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Class: Teleostei
Order: Perciformes/Scorpaenoidei
Family: Scorpaenidae Scorpionfishes or rockfishes
Subfamily: Scorpaeninae
Genus: Scorpaena

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Scorpaena afuerae Peruvian scorpionfish Southeast Pacific 35 TL 1946
Scorpaena agassizii Longfin scorpionfish Western Atlantic 20 TL 1896
Scorpaena albifimbria Coral scorpionfish Western Atlantic 9 TL 1900
Scorpaena angolensis Angola rockfish Eastern Atlantic 25 TL 1935
Scorpaena annobonae Eastern Central Atlantic 4.4 SL 1969
Scorpaena ascensionis Southeast Atlantic 3.8 SL 1971
Scorpaena azorica Northeast Atlantic 9.8 SL 1969
Scorpaena bergii Goosehead scorpionfish Western Atlantic 10 TL 1900
Scorpaena brachyptera Shortfin scorpionfish Western Atlantic 7.5 TL 1965
Scorpaena brasiliensis Barbfish Western Atlantic 35 TL 1829
Scorpaena brevispina Japanese shortspined scorpionfish Northwest Pacific 11.6 SL 2008
Scorpaena bulacephala Bullhead scorpionfish West Pacific 8.8 SL 2005
Scorpaena calcarata Smooth-head scorpionfish Western Atlantic 13 TL 1882
Scorpaena canariensis Eastern Atlantic 14 TL 1878
Scorpaena cardinalis Eastern red scorpionfish Southwest Pacific 40.5 TL 1842
Scorpaena cocosensis Eastern Pacific 6.2 SL 2004
Scorpaena colorata Eastern Central Pacific 9.5 SL 1905
Scorpaena decemradiata Western Indian Ocean 12.3 SL 2018
Scorpaena dispar Hunchback scorpionfish Western Atlantic 23 TL 1940
Scorpaena elachys Dwarf scorpionfish Western Atlantic 6.4 TL 1965
Scorpaena elongata Slender rockfish Eastern Atlantic 50 TL 1943
Scorpaena fernandeziana Southeast Pacific 1875
Scorpaena gasta Ghostly scorpionfish Eastern Indian Ocean 8.4 SL 2006
Scorpaena grandicornis Plumed scorpionfish Western Atlantic 30 TL 1829
Scorpaena grandisquamis Bigscale scorpionfish Western Pacific 1910
Scorpaena grattanica Southeast Atlantic 22.5 SL 2006
Scorpaena guttata California scorpionfish Eastern Pacific 43 TL 1854
Scorpaena hatizyoensis Northwest Pacific 1943
Scorpaena hemilepidota Western Central Pacific 1938
Scorpaena histrio Player scorpionfish Eastern Pacific 26 TL 1840
Scorpaena inermis Mushroom scorpionfish Western Atlantic 11 SL 1829
Scorpaena isthmensis Smooth-cheek scorpionfish Western Atlantic 16 TL 1928
Scorpaena izensis Izu scorpionfish Indo-West Pacific. 44.5 TL 1904
Scorpaena jacksoniensis Western Pacific 33.7 SL 1866
Scorpaena lacrimata Eastern Central Pacific 19.8 SL 2004
Scorpaena laevis Senegalese rockfish Eastern Atlantic 35 SL 1866
Scorpaena loppei Cadenat's rockfish Eastern Atlantic 15 TL 1943
Scorpaena maderensis Madeira rockfish Eastern Atlantic 17.8 TL 1833
Scorpaena melasma Western Atlantic 1965
Scorpaena mellissii Melliss's scorpionfish Southeast Atlantic 28.5 SL 1868
Scorpaena miostoma Northwest Pacific 13 SL 1877
Scorpaena mystes Eastern Pacific 45.7 TL 1895
Scorpaena neglecta Indo-West Pacific. 37.5 TL 1843
Scorpaena normani Norman's rockfish Eastern Atlantic 20 TL 1943
Scorpaena notata Small red scorpionfish Eastern Atlantic 26 TL 1810
Scorpaena onaria Western scorpionfish Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1900
Scorpaena orgila Bold scorpionfish Southeast Pacific 38 NG 1971
Scorpaena papillosa Red rock cod Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1801
Scorpaena pascuensis Southeast Pacific 5.6 SL 1971
Scorpaena pele Eastern Central Pacific 13.5 SL 1975
Scorpaena pepo Pumpkin scorpionfish Northwest Pacific 24.5 SL 2007
Scorpaena petricola Southwest Atlantic 1965
Scorpaena plumieri Spotted scorpionfish Western Atlantic 45 TL 1789
Scorpaena porcus Black scorpionfish Eastern Atlantic 40.5 TL 1758
Scorpaena regina Eastern Queen scorpionfish Western Pacific 6.5 SL 2019
Scorpaena russula Reddish scorpionfish Eastern Pacific 15 TL 1890
Scorpaena scrofa Red scorpionfish Eastern Atlantic 50 TL 1758
Scorpaena sonorae Sonora scorpionfish Eastern Central Pacific 15.8 SL 1889
Scorpaena stephanica Spotted-fin rockfish Eastern Atlantic 40 TL 1943
Scorpaena sumptuosa Western red scorpionfish Eastern Indian Ocean 40 TL 1875
Scorpaena thomsoni Southeast Pacific 1880
Scorpaena tierrae Southeast Pacific 1946
Scorpaena uncinata Southeast Pacific 1961
Scorpaena wellingtoni Southeast Pacific 6.0 SL 2013

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