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Class: Teleostei
Order: Characiformes
Family: Characidae Characins; tetras
Subfamily: Stethaprioninae
Genus: Hemigrammus

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Hemigrammus aereus South America 2.4 SL 1959
Hemigrammus analis South America 3.9 TL 1909
Hemigrammus arua South America 3 SL 2009
Hemigrammus ataktos South America 3.8 SL 2014
Hemigrammus barrigonae South America 4.1 SL 1914
Hemigrammus bellottii South America 3.3 SL 1882
Hemigrammus boesemani South America 3.3 SL 1959
Hemigrammus brevis South America 3.6 TL 1911
Hemigrammus changae South America 3.2 SL 2019
Hemigrammus coeruleus South America 5.8 TL 1908
Hemigrammus cupreus South America 5.3 TL 1918
Hemigrammus cylindricus South America 10.8 TL 1909
Hemigrammus diagonicus South America 2.8 SL 2011
Hemigrammus durbinae South America 2.8 SL 2015
Hemigrammus elegans South America 4 SL 1882
Hemigrammus erythrozonus Glowlight tetra South America 3.3 TL 1909
Hemigrammus falsus Head-and-tail-light fish South America 1958
Hemigrammus filamentosus South America 3.6 SL 2011
Hemigrammus geisleri South America 3.5 TL 2007
Hemigrammus gracilis South America 4.4 SL 1875
Hemigrammus guyanensis South America 3.5 SL 1959
Hemigrammus haraldi South America 2.7 SL 1961
Hemigrammus hyanuary January tetra South America 4.4 TL 1918
Hemigrammus iota South America 2.1 TL 1909
Hemigrammus levis South America 5.9 TL 1908
Hemigrammus luelingi South America 2.5 SL 1964
Hemigrammus lunatus South America 4.8 TL 1918
Hemigrammus machadoi South America 3.6 SL 2014
Hemigrammus mahnerti South America 2.8 SL 1989
Hemigrammus marginatus South America 4.5 SL 1911
Hemigrammus matei South America 4.3 TL 1918
Hemigrammus megaceps South America 2.8 TL 1945
Hemigrammus melanochrous South America 3 TL 1913
Hemigrammus micropterus South America 4 SL 1907
Hemigrammus microstomus South America 4 SL 1918
Hemigrammus mimus South America 2.8 SL 1955
Hemigrammus neptunus South America 3.2 SL 2002
Hemigrammus newboldi South America 5 SL 1949
Hemigrammus ocellifer Head-and-taillight tetra South America 4.9 TL 1882
Hemigrammus ora South America 3.8 SL 2006
Hemigrammus orthus South America 3.4 TL 1909
Hemigrammus parana South America 3.1 SL 2008
Hemigrammus pretoensis South America 5.1 SL 1965
Hemigrammus pulcher Garnet tetra South America 3.3 SL 1938
Hemigrammus rodwayi South America 5.3 TL 1909
Hemigrammus rubrostriatus South America 4.9 SL 2015
Hemigrammus schmardae South America 5.4 TL 1882
Hemigrammus silimoni South America 3.3 SL 2008
Hemigrammus skolioplatus South America 2005
Hemigrammus stictus South America 4.3 TL 1909
Hemigrammus taphorni South America 4.2 SL 2007
Hemigrammus tocantinsi South America 3.7 SL 2010
Hemigrammus tridens South America 2 SL 1907
Hemigrammus ulreyi South America 4.4 TL 1895
Hemigrammus unilineatus Featherfin tetra Central and South America 5.3 TL 1858
Hemigrammus vorderwinkleri South America 3.3 SL 1963
Hemigrammus yinyang South America 2.9 SL 2009

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