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Class: Teleostei
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Gobionidae Gudgeons

Genus: Gobio

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Gobio acutipinnatus Asia 12.4 SL 1939
Gobio alverniae Auvergne gudgeon Europe 14.9 SL 2005
Gobio artvinicus Asia 10 SL 2016
Gobio battalgilae Eyilikler gudgeon Asia 17.2 TL 2006
Gobio brevicirris Don gudgeon Europe 10 SL 1976
Gobio bulgaricus Europe and Asia 9 SL 1926
Gobio carpathicus Carpathian gudgeon Europe 12 SL 1925
Gobio caucasicus Europe and Asia 1901
Gobio coriparoides Asia 12.4 SL 1925
Gobio cynocephalus Siberian gudgeon Asia 19 TL 1869
Gobio delyamurei Europe 10.4 SL 2005
Gobio feraeensis Thessaly gudgeon Europe 10 SL 1973
Gobio fushunensis Fushun gudgeon Asia 5.6 SL 2007
Gobio gobio Gudgeon Europe 21 TL 1758
Gobio gymnostethus Cappadocian gudgeon Asia 14.1 TL 1960
Gobio hettitorum Anatolian gudgeon Asia 15.3 TL 1960
Gobio holurus Caspian gudgeon Europe 10 SL 1976
Gobio huanghensis Asia 14.2 SL 1977
Gobio insuyanus Cihanbeyli gudgeon Asia 13.6 TL 1960
Gobio intermedius Eber gudgeon Asia 1944
Gobio kizilirmakensis Asia 11.1 SL 2016
Gobio kovatschevi Varna gudgeon Europe 10.5 TL 1937
Gobio krymensis Salgir gudgeon Europe 11 SL 1973
Gobio kubanicus Europe 9 SL 2004
Gobio lingyuanensis Asia 7.6 SL 1934
Gobio lozanoi Europe 13.5 TL 2004
Gobio macrocephalus Asia 14.2 SL 1930
Gobio maeandricus Işıklı gudgeon Asia 2006
Gobio meridionalis Asia 11.6 SL 1987
Gobio microlepidotus Beyşehir gudgeon Asia 1942
Gobio obtusirostris Europe 12.5 SL 1842
Gobio occitaniae Europe 12.7 SL 2005
Gobio ohridanus Ohrid gudgeon Europe 13 SL 1924
Gobio rivuloides Asia 14.2 SL 1925
Gobio sakaryaensis Sakarya Gudgeon Asia 11.5 SL 2012
Gobio sarmaticus Ukrainian gudgeon Europe 13 SL 1949
Gobio sibiricus Asia 1936
Gobio skadarensis Skadar gudgeon Europe 9 SL 1937
Gobio soldatovi Soldatov's gudgeon Asia 12 TL 1914
Gobio tchangi Asia 2015
Gobio volgensis Europe 9.2 SL 2008

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