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Class: Teleostei
Order: Atheriniformes
Family: Atherinidae Silversides
Subfamily: Craterocephalinae
Genus: Craterocephalus

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Craterocephalus amniculus Darling river hardyhead Oceania 5.5 SL 1990
Craterocephalus capreoli North-west hardyhead Western Pacific 8.5 TL 1922
Craterocephalus centralis Finke river hardyhead Oceania 7.5 SL 1990
Craterocephalus cuneiceps Deep hardyhead Oceania 8.5 SL 1944
Craterocephalus dalhousiensis Dalhousie hardyhead Oceania 8 TL 1974
Craterocephalus eyresii Lake Eyre hardyhead Oceania 10 TL 1883
Craterocephalus fistularis Asia 1995
Craterocephalus fluviatilis Murray hardyhead Oceania 7 SL 1912
Craterocephalus fulvus Unspecked hardyhead Oceania 1987
Craterocephalus gloveri Glovers hardyhead Oceania 5.2 SL 1990
Craterocephalus helenae Drysdale hardyhead Oceania 8 SL 1987
Craterocephalus honoriae Estuarine hardyhead Western Pacific 7 TL 1912
Craterocephalus kailolae Kailola's hardyhead Oceania 6 SL 1987
Craterocephalus lacustris Kutubu hardyhead Oceania 14 TL 1940
Craterocephalus laisapi Asia 4.3 SL 2005
Craterocephalus lentiginosus Freckled hardyhead Oceania 8 SL 1987
Craterocephalus marianae Magela hardyhead Oceania 7.5 SL 1987
Craterocephalus marjoriae Marjorie's hardyhead Oceania 8.5 SL 1948
Craterocephalus mugiloides Spotted hardyhead Eastern Indian Ocean and 7 TL 1912
Craterocephalus munroi Munro's hardyhead Australia 5 TL 1988
Craterocephalus nouhuysi Mountain hardyhead Asia and Oceania 10 SL 1910
Craterocephalus pauciradiatus Few-ray hardyhead Eastern Indian Ocean 1861
Craterocephalus pimatuae Pima hardyhead Oceania 1991
Craterocephalus randi Kubuna hardyhead Asia and Oceania 8 SL 1934
Craterocephalus stercusmuscarum Fly-specked hardyhead Oceania 7 SL 1867
Craterocephalus stramineus Blackmast Oceania 6.5 SL 1950

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