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Class: Teleostei
Order: Pleuronectiformes
Family: Soleidae Soles

Genus: Aseraggodes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Aseraggodes albidus White sole Western Pacific 2.9 SL 2007
Aseraggodes andersoni Western Indian Ocean 2.4 SL 2013
Aseraggodes auroculus Eastern Central Pacific 3.6 SL 2005
Aseraggodes bahamondei South Pacific sole South Pacific 20 TL 1987
Aseraggodes beauforti Western Pacific 4.9 SL 1930
Aseraggodes borehami Boreham's sole Eastern Central Pacific 10.3 SL 1996
Aseraggodes brevirostris Western Indian Ocean 4.4 SL 2006
Aseraggodes chapleaui Madang sole Western Pacific 3.6 SL 2007
Aseraggodes cheni Northwest Pacific 7.5 SL 2007
Aseraggodes corymbus Western Pacific 7.7 SL 2007
Aseraggodes crypticus Cryptic Sole Eastern Indian Ocean 4.9 SL 2007
Aseraggodes cyaneus Western Pacific 8.3 SL 1890
Aseraggodes cyclurus Eastern Central Pacific 7.3 SL 2005
Aseraggodes diringeri Western Indian Ocean 10.4 SL 1997
Aseraggodes dubius Western Central Pacific 8.5 SL 1913
Aseraggodes filiger Western Pacific 110 TL 1913
Aseraggodes firmisquamis Western Pacific 3.2 SL 2005
Aseraggodes guttulatus Indo-West Pacific 7.9 SL 1858
Aseraggodes haackeanus Southern sole Eastern Indian Ocean 14 TL 1883
Aseraggodes heemstrai Western Indian Ocean 8.7 SL 2006
Aseraggodes heraldi Western Pacific 4.7 SL 2005
Aseraggodes herrei Herre's sole Eastern Pacific 15 TL 1940
Aseraggodes holcomi Eastern Central Pacific 5.9 SL 2002
Aseraggodes jenny Western Indian Ocean 5.6 SL 2006
Aseraggodes kaianus Western Pacific 14 SL 1880
Aseraggodes kimurai Western Pacific 7.2 SL 2007
Aseraggodes kobensis Western Pacific 10 SL 1896
Aseraggodes kruppi Western Indian Ocean 2.4 SL 2013
Aseraggodes lateralis Eastern Central Pacific 6.4 SL 2005
Aseraggodes lenisquamis Southwestern Pacific 10.2 SL 2005
Aseraggodes longipinnis Longfinned sole Western Pacific 5.5 SL 2007
Aseraggodes macronasus Western Indian Ocean 6.2 SL 2013
Aseraggodes magnoculus Western Central Pacific 4.0 SL 2005
Aseraggodes martine Western Indian Ocean 6.5 SL 2013
Aseraggodes matsuurai Lombok sole Western Pacific 5.5 SL 2007
Aseraggodes melanostictus Mottled sole Pacific Ocean 6 TL 1877
Aseraggodes microlepidotus Western Central Pacific. 1913
Aseraggodes nigrocirratus Southwest Pacific 8.9 SL 2005
Aseraggodes normani Western Central Pacific 13.2 TL 1930
Aseraggodes orientalis Northwest Pacific 4.4 SL 2007
Aseraggodes pelvicus North Central Pacific 6.8 SL 2005
Aseraggodes ramsaii Southwest Pacific 6.4 SL 1889
Aseraggodes satapoomini Andaman sole Eastern Indian Ocean 4.5 SL 2007
Aseraggodes senoui Mabul sole Western Pacific 4.3 SL 2007
Aseraggodes sinusarabici Western Indian Ocean 7.9 SL 1931
Aseraggodes steinitzi Western Indian Ocean 3.6 SL 1971
Aseraggodes suzumotoi Ambon sole Western Pacific 7.5 SL 2007
Aseraggodes texturatus Western Central Pacific 7.7 SL 1913
Aseraggodes therese Therese's sole Eastern Central Pacific 6.6 SL 1996
Aseraggodes umbratilis Western Indian Ocean 7.8 SL 1894
Aseraggodes whitakeri Whitaker's sole Pacific Ocean 4 SL 1966
Aseraggodes winterbottomi Negros sole Western Pacific 4.6 SL 2007
Aseraggodes xenicus Dwarf sole Indo-West Pacific 8 TL 1963
Aseraggodes zizette Mentawai sole Western Pacific 3.6 SL 2007

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