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Class: Teleostei
Order: Salmoniformes
Family: Salmonidae Salmonids
Subfamily: Salmoninae
Genus: Salvelinus

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Salvelinus agassizii Silver trout North America 1885
Salvelinus albus White char Asia 1977
Salvelinus alpinus Arctic char Europe and North America 107 TL 1758
Salvelinus anaktuvukensis Angayukaksurak char North America 30 TL 1973
Salvelinus andriashevi Chukot char Asia 29.9 TL 1948
Salvelinus boganidae Boganida char Asia 46.5 TL 1926
Salvelinus colii Europe 30 SL 1863
Salvelinus confluentus Bull trout Coastal and mountain stre 103 TL 1859
Salvelinus curilus Asia 75 TL 1814
Salvelinus czerskii Cherskii's char Asia 1932
Salvelinus drjagini Dryanin's char Asia 90 TL 1940
Salvelinus elgyticus Small-mouth char Asia 23.8 SL 1981
Salvelinus evasus Europe 30 SL 2005
Salvelinus faroensis Europe 20 SL 1970
Salvelinus fimbriatus Europe 20 SL 1908
Salvelinus fontinalis Brook trout North America 86 SL 1814
Salvelinus gracillimus Europe 35 SL 1909
Salvelinus grayi Europe 25 SL 1862
Salvelinus gritzenkoi Asia 2000
Salvelinus inframundus Europe 22 SL 1909
Salvelinus jacuticus Yakutian char Asia 1935
Salvelinus japonicus Asia 1961
Salvelinus killinensis Europe 40 SL 1866
Salvelinus krogiusae Asia 1993
Salvelinus kronocius Asia 1978
Salvelinus kuznetzovi Asia 1933
Salvelinus lepechini Europe 75 SL 1789
Salvelinus leucomaenis Whitespotted char Northwest Pacific 120 TL 1814
Salvelinus levanidovi North Pacific 1989
Salvelinus lonsdalii Europe 15 SL 1909
Salvelinus mallochi Europe 26 SL 1909
Salvelinus malma Dolly varden North America 127 TL 1792
Salvelinus maxillaris Europe 27 SL 1909
Salvelinus murta Europe 48 SL 1908
Salvelinus namaycush Lake trout North America 150 TL 1792
Salvelinus neiva Neiva Asia 55 TL 1933
Salvelinus neocomensis Europe 15 SL 2005
Salvelinus obtusus Europe 18 SL 1908
Salvelinus perisii Europe 25 SL 1865
Salvelinus profundus Europe 24 SL 1901
Salvelinus salvelinoinsularis Bear Island charr Europe 37.5 SL 1900
Salvelinus schmidti Asia 1978
Salvelinus struanensis Europe 36 SL 1881
Salvelinus taimyricus Asia 1949
Salvelinus taranetzi Eastern Arctic Ocean 1955
Salvelinus thingvallensis Europe 24 SL 1908
Salvelinus tolmachoffi Esei lake char Asia 37 TL 1926
Salvelinus umbla Europe 75 SL 1758
Salvelinus vasiljevae Sakhalinian char Asia 25 FL 2005
Salvelinus willoughbii Char Europe 30 SL 1862
Salvelinus youngeri Golden charr Europe 25 SL 1956

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