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Family: Triakidae Houndsharks

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Furgaleus macki Whiskery shark Eastern Indian Ocean 160 TL 1943
Galeorhinus galeus Tope shark World-wide in temperate w 195 TL 1758
Gogolia filewoodi Sailback houndshark Western Central Pacific 74 TL 1973
Hemitriakis abdita Deepwater sicklefin hound shark Western Central Pacific 59.6 TL 1993
Hemitriakis complicofasciata Northwest Pacific 88 TL 2004
Hemitriakis falcata Sicklefin hound shark Eastern Indian Ocean 77.3 TL 1993
Hemitriakis indroyonoi Indonesian Houndshark Indian Ocean 120 TL 2009
Hemitriakis japanica Japanese topeshark Northwest Pacific 120 TL 1839
Hemitriakis leucoperiptera Whitefin topeshark Western Central Pacific 96 TL 1923
Hypogaleus hyugaensis Blacktip tope Indo-West Pacific 127 TL 1939
Iago garricki Longnose houndshark Indo-Pacific 75 TL 1979
Iago mangalorensis Mangalore houndshark Western Indian Ocean 57.7 SL 2011
Iago omanensis Bigeye houndshark Western Indian Ocean 58 TL 1939
Mustelus albipinnis Whitemargin smoothhound Eastern Pacific 118 TL 2005
Mustelus andamanensis Andaman smoothhound Eastern Indian Ocean 108.5 TL 2021
Mustelus antarcticus Gummy shark Eastern Indian Ocean 175 TL 1870
Mustelus asterias Starry smooth-hound Northeast Atlantic 154 TL 1819
Mustelus californicus Gray smoothhound Eastern Pacific 124 TL 1864
Mustelus canis Dusky smooth-hound Western Atlantic 150 TL 1815
Mustelus dorsalis Sharptooth smooth-hound Eastern Pacific 64 1864
Mustelus fasciatus Striped smooth-hound Southwest Atlantic 150 TL 1913
Mustelus griseus Spotless smooth-hound Northwest Pacific 101 TL 1908
Mustelus henlei Brown smooth-hound Eastern Pacific 100 TL 1863
Mustelus higmani Smalleye smooth-hound Western Atlantic 77.4 TL 1963
Mustelus lenticulatus Spotted estuary smooth-hound Southwest Pacific 151 TL 1932
Mustelus lunulatus Sicklefin smooth-hound Eastern Pacific 175 TL 1882
Mustelus manazo Starspotted smooth-hound Western Indian Ocean 220 TL 1854
Mustelus mento Speckled smooth-hound Eastern Pacific 141 TL 1877
Mustelus minicanis Western Central Atlantic 57.4 TL 1997
Mustelus mosis Arabian smooth-hound Indian Ocean 150 TL 1899
Mustelus mustelus Smooth-hound Eastern Atlantic 200 TL 1758
Mustelus norrisi Narrowfin smooth-hound Western Atlantic 110 TL 1939
Mustelus palumbes Whitespotted smooth-hound Southeast Atlantic 120 TL 1957
Mustelus punctulatus Blackspotted smooth-hound Eastern Atlantic 190 TL 1827
Mustelus ravidus Australian grey smooth-hound Eastern Indian Ocean 78.8 TL 2006
Mustelus schmitti Narrownose smooth-hound Southwest Atlantic 92 TL 1939
Mustelus sinusmexicanus Gulf smoothhound Western Central Atlantic 140 TL 1997
Mustelus stevensi Western spotted smoothhound Eastern Indian Ocean 128.3 TL 2008
Mustelus whitneyi Humpback smooth-hound Southeast Pacific 87 TL 1973
Mustelus widodoi White-fin smooth-hound Western Pacific 108.5 TL 2006
Scylliogaleus quecketti Flapnose houndshark Western Indian Ocean 102 TL 1902
Triakis acutipinna Sharpfin houndshark Eastern Pacific 102 TL 1968
Triakis maculata Spotted houndshark Eastern Pacific 180 TL 1867
Triakis megalopterus Sharptooth houndshark Southeast Atlantic 174 TL 1839
Triakis scyllium Banded houndshark Northwest Pacific 150 TL 1839
Triakis semifasciata Leopard shark Eastern Pacific 198 TL 1855

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