Species in Baffin Bay
Note: The list below is incomplete. You can assess the extent of its coverage by examining the references we used to assign species to this ecosystem. Note, however, that there are too many species of invertebrates for SeaLifeBase to provide you with complete species lists. You may be able to help us more on this list by sending us Internet sources or published references that we have not yet used for this ecosystem. We will encode this material, and credit you for providing it
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Species Name Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic Level Status
Alepocephalus agassizii Agassiz' slickhead Alepocephalidae bathydemersal 3.9 native
Amblyraja radiata Starry ray Rajidae demersal 4.2 native
Arctogadus glacialis Arctic cod Gadidae bathypelagic 3.8 native
Argentina silus Greater argentine Argentinidae bathydemersal 3.3 native
Bathyraja spinicauda Spinytail skate Arhynchobatidae bathydemersal 4.4 native
Benthosema glaciale Glacier lantern fish Myctophidae pelagic-oceanic 3.0 native
Careproctus kidoi Kido's snailfish Liparidae bathydemersal 3.2 native
Centroscyllium fabricii Black dogfish Etmopteridae bathydemersal 3.8 native
Centroscymnus coelolepis Portuguese dogfish Somniosidae bathydemersal 4.5 native
Chirolophis ascanii Yarrell's blenny Stichaeidae benthopelagic 3.2 native
Coryphaenoides rupestris Roundnose grenadier Macrouridae bathypelagic 3.5 native
Cyclopteropsis jordani Smooth lumpfish Cyclopteridae demersal 3.4 native
Cyclothone microdon Veiled anglemouth Gonostomatidae bathypelagic 3.0 native
Gadus morhua Atlantic cod Gadidae benthopelagic 4.1 native
Gaidropsarus ensis Threadfin rockling Lotidae benthopelagic 3.4 native
Gasterosteus aculeatus Three-spined stickleback Gasterosteidae benthopelagic 3.3 native
Lumpenus lampretaeformis Snakeblenny Stichaeidae demersal 3.6 native
Lycenchelys kolthoffi Checkered wolf eel Zoarcidae bathydemersal 3.1 native
Lycodonus mirabilis Chevron scutepout Zoarcidae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Macrourus berglax Roughhead grenadier Macrouridae benthopelagic 3.6 native
Maulisia microlepis Smallscale searsid Platytroctidae bathypelagic 3.3 native
Notacanthus chemnitzii Snubnosed spiny eel Notacanthidae benthopelagic 3.5 native
Paraliparis bathybius Black seasnail Liparidae bathydemersal 4.3 native
Rajella bathyphila Deep-water ray Rajidae bathydemersal 3.7 native
Rajella fyllae Round ray Rajidae bathydemersal 3.4 native
Rhodichthys regina Threadfin seasnail Liparidae bathydemersal 3.5 native
Sebastes mentella Beaked redfish Sebastidae bathypelagic 4.1 native
Stomias boa boa Boa dragonfish Stomiidae bathypelagic 4.0 native
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