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Family: Balistidae Triggerfishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Abalistes filamentosus Indo-West Pacific 32.5 SL 2004
Abalistes stellatus Starry triggerfish Indo-West Pacific 60 TL 1798
Balistapus undulatus Orange-lined triggerfish Indo-Pacific 30 TL 1797
Balistes capriscus Grey triggerfish Western and Eastern Atlan 66 TL 1789
Balistes ellioti Indian Ocean 1889
Balistes polylepis Finescale triggerfish Eastern Pacific from nort 76 TL 1876
Balistes punctatus Bluespotted triggerfish Eastern Atlantic from Mad 60 TL 1789
Balistes vetula Queen triggerfish Western and Eastern Atlan 60 TL 1758
Balistoides conspicillum Clown triggerfish Indo-Pacific 50 TL 1801
Balistoides viridescens Titan triggerfish Indo-Pacific 75 TL 1801
Canthidermis macrolepis Largescale triggerfish Indo-West Pacific 60 TL 1888
Canthidermis maculata Rough triggerfish Circumglobal in warm and 50 TL 1786
Canthidermis rotundatus Indo-West Pacific. 27.2 SL 1822
Canthidermis sufflamen Ocean triggerfish Western Atlantic 65 TL 1815
Canthidermis willughbeii Eastern Central Pacific. 13.1 SL 1839
Melichthys indicus Indian triggerfish Indian Ocean 25 TL 1973
Melichthys niger Black triggerfish Circumglobal. Uncommon in 50 TL 1786
Melichthys vidua Pinktail triggerfish Indo-Pacific 40 TL 1845
Odonus niger Red-toothed triggerfish Indo-Pacific 50 TL 1836
Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus Yellowmargin triggerfish Indo-Pacific 60 TL 1829
Pseudobalistes fuscus Yellow-spotted triggerfish Indo-Pacific 55 TL 1801
Pseudobalistes naufragium Stone triggerfish Eastern Pacific from Baja 100 TL 1895
Rhinecanthus abyssus Northwest Pacific. Japan. 16.7 SL 1989
Rhinecanthus aculeatus White-banded triggerfish Indo-Pacific 30 TL 1758
Rhinecanthus assasi Picasso triggerfish Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1775
Rhinecanthus cinereus Western Indian Ocean 16.5 SL 1788
Rhinecanthus lunula Halfmoon picassofish Pacific Ocean 28 TL 1983
Rhinecanthus rectangulus Wedge-tail triggerfish Indo-Pacific 30 TL 1801
Rhinecanthus verrucosus Blackbelly triggerfish Indo-West Pacific 23 TL 1758
Sufflamen albicaudatum Bluethroat triggerfish Western Indian Ocean 22 TL 1829
Sufflamen bursa Boomerang triggerfish Indo-Pacific 25 TL 1801
Sufflamen chrysopterum Halfmoon triggerfish Indo-Pacific 30 TL 1801
Sufflamen fraenatum Masked triggerfish Indo-Pacific 38 TL 1804
Sufflamen verres Orangeside triggerfish Eastern Pacific 40 TL 1904
Xanthichthys auromarginatus Gilded triggerfish Indo-Pacific 30 TL 1832
Xanthichthys caeruleolineatus Outrigger triggerfish Indo-West Pacific 35 TL 1978
Xanthichthys greenei Greene's triggerfish Pacific Ocean 15.4 SL 2013
Xanthichthys lima Western Indian Ocean 1832
Xanthichthys lineopunctatus Striped triggerfish Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1854
Xanthichthys mento Redtail triggerfish Pacific Ocean 30 NG 1882
Xanthichthys ringens Sargassum triggerfish Western Atlantic 25 TL 1758
Xenobalistes tumidipectoris Western Pacific 6.1 SL 1981

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