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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Amazonsprattus scintilla Rio Negro pygmy anchovy South America 2 SL 1984
Anchoa analis Longfin Pacific anchovy Eastern Pacific 10 SL 1945
Anchoa argentivittata Regan's anchovy Eastern Pacific 12.5 TL 1904
Anchoa belizensis Belize anchovy Central America 5.8 SL 1975
Anchoa cayorum Key anchovy Western Central Atlantic 11 TL 1906
Anchoa chamensis Chame Point anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 6 SL 1943
Anchoa choerostoma Bermuda anchovy Western Central Atlantic 7.5 SL 1874
Anchoa colonensis Narrow-striped anchovy Western Central Atlantic 14 TL 1943
Anchoa compressa Deep body anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 13.3 SL 1858
Anchoa cubana Cuban anchovy Western Atlantic 10 TL 1868
Anchoa curta Short anchovy Eastern Pacific 8.9 TL 1882
Anchoa delicatissima Slough anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 12 TL 1854
Anchoa eigenmannia Eigenmann's anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 8 TL 1923
Anchoa exigua Slender anchovy Eastern Pacific 7.5 TL 1882
Anchoa filifera Longfinger anchovy Western Atlantic 14.5 TL 1915
Anchoa helleri Heller's anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 8.5 SL 1921
Anchoa hepsetus Broad-striped anchovy Western Atlantic 15.3 TL 1758
Anchoa ischana Sharpnose anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 17 TL 1882
Anchoa januaria Rio anchovy Southwest Atlantic 10.2 TL 1879
Anchoa lamprotaenia Big-eye anchovy Western Central Atlantic 12.2 SL 1943
Anchoa lucida Bright anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 13.2 SL 1882
Anchoa lyolepis Shortfinger anchovy Western Atlantic 12 TL 1900
Anchoa marinii Marini's anchovy Southwest Atlantic 14 SL 1943
Anchoa mitchilli Bay anchovy Western Atlantic 10 SL 1848
Anchoa mundeola False Panama anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 12.5 SL 1898
Anchoa mundeoloides Northern Gulf anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 15 TL 1928
Anchoa nasus Longnose anchovy Eastern Pacific 17 TL 1867
Anchoa panamensis Panama anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 18.7 TL 1876
Anchoa parva Little anchovy Western Central Atlantic 9.1 TL 1923
Anchoa pectoralis Bigfin anchovy Southwest Atlantic 6.8 SL 1943
Anchoa scofieldi Scofield's anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 6.2 SL 1895
Anchoa spinifer Spicule anchovy Western Atlantic 24 TL 1848
Anchoa starksi Starks's anchovy Eastern Pacific 7.7 SL 1898
Anchoa tricolor Piquitinga anchovy Southwest Atlantic 14.9 TL 1829
Anchoa trinitatis Trinidad anchovy Western Central Atlantic 14 TL 1915
Anchoa walkeri Persistent anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 14.5 TL 1970
Anchovia clupeoides Zabaleta anchovy Western Atlantic 30 TL 1839
Anchovia landivarensis Western Central Atlantic 1975
Anchovia macrolepidota Bigscale anchovy Eastern Pacific 25 TL 1863
Anchovia surinamensis Surinam anchovy Central and South America 15 TL 1865
Anchoviella alleni Allen's anchovy South America 8.8 SL 1940
Anchoviella balboae Balboa anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 7.2 SL 1926
Anchoviella blackburni Blackburns's anchovy Western Central Atlantic 3 SL 1943
Anchoviella brevirostris Snubnose anchovy Western Atlantic 9 TL 1868
Anchoviella carrikeri Carriker's anchovy South America 6.5 SL 1940
Anchoviella cayennensis Cayenne anchovy Western Atlantic 13.5 SL 1946
Anchoviella elongata Elongate anchovy Western Central Atlantic 15.9 TL 1923
Anchoviella guianensis Guyana anchovy South America 11.3 TL 1912
Anchoviella hernanni South America 3.0 SL 2018
Anchoviella jamesi James's anchovy South America 5.0 SL 1926
Anchoviella juruasanga South America 5.3 SL 2012
Anchoviella lepidentostole Broadband anchovy Western Atlantic 18 TL 1911
Anchoviella manamensis Manamo anchovy South America 2.5 SL 1982
Anchoviella nattereri Natterer's anchovy Western Atlantic 5 SL 1879
Anchoviella perezi Western Central Atlantic 3.6 SL 1987
Anchoviella perfasciata Poey's anchovy Western Central Atlantic 11 TL 1860
Anchoviella sanfranciscana South America 12.8 SL 2017
Anchoviella vaillanti Vaillant's anchovy South America 6.8 SL 1908
Cetengraulis edentulus Atlantic anchoveta Western Atlantic 20.5 TL 1829
Cetengraulis mysticetus Pacific anchoveta Eastern Pacific 22 TL 1867
Coilia borneensis Bornean grenadier anchovy Western Central Pacific 12.4 SL 1852
Coilia brachygnathus Yangtse grenadier anchovy Asia 35.4 SL 1908
Coilia coomansi Cooman's grenadier anchovy Western Central Pacific 12.3 SL 1934
Coilia dussumieri Goldspotted grenadier anchovy Indian Ocean 20 SL 1848
Coilia grayii Gray's grenadier anchovy Indo-Pacific 33 SL 1845
Coilia lindmani Lindman's grenadier anchovy Asia 20 SL 1857
Coilia macrognathos Longjaw grenadier anchovy Western Central Pacific 28.4 TL 1852
Coilia mystus Osbeck's grenadier anchovy Western Pacific 21 SL 1758
Coilia nasus Japanese grenadier anchovy Northwest Pacific 41 TL 1846
Coilia neglecta Neglected grenadier anchovy Indian Ocean 17 SL 1968
Coilia ramcarati Ramcarat grenadier anchovy Indian Ocean 25 TL 1822
Coilia rebentischii Many-fingered grenadier anchovy Western Central Pacific 15.2 SL 1858
Coilia reynaldi Reynald's grenadier anchovy Indian Ocean 15 TL 1848
Encrasicholina auster Fiji anchovy Western Central Pacific 5.1 SL 2017
Encrasicholina devisi Devis' anchovy Indo-Pacific 10 TL 1940
Encrasicholina gloria Red Sea anchovy Western Indian Ocean 7.2 SL 2016
Encrasicholina heteroloba Shorthead anchovy Indo-Pacific 12 SL 1837
Encrasicholina integra Papuan anchovy Western Pacific 4.3 SL 2020
Encrasicholina intermedia Shiner anchovy Western Indian Ocean 7.5 SL 2016
Encrasicholina macrocephala Largehead anchovy Western Indian Ocean 5.6 SL 2015
Encrasicholina oligobranchus Philippine anchovy Western Central Pacific 6.2 SL 1983
Encrasicholina punctifer Buccaneer anchovy Indo-Pacific 13 TL 1938
Encrasicholina purpurea Nehu Eastern Central Pacific 7.5 SL 1900
Encrasicholina sigma Makassar anchovy Western Central Pacific 7.8 SL 2020
Engraulis anchoita Argentine anchovy Southwest Atlantic 17 SL 1935
Engraulis australis Australian anchovy Southwest Pacific 15 SL 1790
Engraulis capensis Southern African anchovy Southeast Atlantic 17 SL 1913
Engraulis encrasicolus European anchovy Eastern Atlantic 20 SL 1758
Engraulis eurystole Silver anchovy Western Atlantic 15.5 TL 1884
Engraulis japonicus Japanese anchovy Western Pacific 18 TL 1846
Engraulis maeoticus Meditteranean 9.5 SL 1926
Engraulis mordax Californian anchovy Northeast Pacific 24.8 SL 1854
Engraulis ringens Anchoveta Southeast Pacific 20 SL 1842
Jurengraulis juruensis Jurua anchovy Western Central Atlantic 17.9 SL 1898
Lycengraulis batesii Bates' sabretooth anchovy South America 30 TL 1868
Lycengraulis figueiredoi South America 17.1 SL 2013
Lycengraulis grossidens Atlantic sabretooth anchovy Western Atlantic 23.5 SL 1829
Lycengraulis limnichthys South America 12.8 SL 1949
Lycengraulis poeyi Pacific sabretooth anchovy Eastern Central Pacific 20.5 SL 1863
Lycothrissa crocodilus Sabretoothed thryssa Asia 30 SL 1850
Papuengraulis micropinna Littlefin anchovy Western Central Pacific 12 SL 1964
Pseudosetipinna haizhouensis Northwest Pacific 17.1 SL 1988
Pterengraulis atherinoides Wingfin anchovy Western Central and South 30 TL 1766
Setipinna breviceps Shorthead hairfin anchovy Western Central Pacific 24 SL 1849
Setipinna brevifilis Short-hairfin anchovy Asia 26 SL 1848
Setipinna melanochir Dusky-hairfin anchovy Western Central Pacific 33 SL 1849
Setipinna paxtoni Humpback hairfin anchovy Eastern Indian Ocean 11 SL 1987
Setipinna phasa Gangetic hairfin anchovy Asia 40 TL 1822
Setipinna taty Scaly hairfin anchovy Indo-West Pacific 22.1 SL 1848
Setipinna tenuifilis Common hairfin anchovy Eastern Indian Ocean 22 SL 1848
Setipinna wheeleri Burma hairfin anchovy Asia 30 NG 1983
Stolephorus acinaces Saber anchovy Western Central Pacific 5 SL 2020
Stolephorus advenus False Indian anchovy Western Central Pacific 7.2 SL 1987
Stolephorus andhraensis Andhra anchovy Indo-Pacific 5 SL 1966
Stolephorus apiensis Samoan anchovy Central Pacific 7.5 SL 1906
Stolephorus babarani Panay anchovy Western Pacific 8.1 SL 2020
Stolephorus baganensis Bagan anchovy Indo-Pacific 10 NG 1933
Stolephorus balinensis Great anchovy Western Pacific 14.8 SL 1849
Stolephorus belaerius Belair anchovy Western Indian Ocean 12.7 SL 2021
Stolephorus bengalensis Hardenberg’s anchovy Northern Indian Ocean 5.9 SL 1959
Stolephorus brachycephalus Broadhead anchovy Western Central Pacific 4.2 SL 1983
Stolephorus carpentariae Gulf of Carpenteria anchovy Western Pacific 5 SL 1882
Stolephorus celsior Rosario anchovy Western Pacific 6.4 SL 2021
Stolephorus chinensis China anchovy Western Pacific 9 SL 1880
Stolephorus commersonnii Commerson's anchovy Indian Ocean 11.2 SL 1803
Stolephorus concursus Concourse anchovy Western Central Pacific 8.5 SL 2021
Stolephorus continentalis Western Pacific 8.2 SL 2018
Stolephorus diabolus Demon anchovy Indo-West Pacific 5.0 SL 2022
Stolephorus dubiosus Thai anchovy Eastern Indian Ocean 7.5 SL 1983
Stolephorus eclipsis Eclipse anchovy Western Pacific 4.4 SL 2022
Stolephorus eldorado El Dorado anchovy Western Pacific 5.9 SL 2022
Stolephorus grandis Papuan double-lined anchovy Western Central Pacific 11.6 SL 2021
Stolephorus holodon Natal anchovy Indian Ocean 8 SL 1900
Stolephorus indicus Indian anchovy Indian Ocean 15.5 SL 1823
Stolephorus insignus Emblem anchovy Western Pacific 7.3 SL 2018
Stolephorus insularis Hardenberg's anchovy Indo-Pacific 8 SL 1933
Stolephorus leopardus Leopard anchovy Eastern Indian Ocean 7.2 SL 2021
Stolephorus mercurius Mercury anchovy Indo-West Pacific 10.4 SL 2021
Stolephorus multibranchus Caroline anchovy Western Central Pacific 6 SL 1987
Stolephorus nelsoni Nelson's anchovy Eastern Indian Ocean and 7.4 SL 1987
Stolephorus pacificus Pacific anchovy Western Central Pacific 7.7 SL 1984
Stolephorus rex Commerson’s anchovy Indo-West Pacific 10.4 SL 1926
Stolephorus ronquilloi Ronquillo's anchovy Western Central Pacific 5.3 SL 1983
Stolephorus scitulus Southern anchovy Pacific Ocean 10.4 SL 1911
Stolephorus shantungensis Northwest Pacific 5.8 SL 1978
Stolephorus tamilensis Tamil anchovy Eastern Indian Ocean 5.4 2020
Stolephorus teguhi Sulawesi anchovy Western Pacific 7.7 SL 2009
Stolephorus tri Spined anchovy Western Pacific 9.5 SL 1852
Stolephorus waitei Spotty-face anchovy Indo-Pacific 9.4 SL 1926
Stolephorus zephyrus Zephyr anchovy Western Indian Ocean 9.4 SL 2021
Thrissina baelama Baelama anchovy Indo-Pacific 16 SL 1775
Thrissina belvedere Ha Long Thryssa Northwest Pacific 8.1 SL 2020
Thrissina chefuensis Chefoo thryssa Northwestern Pacific 10.7 SL 1874
Thrissina cultella Cutlass Thryssa Eastern Indian Ocean 11.4 SL 2019
Thrissina serena Arabian Thryssa Western Indian Ocean 13.3 SL 2019
Thrissina supra Pakistan Thryssa Western Indian Ocean 13.5 SL 2021
Thrissina vitrirostris Orangemouth anchovy Western Indian Ocean 22 TL 1908
Thrissina whiteheadi Whitehead's Thryssa Western Indian Ocean 20.5 SL 1983
Thryssa adelae Swatow thryssa Northwest Pacific 13.6 TL 1897
Thryssa aestuaria Estuarine thryssa Western Pacific 13.8 SL 1910
Thryssa brevicauda Short-tail thryssa Western Central Pacific 7.5 SL 1978
Thryssa dayi Day's thryssa Western Indian Ocean 21.5 SL 1983
Thryssa dussumieri Dussumier's thryssa Indo-Pacific 11 SL 1848
Thryssa encrasicholoides False baelama anchovy Indo-Pacific 10.7 SL 1852
Thryssa gautamiensis Gautama thryssa Indian Ocean 21.5 SL 1971
Thryssa hamiltonii Hamilton's thryssa Indo-Pacific 27 SL 1835
Thryssa kammalensis Kammal thryssa Indo-West Pacific 18 TL 1849
Thryssa kammalensoides Godavari thryssa Indian Ocean 16.6 TL 1983
Thryssa malabarica Malabar thryssa Indian Ocean 17.5 SL 1795
Thryssa marasriae Marasri's thryssa Western Central Pacific 6.9 SL 1987
Thryssa mystax Moustached thryssa Indo-West Pacific 20.5 TL 1801
Thryssa polybranchialis Humphead thryssa Indian Ocean 19.1 TL 1983
Thryssa purava Oblique-jaw thryssa Indian Ocean 15.5 SL 1822
Thryssa rastrosa Fly river thryssa Oceania 12 SL 1978
Thryssa scratchleyi New Guinea thryssa Asia and Oceania 40 SL 1886
Thryssa setirostris Longjaw thryssa Indo-Pacific 18 SL 1782
Thryssa spinidens Bengal thryssa Eastern Indian Ocean 16.5 SL 1925
Thryssa stenosoma Slender thryssa Eastern Indian Ocean 15 SL 1983

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