List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 30
Species Name Used in Reference
Carapus acus (Brünnich, 1768) Carapus acus (p. 374;fig.31,97-8)
Carapus bermudensis (Jones, 1874) Carapus bermudensis (p. 381;fig.23,31,100;pl.2)
Carapus dubius (Putnam, 1874) Encheliophis dubius (p. 388;fig.33,106;pl.1)
Carapus mourlani (Petit, 1934) Carapus mourlani (p. 384;fig.12,31,102;pl.3)
Carapus sluiteri (Weber, 1905) Carapus sluiteri (p. 383;fig.101)
Echiodon coheni Williams, 1984 Echiodon coheni (p. 345;fig.38-39,65)
Echiodon cryomargarites Markle, Williams & Olney, 1983 Echiodon cryomargarites (p. 360;fig.22,29,39,80-1)
Echiodon dawsoni Williams & Shipp, 1982 Echiodon dawsoni (p. 350;fig.4,11,13,22,39)
Echiodon dentatus (Cuvier, 1829) Echiodon dentatus (p. 356;fig.35)
Echiodon drummondii Thompson, 1837 Echiodon drummondi (p. 354;fig.4,11,13,20,72,74)
Echiodon exsilium Rosenblatt, 1961 Echiodon exsilium (p. 347;fig.68)
Echiodon neotes Markle & Olney, 1990 Echiodon neotes (p. 351;fig.71)
Echiodon pegasus Markle & Olney, 1990 Echiodon pegasus (p. 358;fig.79)
Echiodon pukaki Markle & Olney, 1990 Echiodon pukaki (p. 343;fig.64)
Echiodon rendahli (Whitley, 1941) Echiodon rendahli (p. 361;fig.82)
Encheliophis boraborensis (Kaup, 1856) Encheliophis boraborensis (p. 391)
Encheliophis gracilis (Bleeker, 1856) Encheliophis gracilis (p. 393;fig.6,12,20,26,27,33,110)
Encheliophis homei (Richardson, 1846) Encheliophis homei (p. 390;fig.1,6,33,107)
Encheliophis sagamianus (Tanaka, 1908) Encheliophis sagamianus (p. 395;fig.23-4,111)
Encheliophis vermicularis Müller, 1842 Encheliophis vermicularis (p. 398;fig.34,113)
Encheliophis vermiops Markle & Olney, 1990 Encheliophis vermiops (p. 396;fig.34,112)
Eurypleuron owasianum (Matsubara, 1953) Eurypleuron owasianum (p. 338;fig.1,39-41,58-62)
Onuxodon fowleri (Smith, 1955) Onuxodon fowleri (p. 369;fig.30,88-9;pl.3)
Onuxodon margaritiferae (Rendahl, 1921) Onuxodon margaritiferae (p. 371;fig.92)
Onuxodon parvibrachium (Fowler, 1927) Onuxodon parvibrachium (p. 367;fig.84-6)
Pyramodon lindas Markle & Olney, 1990 Pyramodon lindas (p. 332;fig.53A-B)
Pyramodon parini Markle & Olney, 1990 Pyramodon parini (p. 333;fig.3,8,54)
Pyramodon punctatus (Regan, 1914) Pyramodon punctatus (p. 335;fig.56)
Pyramodon ventralis Smith & Radcliffe, 1913 Pyramodon ventralis (p. 334;fig.50-1,55)
Snyderidia canina Gilbert, 1905 Snyderidia canina (p. 326-330)
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