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Family: Butidae Gudgeon gobies

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Bostrychus africanus Eastern Atlantic 21 TL 1879
Bostrychus albooculata Asia 1927
Bostrychus aruensis Island gudgeon Asia 18 SL 1911
Bostrychus expatria Asia 14.4 1927
Bostrychus microphthalmus Asia 7.5 SL 2005
Bostrychus scalaris Ladder gudgeon Western Pacific 9.3 SL 2008
Bostrychus sinensis Four-eyed sleeper Indo-Pacific 22 SL 1801
Bostrychus strigogenys Striped-cheek gudgeon Asia and Oceania 18.3 SL 1937
Bostrychus zonatus Barred gudgeon Asia 18.5 SL 1907
Butis amboinensis Olive flathead-gudgeon Eastern Indian Ocean 14 SL 1853
Butis butis Duckbill sleeper Indo-West Pacific 15 TL 1822
Butis gymnopomus Asia 11.5 TL 1853
Butis humeralis Indo-Pacific 14.2 SL 1837
Butis koilomatodon Mud sleeper Indo-Pacific 10.7 TL 1849
Butis melanostigma Black-spotted gudgeon Indo-West Pacific 18 TL 1849
Incara multisquamatus Indian Ocean. 6 TL 1971
Kribia kribensis Africa 4.6 SL 1907
Kribia leonensis Africa 3.7 TL 1916
Kribia nana Africa 5.8 TL 1901
Kribia uellensis Africa 3.5 TL 1913
Odonteleotris canina Western Pacific. 1849
Odonteleotris macrodon Gangetic sleeper Indo-West Pacific 27.8 SL 1853
Ophiocara macrolepidota Africa 25 TL 1792
Ophiocara porocephala Northern mud gudgeon Indo-West Pacific 34 TL 1837
Oxyeleotris altipinna Asia 4.3 SL 1996
Oxyeleotris aruensis Aru gudgeon Asia and Oceania 16 SL 1911
Oxyeleotris caeca Oceania 10.7 SL 1996
Oxyeleotris colasi Asia 4.3 SL 2013
Oxyeleotris fimbriata Fimbriate gudgeon Asia and Oceania 18 SL 1907
Oxyeleotris herwerdenii Blackbanded gauvina Asia and Oceania 30 SL 1910
Oxyeleotris heterodon Sentani gudgeon Oceania 41 SL 1907
Oxyeleotris lineolata Sleepy cod Oceania 45 SL 1867
Oxyeleotris marmorata Marble goby Asia 65 SL 1852
Oxyeleotris mertoni Western Central Pacific 1911
Oxyeleotris nullipora Poreless gudgeon Oceania 4 SL 1978
Oxyeleotris paucipora Fewpored gudgeon Asia and Oceania 4.5 SL 1978
Oxyeleotris selheimi Giant gudgeon Oceania 55 SL 1884
Oxyeleotris siamensis Western Pacific 1861
Oxyeleotris stagnicola Swamp gudgeon Oceania 4.2 SL 2000
Oxyeleotris urophthalmoides Asia 19.8 TL 1853
Oxyeleotris urophthalmus Asia 28 TL 1851
Oxyeleotris wisselensis Paniai gudgeon Asia 11.5 SL 1982
Paloa polylepis Western Central Pacific 1927
Paloa villadolidi Western Pacific 7.5 SL 1940
Parviparma straminea Western Central Pacific 1927
Pogoneleotris heterolepis Western Pacific 1869
Prionobutis dasyrhynchus Asia 6.5 TL 1868
Prionobutis microps Small-eyed loter Oceania 23 SL 1907

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