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Family: Etmopteridae Lantern sharks

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Aculeola nigra Hooktooth dogfish Southeast Pacific 60 TL 1959
Centroscyllium excelsum Highfin dogfish Northwest Pacific 63.6 TL 1990
Centroscyllium fabricii Black dogfish Northwest Atlantic 107 TL 1825
Centroscyllium granulatum Granular dogfish Southwest Atlantic 28 TL 1887
Centroscyllium kamoharai Bareskin dogfish Western Pacific 60 TL 1966
Centroscyllium nigrum Combtooth dogfish Eastern Pacific 51 TL 1899
Centroscyllium ornatum Ornate dogfish Indian Ocean 30 TL 1889
Centroscyllium ritteri Whitefin dogfish Northwest Pacific 43 TL 1903
Etmopterus alphus Whitecheek lanternshark Western Indian Ocean 39 TL 2016
Etmopterus benchleyi Ninja lanternshark Eastern Pacific Ocean 51.5 TL 2015
Etmopterus bigelowi Blurred smooth lantern shark Atlantic, Indian Ocean an 73 TL 1993
Etmopterus brachyurus Shorttail lanternshark Western Pacific 50 TL 1912
Etmopterus brosei Barrie's lanternshark Southeast Atlantic and So 50.9 TL 2021
Etmopterus bullisi Lined lanternshark Western Atlantic 1957
Etmopterus burgessi Broadsnout lanternshark Northwest Pacific 40.6 TL 2006
Etmopterus carteri Cylindrical lantern shark Western Central Atlantic 21.2 TL 1985
Etmopterus caudistigmus Tailspot lanternshark Western Central Pacific 33.9 TL 2002
Etmopterus compagnoi Brown lanternshark Southeast Atlantic 78 TL 1990
Etmopterus decacuspidatus Combtoothed lanternshark Northwest Pacific 29 TL 1966
Etmopterus dianthus Pink lanternshark Western Pacific 40.9 TL 2002
Etmopterus dislineatus Western Pacific 44.8 TL 2002
Etmopterus evansi Blackmouth lanternshark Indo-West Pacific 32 TL 2002
Etmopterus fusus Pygmy lanternshark Eastern Indian Ocean 29.3 TL 2002
Etmopterus gracilispinis Broadbanded lanternshark Western Atlantic 35 TL 1968
Etmopterus granulosus Southern lanternshark Indian Ocean, Southern Pa 86 TL 1880
Etmopterus hillianus Caribbean lanternshark Western Atlantic 29.5 TL 1861
Etmopterus joungi Shortfin smooth lanternshark Northwest Pacific 45.6 TL 2011
Etmopterus lailae Laila’s lanternshark Eastern Central Pacific 36.8 TL 2017
Etmopterus lii Li’s lanternshark Western Pacific 38.1 TL 2024
Etmopterus litvinovi Smalleye lantern shark Southeast Pacific. 61 TL 1990
Etmopterus lucifer Blackbelly lanternshark Western Pacific 55 TL 1902
Etmopterus marshae Marsha’s lanternshark Western Pacific 23.4 TL 2018
Etmopterus molleri Mollers lantern shark Western Pacific 46 TL 1939
Etmopterus parini Northwest Pacific 2018
Etmopterus perryi Dwarf lantern shark Western Central Atlantic 20 TL 1985
Etmopterus polli African lanternshark Eastern Atlantic 30 TL 1953
Etmopterus princeps Great lanternshark Northwest Atlantic 94 TL 1904
Etmopterus pseudosqualiolus False lanternshark Western Pacific 45.3 TL 2002
Etmopterus pusillus Smooth lanternshark Western Atlantic 50 TL 1839
Etmopterus pycnolepis Dense-scale lantern shark Southeastern Pacific 51.1 TL 1990
Etmopterus robinsi West Indian lanternshark Western Central Atlantic 33.8 TL 1997
Etmopterus samadiae Papuan lanternshark Western Pacific 27.7 TL 2017
Etmopterus schultzi Fringefin lanternshark Western Central Atlantic 30 TL 1953
Etmopterus sculptus Sculpted lanternshark Southeast Atlantic and So 59 TL 2011
Etmopterus sentosus Thorny lanternshark Western Indian Ocean 27 TL 1976
Etmopterus sheikoi Rasptooth dogfish Northwest Pacific 43.2 TL 1986
Etmopterus spinax Velvet belly Eastern Atlantic 60 TL 1758
Etmopterus splendidus Splendid lanternshark Northwestern Pacific 30 TL 1988
Etmopterus unicolor Bristled lanternshark Western Pacific 75 TL 1912
Etmopterus viator Southern Ocean 57.7 TL 2011
Etmopterus villosus Hawaiian lanternshark Eastern Central Pacific 46 TL 1905
Etmopterus virens Green lanternshark Western Central Atlantic 23 TL 1953
Trigonognathus kabeyai Viper dogfish Northwest Pacific 53.9 TL 1990

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