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Family: Ambassidae Asiatic glassfishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Ambassis agassizii Agassiz's glassfish Oceania 7.5 SL 1867
Ambassis agrammus Sailfin glass perchlet Oceania 7.5 SL 1867
Ambassis ambassis Commerson's glassy Africa 15 SL 1802
Ambassis buruensis Buru glass perchlet Western Pacific 8.2 TL 1856
Ambassis buton Buton glassy perchlet Asia 5 SL 1918
Ambassis dussumieri Malabar glassy perchlet Indo-West Pacific from Al 10 SL 1828
Ambassis elongata Elongate glassfish Oceania 7.5 TL 1878
Ambassis fontoynonti Africa 6 TL 1932
Ambassis gymnocephalus Bald glassy Indo-West Pacific 16 TL 1802
Ambassis interrupta Long-spined glass perchlet Asia 12 TL 1853
Ambassis jacksoniensis Port Jackson glassfish Southwest Pacific 7 SL 1881
Ambassis kopsii Singapore glassy perchlet Indo-Pacific 10.2 TL 1858
Ambassis macleayi Macleay's glass perchlet Oceania 9 SL 1878
Ambassis macracanthus Estuarine glass perchlet Asia and Oceania 10.5 SL 1849
Ambassis marianus Estuary glassfish Oceania 10 SL 1880
Ambassis miops Flag-tailed glass perchlet Indo-Pacific 10.3 TL 1872
Ambassis nalua Scalloped perchlet Asia and Oceania 12.5 TL 1822
Ambassis natalensis Slender glassy Western Indian Ocean 10 SL 1908
Ambassis urotaenia Banded-tail glassy perchlet Indo-Pacific 14 TL 1852
Ambassis vachellii Vachelli's glass perchlet Indo-West Pacific. 6.5 SL 1846
Chanda nama Elongate glass-perchlet Asia 11 TL 1822
Denariusa australis Pennyfish Oceania 4.5 SL 1867
Gymnochanda filamentosa Asia 3.8 SL 1955
Gymnochanda flamea Asia 2.3 SL 1995
Gymnochanda limi Asia 2.2 SL 1995
Gymnochanda ploegi Asia 2.8 SL 2014
Gymnochanda verae Asia 2.6 SL 2011
Paradoxodacna piratica Asia 9 SL 1989
Parambassis alleni Asia 1993
Parambassis altipinnis High-finned glass perchlet Asia 12 SL 1982
Parambassis apogonoides Iridescent glassy perchlet Asia 10 SL 1851
Parambassis baculis Himalayan glassy perchlet Asia 7 TL 1822
Parambassis bistigmata Asia 4.1 SL 2012
Parambassis confinis Sepik glass perchlet Asia and Oceania 10 SL 1913
Parambassis dayi Day's glassy perchlet Asia 17.5 TL 1874
Parambassis gulliveri Giant glassfish Asia and Oceania 24 SL 1878
Parambassis lala Highfin glassy perchlet Asia 4 TL 1822
Parambassis macrolepis Asia 9.7 SL 1856
Parambassis pulcinella Asia 8.0 SL 2003
Parambassis ranga Indian glassy fish Asia 9.5 TL 1822
Parambassis serrata Asia 6.0 SL 2015
Parambassis siamensis Asia 7.5 SL 1937
Parambassis tenasserimensis Asia 6.6 SL 1995
Parambassis thomassi Western Ghat glassy perchlet Asia 13.6 TL 1870
Parambassis vollmeri Asia 8 NG 1995
Parambassis waikhomi Asia 4.0 SL 2012
Parambassis wolffii Duskyfin glassy perchlet Asia 20 SL 1850
Pseudambassis roberti Asia 1993
Tetracentrum apogonoides Four-spined glass perchlet Oceania 12.5 SL 1883
Tetracentrum caudovittatus Kokoda glass perchlet Oceania 11 SL 1935
Tetracentrum honessi Honess' glass perchlet Oceania 11.5 SL 1945

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