List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 36
Species Name Used in Reference
Gnathodentex aureolineatus (Lacepède, 1802) Gnathodentex aurolineatus (p. 17-18;fig.29;pl.l,1)
Gymnocranius audleyi Ogilby, 1916 Gymnocranius audleyi (p. 22-23;fig.46;pl.l,2)
Gymnocranius elongatus Senta, 1973 Gymnocranius elongatus (p. 23-24;fig.48;pl.l,3)
Gymnocranius euanus (Günther, 1879) Gymnocranius euanus (p. 24-25;fig.50;pl.l,4)
Gymnocranius frenatus Bleeker, 1873 Gymnocranius frenatus (p. 25-26;fig.52;pl.l,5)
Gymnocranius grandoculis (Valenciennes, 1830) Gymnocranius grandoculis (p. 27-28;fig.54;pl.ll,6)
Gymnocranius griseus (Temminck & Schlegel, 1843) Gymnocranius griseus (p. 28-30;fig.56;pl.ll,7,8)
Gymnocranius microdon (Bleeker, 1851) Gymnocranius microdon (p. 30-31;fig.58,ll,9)
Lethrinus amboinensis Bleeker, 1854 Lethrinus amboinensis (p. 47-48;fig.99;pl.ll,11)
Lethrinus atkinsoni Seale, 1910 Lethrinus atkinsoni (p. 48-49;fig.101;pl.ll,12)
Lethrinus atlanticus Valenciennes, 1830 Lethrinus atlanticus (p. 50-51;fig.103;pl.lll,13)
Lethrinus borbonicus Valenciennes, 1830 Lethrinus borbonicus (p. 51-52;fig.105;pl.lll,14)
Lethrinus conchyliatus (Smith, 1959) Lethrinus conchyliatus (p. 53-54;fig.107;pl.lll,15)
Lethrinus crocineus Smith, 1959 Lethrinus crocineus (p. 54-55;fig.109;pl.lll,16)
Lethrinus enigmaticus Smith, 1959 Lethrinus enigmaticus (p. 55-57;fig.111;pl.lll,17)
Lethrinus erythracanthus Valenciennes, 1830 Lethrinus erythracanthus (p. 57-58;fig.113;pl.lV,18-20)
Lethrinus erythropterus Valenciennes, 1830 Lethrinus erythropterus (p. 59-60;fig.115;pl.lV,21)
Lethrinus genivittatus Valenciennes, 1830 Lethrinus genivittatus (p. 61-62;fig.117;pl.lV,22)
Lethrinus haematopterus Temminck & Schlegel, 1844 Lethrinus haematopterus (p. 63-64;fig.119;pl.iV,23)
Lethrinus harak (Fabricius, 1775) Lethrinus harak (p. 64-65;fig.121;pl.lV,24)
Lethrinus laticaudis Alleyne & Macleay, 1877 Lethrinus laticaudis (p. 66-67;fig.123;pl.V,25)
Lethrinus lentjan (Lacepède, 1802) Lethrinus lentjan (p. 67-69;fig.125;pl.V,26,27)
Lethrinus mahsena (Fabricius, 1775) Lethrinus mahsena (p. 69-71;fig.127;pl.V,28,29)
Lethrinus microdon Valenciennes, 1830 Lethrinus microdon (p. 71-72;fig.129;pl.V.30,Vl.31)
Lethrinus miniatus (Forster, 1801) Lethrinus miniatus (p. 73-74;fig.131;pl.Vl,32-34)
Lethrinus nebulosus (Forsskål, 1775) Lethrinus nebulosus (p. 75-77;fig.133;pl.Vl,35,36)
Lethrinus obsoletus (Forsskål, 1775) Lethrinus obsoletus (p. 77-78;fig.135;pl.Vl,37)
Lethrinus olivaceus Valenciennes, 1830 Lethrinus olivaceus (p. 78-80;fig.137;pl.Vll,38)
Lethrinus ornatus Valenciennes, 1830 Lethrinus ornatus (p. 80-81;fig.139;pl.Vll,39)
Lethrinus reticulatus Valenciennes, 1830 Lethrinus reticulatus (p. 81-82;fig.141;pl.Vll,40)
Lethrinus rubrioperculatus Sato, 1978 Lethrinus rubrioperculatus (p. 83-84;fig.143;pl.Vll,41)
Lethrinus semicinctus Valenciennes, 1830 Lethrinus semicinctus (p. 84-85;fig.145;pl.Vll,42)
Lethrinus variegatus Valenciennes, 1830 Lethrinus variegatus (p. 88-89;fig.151;pl.Vll,45)
Lethrinus xanthochilus Klunzinger, 1870 Lethrinus xanthochilus (p. 89-90;fig.153;pl.Vlll,46)
Monotaxis grandoculis (Forsskål, 1775) Monotaxis grandoculis (p. 91-92;fig.155;pl.Vlll,47-49)
Wattsia mossambica (Smith, 1957) Wattsia mossambica (p. 93-94;fig.159;pl.Vll,50)
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