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205 Breder, C.M. and D.E. Rosen, 1966. Modes of reproduction in fishes. T.F.H. Publications, Neptune City, New Jersey. 941 p. 1966 Aphanius vladykovi 648-649
38795 Coad, B.W., 1988. Aphanius vladykovi, a new species of tooth-carp from the Zagros Mountains of Iran (Osteichthyes: Cyprinodontidae). Environ. Biol. Fishes 23(1-2):115-125. 1988 Aphanius vladykovi 117;fig.1
27139 Huber, J.H., 1996. Killi-Data 1996. Updated checklist of taxonomic names, collecting localities and bibliographic references of oviparous Cyprinodont fishes (Atherinomorpha, Pisces). Société Française d'Ichtyologie, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France, 399 p. 1996 Aphanius vladykovi 179
42871 Lazara, K.J., 2000. The killifishes, an annotated checklist, synonymy, and bibliography of recent cyprinodontiform fishes. The Killifish Master Index, 4th Edition. The American Killifish Association, Cincinnati, Ohio, i-xviii, 1-624, appendices A-C. 2000 Lebias vladykovi 190
47866 Coad, B.W., 2003. Freshwater fishes of Iran: checklists of Farsi names. Retrieved July 16, 2003, from 2003 Aphanius vladykovi -->
54276 Keivany, Y. and N.M. Soofiani, 2004. Contribution to the biology of Zagros tooth-carp, Aphanius vladykovi (Cyprinodontidae) in Central Iran. Environ. Biol. Fishes 71:165-169. 2004 Aphanius vladykovi 165-169
94835 Alavi-Yeganeh, M.S., S.J. Seyfabadi, Y. Keivany, B. Kazemi and G.P. Wallis, 2011. Length-weight relationships in some populations and species of Iranian toothcarps. J. Appl. Ichthyol. 27(6):1401-1403. 2011 Aphanius vladykovi 1402
125593 Raissy, M., M. Ansari and M. Moumeni, 2011. Parasite fauna of the Zagros tooth-carp, Alphanius vladykovi Coad, 1988 (Osteichthyes: Cyprinodontidae), in Gandoman Lagoon. Comp. Parat. 78(1):104-106. 2011 Aphanius vladykovi -->
124648 Jouladeh-Roudbar, A., H.R. Ghanavi and I. Doadrio, 2020. Ichthyofauna from Iranian freshwater: annotated checklist, diagnosis, taxonomy, distribution and conservation assessment. Zool. Stud., 59(21);1-303. 2020 Aphanius vladykovi 269;fig.390-491
125310 Esmaeili, H.R., A. Teimori, F. Zarei and G. Sayyadzadeh, 2020. DNA barcoding and species delimitation of the Old World tooth-carps, family Aphaniidae Hoedeman, 1949 (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes). PLoS One 15(4):e0231717 2020 Aphanius vladykovi 6;tab.1
126233 Freyhof, J. and B. Yoğurtçuoğlu, 2020. A proposal for a new generic structure of the killifish family Aphaniidae, with the description of Aphaniops teimorii (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes). Zootaxa 4810(3):421-451. 2020 Esmaeilius vladykovi 443;fig.18
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Raissy, M; Ansari, M; Moumeni, M 2011 Parasite Fauna of the Zagros Tooth-Carp, Aphanius vladykovi Coad, 1988 (Osteichthyes: Cyprinodontidae), in Gandoman Lagoon. Comparative Parasitology2011Mehdi Raissy
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