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Class: Teleostei
Order: Salmoniformes
Family: Salmonidae Salmonids
Subfamily: Salmoninae
Genus: Salmo

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Salmo abanticus Asia 30 SL 1954
Salmo akairos Africa 18.0 SL 2005
Salmo aphelios Europe 40 SL 1997
Salmo balcanicus Europe 40 SL 1927
Salmo carpio Europe 50 SL 1758
Salmo caspius Caspian trout Europe 25 SL 1877
Salmo cenerinus Europe 80 SL 1847
Salmo cettii Europe 40 SL 1810
Salmo chilo Chilo trout Asia 23.5 SL 2012
Salmo ciscaucasicus Caspian salmon Eurasia 130 SL 1967
Salmo coruhensis Coruh trout Asia 80 SL 2010
Salmo dentex Europe 88 TL 1851
Salmo euphrataeus Euphrates trout Asia 30 SL 2014
Salmo ezenami Europe 113 SL 1948
Salmo farioides Europe 30 SL 1938
Salmo ferox Europe 80 SL 1835
Salmo fibreni Europe 19.5 SL 1990
Salmo ischchan Sevan trout Former USSR 104 TL 1877
Salmo kottelati Antalya trout Asia 21 SL 2014
Salmo labecula Seyhan trout Asia 40 SL 2012
Salmo labrax Black Sea salmon Eurasia 80 SL 1814
Salmo letnica Ohrid trout Europe 76 TL 1924
Salmo lourosensis Europe 31.9 SL 2011
Salmo lumi Europe 38 SL 1958
Salmo macedonicus Europe 40 SL 1924
Salmo macrostigma Africa 60 TL 1858
Salmo marmoratus Europe 120 SL 1829
Salmo montenigrinus Europe 26 SL 1933
Salmo multipunctatus Draa trout Africa 16.2 SL 2015
Salmo nigripinnis Europe 33 SL 1866
Salmo obtusirostris Adriatic trout Europe 70 SL 1851
Salmo ohridanus Europe 33.6 SL 1892
Salmo okumusi Okumus trout Asia 21.3 SL 2014
Salmo opimus Opimus trout Asia 30 SL 2012
Salmo pallaryi Africa 28.1 SL 1924
Salmo pelagonicus Europe 30 SL 1938
Salmo pellegrini Africa 20.1 SL 1931
Salmo peristericus Europe 35 SL 1938
Salmo platycephalus Flathead trout Asia 55 SL 1968
Salmo rhodanensis Europe 80 SL 1974
Salmo rizeensis Rize trout Asia 25 SL 2010
Salmo salar Atlantic salmon North Atlantic Ocean 150 TL 1758
Salmo schiefermuelleri Europe 70 SL 1784
Salmo stomachicus Europe 36 SL 1866
Salmo taleri Europe 30 SL 1933
Salmo tigridis Tigris trout Asia 40 SL 2011
Salmo trutta Sea trout Europe and Asia 140 SL 1758
Salmo viridis Green trout Africa 43 SL 2015
Salmo visovacensis Europe 1950
Salmo zrmanjaensis Europe 1938

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