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Family: Nototheniidae Cod icefishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Aethotaxis mitopteryx Longfin icedevil Southern Ocean 44.3 TL 1962
Dissostichus eleginoides Patagonian toothfish Southeast Pacific and Sou 215 TL 1898
Dissostichus mawsoni Antarctic toothfish Southern Ocean 200 TL 1937
Gobionotothen acuta Triangular rockcod Southern Ocean 35 SL 1880
Gobionotothen angustifrons Narrowhead rockcod Southern Ocean 20.5 SL 1885
Gobionotothen barsukovi Southern Ocean 1991
Gobionotothen gibberifrons Humped rockcod Southern Ocean 55 TL 1905
Gobionotothen marionensis Lobe-lip notothen Southern Ocean 20 TL 1880
Gvozdarus balushkini Southern Ocean 1993
Gvozdarus svetovidovi Naked-head toothfish Southern Ocean 100 TL 1989
Indonotothenia cyanobrancha Blue rockcod Southern Ocean 30 TL 1844
Lepidonotothen squamifrons Grey rockcod Southern Ocean 55 TL 1880
Notothenia angustata Maori chief Southwest Pacific 41 TL 1875
Notothenia coriiceps Black rockcod Southern Ocean 62 TL 1844
Notothenia microlepidota Black cod Southwest Pacific 70 TL 1875
Notothenia neglecta Yellowbelly rockcod Southern Ocean 45 SL 1951
Notothenia rossii Marbled rockcod Southern Ocean 92 TL 1844
Nototheniops larseni Painted notie Southern Ocean 24 TL 1905
Nototheniops mizops Toad notie Southern Ocean 15 SL 1880
Nototheniops nudifrons Yellowfin notie Southern Ocean 19.5 SL 1905
Nototheniops nybelini Southeast Pacific 15.9 SL 1976
Nototheniops tchizh Southern Ocean. 13.7 TL 1976
Pagothenia borchgrevinki Bald notothen Southern Ocean 28 TL 1902
Paranotothenia dewitti Southern Ocean 1990
Paranotothenia magellanica Magellanic rockcod Southern Ocean 43 TL 1801
Patagonotothen brevicauda Patagonian rockcod Southeast Pacific and Sou 23 TL 1905
Patagonotothen canina Southwest Atlantic 1897
Patagonotothen cornucola Southeast Pacific and Sou 11 TL 1844
Patagonotothen elegans Southeast Pacific 1880
Patagonotothen guntheri Yellowfin notothen Southwest Atlantic 25 TL 1937
Patagonotothen jordani Southeast Pacific 1916
Patagonotothen kreffti Southeast Pacific 1993
Patagonotothen longipes Southeast Pacific 1876
Patagonotothen ramsayi Longtail southern cod Southwest Atlantic 44 TL 1913
Patagonotothen shagensis Southern Ocean 15.6 SL 1982
Patagonotothen sima Southeast Pacific and Sou 1845
Patagonotothen squamiceps Southeast Pacific 1877
Patagonotothen tessellata Black southern cod Southeast Pacific and Sou 28 TL 1845
Patagonotothen thompsoni Southeast Pacific 1993
Patagonotothen trigramma Southwest Atlantic 1913
Patagonotothen wiltoni Southwest Atlantic 13.0 SL 1913
Pleuragramma antarcticum Antarctic silverfish Southern Ocean 26.6 TL 1902
Trematomus amphitreta Antarctic Pacific 2006
Trematomus bernacchii Emerald rockcod Southern Ocean 35 TL 1902
Trematomus brachysoma Stocky rockcod Southern Ocean 17.2 SL 1912
Trematomus eulepidotus Blunt scalyhead Southern Ocean 34.5 TL 1914
Trematomus hansoni Striped rockcod Southern Ocean 45.5 TL 1902
Trematomus lepidorhinus Slender scalyhead Southern Ocean 31 TL 1911
Trematomus loennbergii Scaly rockcod Southern Ocean 30 SL 1913
Trematomus newnesi Dusky rockcod Southern Ocean 24.5 TL 1902
Trematomus nicolai Spotted notothen Southern Ocean 36 TL 1902
Trematomus peninsulae Pithead Southern Ocean 17 TL 1981
Trematomus pennellii Sharp-spined notothenia Southern Ocean 29.7 TL 1914
Trematomus scotti Crowned rockcod Southern Ocean 24.7 TL 1907
Trematomus tokarevi Bigeye notothen Southern Ocean 22.4 TL 1978
Trematomus vicarius Orange notothen Southern Ocean 35 TL 1905

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