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Class: Teleostei
Order: Gadiformes
Family: Macrouridae Grenadiers or rattails

Genus: Coelorinchus

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Coelorinchus acanthiger Surgeon grenadier Southeast Atlantic 50 TL 1925
Coelorinchus acantholepis Western Central Pacific. 16 TL 1920
Coelorinchus aconcagua Aconcagua grenadier Southeast Pacific and Sou 39 TL 1978
Coelorinchus acutirostris Spearnose whiptail Western Central Pacific 22.3 TL 1912
Coelorinchus amirantensis Western Indian Ocean 52.5 TL 2006
Coelorinchus amydrozosterus Faintbanded whiptail Eastern Indian Ocean 25 TL 1999
Coelorinchus anatirostris Duckbill grenadier Northwest Pacific 43 TL 1904
Coelorinchus anisacanthus Northwest Pacific 30 TL 1994
Coelorinchus aratrum Eastern Central Pacific 35.5 TL 1905
Coelorinchus argentatus Silver whiptail Indo-West Pacific 37 TL 1912
Coelorinchus argus Eyespot grenadier Indo-West Pacific 20 TL 1913
Coelorinchus aspercephalus Rough-head whiptail Southwest Pacific 34 TL 1911
Coelorinchus asteroides Northwest Pacific 40 TL 1963
Coelorinchus australis Southern whiptail Indo-Pacific 55 TL 1839
Coelorinchus biclinozonalis Two-barred whiptail Southwest Pacific 71.3 TL 1982
Coelorinchus bollonsi Bollons' rattail Southwest Pacific 64 TL 1980
Coelorinchus braueri Shovelnose grenadier Southeast Atlantic and So 40 TL 1925
Coelorinchus brevirostris Northwest Pacific 21.6 TL 1984
Coelorinchus caelorhincus Hollowsnout grenadier Northeast Atlantic and Me 48 TL 1810
Coelorinchus campbellicus Southwest Pacific 1980
Coelorinchus canus Clearsnout grenadier Eastern Pacific 27.5 TL 1899
Coelorinchus caribbaeus Blackfin grenadier Western Central Atlantic 45 TL 1885
Coelorinchus carinifer Western Pacific 28.7 TL 1920
Coelorinchus caudani Northeast Atlantic 36 TL 1896
Coelorinchus celaenostomus Black lip rattail Southwest Pacific 82.8 TL 1993
Coelorinchus charius Graceful whiptail Eastern Indian Ocean 37 TL 1999
Coelorinchus chilensis Chilean grenadier Southwest Atlantic 48 TL 1916
Coelorinchus cingulatus Western Central Pacific 1920
Coelorinchus commutabilis Western Central Pacific 1912
Coelorinchus cookianus Cook's rattail Southwest Pacific 30 TL 1980
Coelorinchus cylindricus Southwest Pacific 19 TL 1997
Coelorinchus denticulatus Filesnout grenadier Western Indian Ocean 28 TL 1921
Coelorinchus divergens Northwest Pacific 39.8 TL 1984
Coelorinchus dorsalis Western Pacific 20 TL 1920
Coelorinchus doryssus Eastern Central Pacific 32.7 TL 1905
Coelorinchus fasciatus Banded whiptail Southern Atlantic, Indian 50 TL 1878
Coelorinchus flabellispinis Indian Ocean 47.5 TL 1894
Coelorinchus formosanus Formosa grenadier Northwest Pacific 25 TL 1963
Coelorinchus fuscigulus Philippine Sea, China Sea 32.2 TL 2009
Coelorinchus gaesorhynchus Javelin whiptail Eastern Indian Ocean 25 TL 1999
Coelorinchus ganymedes Eastern Central Pacific 17 TL
Coelorinchus geronimo Eastern Atlantic 26.5 TL 1973
Coelorinchus gilberti Northwest Pacific 60 TL 1925
Coelorinchus gladius Eastern Central Pacific 1897
Coelorinchus goobala Goobala whiptail Western Pacific. 35 TL 1999
Coelorinchus gormani Southern Indian and Pacif 30 TL 2008
Coelorinchus hexafasciatus Six-band grenadier Northwest Pacific 62 TL 1982
Coelorinchus hige Northwest Pacific 1943
Coelorinchus hoangi Indian Ocean 35 TL 2008
Coelorinchus horribilis Horrible rattail Southwest Pacific 35 TL 1993
Coelorinchus hubbsi Northwest Pacific 23 TL 1936
Coelorinchus immaculatus Southeast Pacific 32 TL 1992
Coelorinchus infuscus Dusky rattail Southwest Pacific 30.5 TL 1993
Coelorinchus innotabilis Notable whiptail Southwest Pacific 32 TL 1907
Coelorinchus japonicus Japanese grenadier Northwest Pacific 75 TL 1846
Coelorinchus jordani Northwest Pacific 26 TL 1906
Coelorinchus kaiyomaru Campbell whiptail Southern circumglobal 43 TL 1979
Coelorinchus kamoharai Kamohara grenadier Northwest Pacific 28 TL 1943
Coelorinchus karrerae Karrer's whiptail Southeast Atlantic 35 TL 1984
Coelorinchus kermadecus Kermadec rattail Southwest Pacific 62 TL 1904
Coelorinchus kishinouyei Mugura grenadier Western Pacific 36 TL 1900
Coelorinchus labiatus Spearsnouted grenadier Eastern Atlantic. 50 TL 1896
Coelorinchus lanceolatus Northwest Pacific 26 TL 2020
Coelorinchus lasti Roughsnout whiptail Eastern Indian Ocean 62 TL 1999
Coelorinchus leptorhinus Northwest Pacific 85 TL 2004
Coelorinchus longicephalus Longhead grenadier Northwest Pacific 89 TL 1982
Coelorinchus longissimus Northwest Pacific 36 SL 1943
Coelorinchus macrochir Longarm grenadier Northwest Pacific 68 TL 1877
Coelorinchus macrolepis Western Central Pacific 1920
Coelorinchus macrorhynchus Bigsnout whiptail Western Central Pacific 1912
Coelorinchus maculatus Blotch whiptail Indo-West Pacific 1920
Coelorinchus marinii Marini's grenadier Southwest Atlantic 38 TL 1934
Coelorinchus matamua Mahia whiptail Southeast Atlantic 65 TL 1980
Coelorinchus matsubarai Northwest Pacific 33 TL 1982
Coelorinchus maurofasciatus Dark banded rattail Southwest Pacific 39.9 TL 1993
Coelorinchus mayiae False silver whiptail Western Pacific 28 TL 1999
Coelorinchus mediterraneus Mediterranean Sea 24.5 TL 2002
Coelorinchus melanobranchus Western Central Pacific 21 TL 1997
Coelorinchus melanosagmatus Indian Ocean 23 TL 1999
Coelorinchus mirus Gargoyle fish Indo-Pacific 35 TL 1926
Coelorinchus multifasciatus Southeast Pacific 14 TL 1992
Coelorinchus multispinulosus Spearnose grenadier Western Pacific 38 TL 1942
Coelorinchus mycterismus Upturned snout rattail Southwest Pacific 49 TL 1993
Coelorinchus mystax Patterned rattail Southwest Pacific 55 TL 1993
Coelorinchus nazcaensis Southeast Pacific 40 TL 1992
Coelorinchus notatus Western Central Pacific 27 TL 1912
Coelorinchus nox Northwest Pacific 44 TL 2020
Coelorinchus obscuratus Western Pacific, known on 45 TL 2009
Coelorinchus occa Swordsnout grenadier Atlantic 50 TL 1885
Coelorinchus oliverianus Hawknose grenadier Southwest Pacific 35 TL 1927
Coelorinchus osipullus Western Pacific 71 TL 2009
Coelorinchus parallelus Spiny grenadier Indo-West Pacific 48 TL 1877
Coelorinchus pardus Leopard whiptail Western Central Pacific 30 TL 1999
Coelorinchus parvifasciatus Small banded rattail Southwest Pacific 28.5 TL 1993
Coelorinchus platorhynchus Western Central Pacific 1912
Coelorinchus polli Southeast Atlantic 30 TL 1973
Coelorinchus posteromaculatus Tailspotted grenadier Eastern Indian Ocean. 22 TL 2020
Coelorinchus productus Unicorn grenadier Western Pacific 31 TL 1916
Coelorinchus pseudoparallelus Southern Atlantic 1983
Coelorinchus quadricristatus Indian Ocean 1891
Coelorinchus quincunciatus Western Pacific 24 TL 1920
Coelorinchus radcliffei Western Central Pacific 1920
Coelorinchus scaphopsis Shoulderspot grenadier Eastern Pacific 34 TL 1890
Coelorinchus semaphoreus Semaphore whiptail Western Central Pacific 34 TL 1997
Coelorinchus sereti Short-tooth whiptail Western Central Pacific 45 TL 1997
Coelorinchus sexradiatus Western Central Pacific 1920
Coelorinchus shcherbachevi False duckbill whiptail Western Central Pacific 1997
Coelorinchus sheni Northwest Pacific 93.7 TL 2004
Coelorinchus simorhynchus Southeast Atlantic 40.5 TL 1994
Coelorinchus smithi False graceful whiptail Western Pacific. 43.2 TL 1920
Coelorinchus sparsilepis Northwest Pacific 1984
Coelorinchus spathulatus Spatulate rattail Southwest Pacific 27.5 TL 1993
Coelorinchus spilonotus Eastern Pacific 20 TL 1992
Coelorinchus spinifer Western Central Pacific. 1920
Coelorinchus supernasutus Supanose rattail Southwest Pacific 63.5 TL 1993
Coelorinchus thompsoni Western Central Pacific 1920
Coelorinchus thurla Thurla whiptail Eastern Indian Ocean and 21 TL 1999
Coelorinchus tokiensis Northwest Pacific 56 TL 1887
Coelorinchus trachycarus Eastern Indian Ocean 50.8 TL 1999
Coelorinchus triocellatus Western Central Pacific 19 TL 1920
Coelorinchus trunovi Western Indian Ocean 44 TL 1994
Coelorinchus velifer Western Pacific 25.1 TL 1920
Coelorinchus ventrilux Firebelly grenadier Western Central Atlantic 30 TL 1973
Coelorinchus vityazae South Atlantic 32 TL 2004
Coelorinchus weberi Western Central Pacific 31.5 TL 1920
Coelorinchus yurii Western Central Indian O 54.1 TL 2006

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