammerhead Sphyrnidae pelagic-oceanic 4.9 native
Squalus acanthias Picked dogfish Squalidae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Stenotomus chrysops Scup Sparidae demersal 3.8 native
Stephanolepis hispidus Planehead filefish Monacanthidae reef-associated 2.6 native
Stichaeus punctatus punctatus Arctic shanny Stichaeidae demersal 3.1 native
Strongylura marina Atlantic needlefish Belonidae reef-associated 3.0 native
Synaphobranchus kaupii Kaup's arrowtooth eel Synaphobranchidae bathydemersal 4.1 native
Syngnathus fuscus Northern pipefish Syngnathidae demersal 3.3 native
Taractichthys longipinnis Big-scale pomfret Bramidae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Tautoga onitis Tautog Labridae reef-associated 3.3 native
Tautogolabrus adspersus Cunner Labridae reef-associated 3.7 native
Tetronarce nobiliana Electric ray Torpedinidae benthopelagic 4.5 native
Thunnus thynnus Atlantic bluefin tuna Scombridae pelagic-oceanic 4.4 native
Trachurus lathami Rough scad Carangidae reef-associated 4.0 native
Trichiurus lepturus Largehead hairtail Trichiuridae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Trigonolampa miriceps Threelight dragonfish Stomiidae bathypelagic 4.5 native
Trinectes maculatus Hogchoker Achiridae demersal 3.4 native
Ulvaria subbifurcata Radiated shanny Stichaeidae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Urophycis chuss Red hake Phycidae demersal 3.7 native
Urophycis regia Spotted codling Phycidae demersal 3.9 native
Urophycis tenuis White hake Phycidae demersal 4.3 native
Xenolepidichthys dalgleishi Spotted tinselfish Grammicolepididae benthopelagic 3.6 native
Xiphias gladius Swordfish Xiphiidae pelagic-oceanic 4.5 native
Zenopsis conchifer Silvery John dory Zeidae benthopelagic 4.4 native
Zoarces americanus Ocean pout Zoarcidae demersal 4.2 native
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