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Class: Teleostei
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Leuciscidae Minnows
Subfamily: Leuciscinae
Genus: Pseudophoxinus

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Pseudophoxinus alii Pamphylian spring minnow Asia 14.3 TL 2007
Pseudophoxinus anatolicus Anatolian minnow Asia 24.4 SL 1925
Pseudophoxinus antalyae Antalya minnow Asia 17 TL 1992
Pseudophoxinus atropatenus Shirvan roachling Asia 9.5 TL 1937
Pseudophoxinus battalgilae Beysehir minnow Asia 11.0 SL 1997
Pseudophoxinus burduricus Burdur spring minnow Asia 8.7 SL 2013
Pseudophoxinus callensis Africa 10.7 TL 1850
Pseudophoxinus caralis Beyşehir minnow Asia 1942
Pseudophoxinus crassus Fat spring minnow Asia 19.8 TL 1960
Pseudophoxinus drusensis Eurasia 10 TL 1933
Pseudophoxinus egridiri Eğirdir minnow Asia 6.1 SL 1972
Pseudophoxinus elizavetae Sultan Sazlığı minnow Asia 7.9 SL 2006
Pseudophoxinus evliyae Lycian spring minnow Asia 8.8 SL 2010
Pseudophoxinus fahrettini Pisidian spring minnow Asia 28 FL 2010
Pseudophoxinus firati Euphrates spring minnow Asia 8.4 SL 2006
Pseudophoxinus handlirschi Handlirsch’s minnow Asia 12 TL 1933
Pseudophoxinus hasani Asia 5.8 SL 1992
Pseudophoxinus hittitorum Hittitic spring minnow Asia 8.6 SL 2010
Pseudophoxinus kervillei Orontes minnow Eurasia 10 TL 1911
Pseudophoxinus libani Asia 5.9 SL 1883
Pseudophoxinus maeandri Apamean spring minnow Asia 7 TL 1960
Pseudophoxinus maeandricus Menderes brook minnow Asia 7.9 SL 1960
Pseudophoxinus mehmeti Asia 7.3 SL 2015
Pseudophoxinus ninae Onaç spring minnow Asia 7.5 SL 2006
Pseudophoxinus sojuchbulagi Asia 1950
Pseudophoxinus syriacus Asia 8.7 SL 1883
Pseudophoxinus turani Turan's minnow Asia 9.3 SL 2014
Pseudophoxinus zekayi Ceyhan spring minnow Asia 14.3 TL 2006
Pseudophoxinus zeregi Orontes phoxinellus Asia 6.7 SL 1843

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