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Family: Arhynchobatidae Softnose skates

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Arctoraja parmifera Alaska skate North Pacific 135 TL 1881
Arctoraja sexoculata Simushir skate Northwest Pacific 35.2 TL 2020
Arctoraja simoterus Hokkaido skate Northwest Pacific 101 TL 1967
Arhynchobatis asperrimus Longtail skate Southwest Pacific 75 TL 1909
Atlantoraja castelnaui Spotback skate Southwest Atlantic 132 TL 1907
Atlantoraja cyclophora Eyespot skate Western Atlantic 78.9 TL 1903
Atlantoraja platana La Plata skate Southeast Atlantic 81.6 TL 1880
Bathyraja abyssicola Deep-sea skate North Pacific 157 TL 1896
Bathyraja aguja Aguja skate Southeast Pacific 76 TL 1912
Bathyraja albomaculata White-dotted skate Southeast Pacific 14.4 TL 1937
Bathyraja aleutica Aleutian skate North Pacific 161 TL 1896
Bathyraja andriashevi Little-eyed skate Western Pacific 75.6 WD 1983
Bathyraja arctowskii Antarctic dark-mouth skate Southern Ocean 61 TL 1904
Bathyraja bergi Bottom skate Northwest Pacific 1983
Bathyraja brachyurops Broadnose skate Southeast Pacific and Sou 103 TL 1910
Bathyraja caeluronigricans Purple-black skate Northwest Pacific 74.4 WD 1977
Bathyraja chapmani Chapman’s skate Southeastern Pacific 112.6 TL 2022
Bathyraja cousseauae Joined-fins skate Southwestern Atlantic 86 TL 2004
Bathyraja diplotaenia Dusky-pink skate Northwest Pacific 1952
Bathyraja eatonii Eaton's skate Southern Ocean 100 TL 1876
Bathyraja fedorovi Cinnamon skate Northwest Pacific 73.3 TL 1983
Bathyraja griseocauda Graytail skate Southeast Pacific and Sou 49 TL 1937
Bathyraja hesperafricana West African skate Eastern Central Atlantic 342 TL 1995
Bathyraja interrupta Bering skate North Pacific 89 TL 1897
Bathyraja irrasa Kerguelen sandpaper skate Southern Ocean 120 TL 1980
Bathyraja ishiharai Abyssal skate Eastern Indian Ocean 123 TL 2005
Bathyraja isotrachys Raspback skate Northwest Pacific 76.2 TL 1877
Bathyraja kincaidii Sandpaper Skate North Pacific 62 TL 1908
Bathyraja leucomelanos Domino skate Southwest Pacific 88.8 TL 2012
Bathyraja lindbergi Commander skate North Pacific 60.7 WD 1977
Bathyraja longicauda Slimtail skate Southeast Pacific 80 TL 1959
Bathyraja maccaini McCain's skate Southern Ocean 120 TL 1971
Bathyraja macloviana Patagonian skate Southwest Atlantic 1937
Bathyraja maculata White-blotched skate Northwest Pacific 134 TL 1977
Bathyraja magellanica Magellan skate Southeast Pacific 1902
Bathyraja mariposa Butterfly skate Northeast Pacific 76 TL 2004
Bathyraja matsubarai Dusky-purple skate Northwest Pacific 126 TL 1952
Bathyraja meridionalis Dark-belly skate Southwest Atlantic 120 TL 1987
Bathyraja microtrachys Fine-spined skate Northeastern Pacific 75 TL 1916
Bathyraja minispinosa Whitebrow skate North Pacific 82.5 TL 1977
Bathyraja multispinis Multispine skate Southeast Pacific and Sou 1937
Bathyraja murrayi Murray's skate Southern Ocean 60 TL 1880
Bathyraja notoroensis Notoro skate Northwest Pacific 59 WD 1977
Bathyraja pacifica Southwest Pacific 122.4 TL 2016
Bathyraja pallida Pale ray Northeast Atlantic 160 TL 1967
Bathyraja panthera Leopard skate Pacific Ocean 111 TL 2011
Bathyraja papilionifera Southwest Atlantic 1985
Bathyraja peruana Peruvian skate Southeast Pacific 110 TL 1984
Bathyraja pseudoisotrachys Northwest Pacific 100 TL 1985
Bathyraja richardsoni Richardson's ray North Atlantic and South 175 TL 1961
Bathyraja scaphiops Cuphead skate Southwest Atlantic 111 TL 1937
Bathyraja schroederi Whitemouth skate Southeast Pacific and Sou 1968
Bathyraja shuntovi Longnose deep-sea skate Southwest Pacific 140 TL 1985
Bathyraja smirnovi Golden skate North Pacific 101.5 TL 1915
Bathyraja smithii African softnose skate Southeast Atlantic 120 TL 1841
Bathyraja spinicauda Spinytail skate North Atlantic and adjace 170 TL 1914
Bathyraja spinosissima Spiny skate North Pacific 200 TL 1941
Bathyraja taranetzi Mud skate Northwest Pacific 70 TL 1983
Bathyraja trachouros Eremo skate Northwest Pacific 1958
Bathyraja trachura Roughtail skate Northeastern Pacific 91 TL 1892
Bathyraja tunae Western Indian Ocean. 100 TL 2005
Bathyraja tzinovskii Creamback skate Western Pacific. 69 TL 1983
Bathyraja violacea Okhotsk skate Northwest Pacific 102 TL 1935
Brochiraja aenigma Western Pacific 43.6 TL 2006
Brochiraja albilabiata Southwest Pacific 64.6 TL 2006
Brochiraja asperula Smooth deep-sea skate Southwest Pacific 51 TL 1974
Brochiraja heuresa Tasman Sea 36.4 WD 2012
Brochiraja leviveneta Southwest Pacific 50.9 2006
Brochiraja microspinifera Southwest Pacific 32.5 TL 2006
Brochiraja spinifera Prickly deep-sea skate Southwest Pacific 80 TL 1974
Brochiraja vittacauda Tasman Sea 71.9 WD 2012
Insentiraja laxipella Eastern looseskin skate Western Central Pacific 57 TL 1992
Insentiraja subtilispinosa Velvet skate Western Central Pacific 55.2 TL 1989
Irolita waitii Southern round skate Eastern Indian Ocean 52 TL 1911
Irolita westraliensis Western round skate Eastern Indian Ocean 43 TL 2008
Notoraja alisae Alis' velvet skate Western Pacific 54.5 TL 2012
Notoraja azurea Indo-West Pacific 64.5 TL 2008
Notoraja fijiensis Western Pacific 39.5 TL 2012
Notoraja hesperindica Western blue skate Western Indian Ocean 53.3 TL 2021
Notoraja hirticauda Eastern Indian Ocean 44.8 TL 2006
Notoraja inusitata Western Pacific 44 TL 2012
Notoraja lira Indian Ocean 41.5 TL 2008
Notoraja longiventralis Western Pacific 43.4 TL 2012
Notoraja martinezi Barbedwire-tailed skate Eastern Pacific, between 47.5 TL 2016
Notoraja ochroderma Pale skate Western Central Pacific 37 TL 1994
Notoraja sapphira Sapphire Skate West Pacific 41.3 TL 2009
Notoraja sereti Papuan velvet skate Western Central Pacific 45.9 TL 2017
Notoraja sticta Blotched skate Eastern Indian Ocean 62.7 TL 2008
Notoraja tobitukai Leadhued skate Northwest Pacific 50 TL 1940
Notoraja yurii Southeastern Indian Ocean 65.7 TL 2021
Pavoraja alleni Allen's skate Eastern Indian Ocean 35 TL 1982
Pavoraja arenaria Sandy skate Eastern Indian Ocean 34.3 TL 2008
Pavoraja mosaica Mosaic skate Western Pacific 27.9 TL 2008
Pavoraja nitida Peacock skate Eastern Indian Ocean 36.8 TL 1880
Pavoraja pseudonitida False peacock skate Western Pacific 37.2 TL 2008
Pavoraja umbrosa Dusky skate Western Pacific 36.9 TL 2008
Psammobatis bergi Blotched sand skate Southwest Atlantic 47.5 TL 1932
Psammobatis extenta Zipper sand skate Southwest Atlantic 27.6 TL 1913
Psammobatis lentiginosa Freckled sand skate Southwest Atlantic 49 TL 1983
Psammobatis normani Shortfin sand skate Southeast Pacific (Ref. 2 58 TL 1983
Psammobatis parvacauda Smalltail sand skate Southwest Atlantic 1983
Psammobatis rudis Smallthorn sand skate Southeast Pacific and Sou 50 TL 1870
Psammobatis rutrum Spade sand skate Southwest Atlantic 30 TL 1891
Psammobatis scobina Raspthorn sand skate Southeast Pacific 1857
Pseudoraja fischeri Fanfin skate Western Central Atlantic 1954
Rhinoraja kujiensis Dapple-bellied softnose skate Northwest Pacific 1916
Rhinoraja longicauda White-bellied softnose skate Northwest Pacific 1952
Rhinoraja odai Oda's skate Northwest Pacific 1958
Rioraja agassizii Rio skate Southwest Atlantic 33 WD 1841
Sympterygia acuta Bignose fanskate Southwest Atlantic 149.5 TL 1877
Sympterygia bonapartii Smallnose fanskate Southeast Pacific 63 WD 1841
Sympterygia brevicaudata Shorttail fanskate Southeast Pacific 38 TL 1877
Sympterygia lima Filetail fanskate Southeast Pacific 1835

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