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Family: Uranoscopidae Stargazers

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Astroscopus guttatus Northern stargazer Western Atlantic 59 TL 1860
Astroscopus sexspinosus Brazilian stargazer Southwest Atlantic 31 SL 1876
Astroscopus ygraecum Southern stargazer Western Atlantic 44 TL 1829
Astroscopus zephyreus Pacific stargazer Eastern Pacific 37.5 TL 1897
Genyagnus monopterygius Spotted stargazer Southwest Pacific 45 TL 1801
Ichthyscopus barbatus Fringed stargazer Eastern Indian Ocean 41 TL 1960
Ichthyscopus fasciatus Banded stargazer Western Central Pacific 25 TL 1957
Ichthyscopus insperatus Doubleband stargazer Eastern Indian Ocean 30 TL 1960
Ichthyscopus lebeck Longnosed stargazer Indo-West Pacific 60 TL 1801
Ichthyscopus malacopterus Western Central Pacific 1830
Ichthyscopus nigripinnis Western Central Pacific 1999
Ichthyscopus pollicaris Oriental fringe stargazer Northwest Pacific 30.8 SL 2019
Ichthyscopus sannio Spotcheck stargazer Western Central Pacific 65 TL 1936
Ichthyscopus spinosus Eastern Indian Ocean 1960
Kathetostoma albigutta Lancer stargazer Western Atlantic 28 TL 1892
Kathetostoma averruncus Smooth stargazer Eastern Pacific 32 TL 1890
Kathetostoma binigrasella Pacific Ocean 56 SL 2011
Kathetostoma canaster Eastern Indian Ocean 65 TL 1987
Kathetostoma cubanum Spiny stargazer Western Central Atlantic 30 TL 1941
Kathetostoma fluviatilis Oceania 4.4 TL 1872
Kathetostoma giganteum Giant stargazer Southwest Pacific 90 TL 1873
Kathetostoma laeve Common stargazer Eastern Indian Ocean 75 TL 1801
Kathetostoma nigrofasciatum Deepwater stargazer Eastern Indian Ocean 28 TL 1915
Pleuroscopus pseudodorsalis Scaly stargazer Southern hemisphere 33 TL 1927
Uranoscopus affinis Indo-West Pacific. 8.1 SL 1829
Uranoscopus albesca Longspine stargazer Eastern Atlantic 35 TL 1915
Uranoscopus arafurensis Arafura Sea. 14 SL 2020
Uranoscopus archionema Western Indian Ocean 33 TL 1921
Uranoscopus bauchotae Western Indian Ocean 1987
Uranoscopus bicinctus Marbled stargazer Indo-West Pacific 29.5 TL 1843
Uranoscopus brunneus Dark-finned stargazer Indo-West Pacific 26 TL 2018
Uranoscopus cadenati West African stargazer Eastern Atlantic 50 TL 1959
Uranoscopus chinensis Northwest Pacific 27.5 TL 1882
Uranoscopus cognatus Two-spined yellow-tail stargazer Eastern Indian Ocean 16.5 TL 1849
Uranoscopus crassiceps Northern Indian Ocean 27 SL 1890
Uranoscopus dahlakensis Western Indian Ocean 1987
Uranoscopus dollfusi Dollfus' stargazer Western Indian Ocean 23.7 TL 1987
Uranoscopus filibarbis Indian Ocean 1829
Uranoscopus fuscomaculatus Indo-Pacific. 30 TL 1868
Uranoscopus guttatus Dollfus' stargrazer Indian Ocean 29.8 TL 1829
Uranoscopus japonicus Western Pacific 18 TL 1782
Uranoscopus kaianus Kai stargazer Indo-West Pacific 22 TL 1880
Uranoscopus kishimotoi Tube-nosed stargazer Indo-West Pacific 18 TL 2018
Uranoscopus marisrubri Western Indian Ocean 15.3 SL 1987
Uranoscopus marmoratus Indian Ocean 28.2 TL 1829
Uranoscopus oligolepis Western Pacific 11.3 SL 1878
Uranoscopus polli Whitespotted stargazer Eastern Atlantic 35 TL 1951
Uranoscopus rosette Eastern Indian Ocean 21.6 SL 2012
Uranoscopus scaber Stargazer Eastern Atlantic and Medi 56.4 TL 1758
Uranoscopus sulphureus Whitemargin stargazer Indo-Pacific 45 TL 1832
Uranoscopus tosae Northwest Pacific 25 SL 1925
Uranoscopus turbisquamatus Western Pacific 29.1 SL 1993
Xenocephalus armatus Armoured blenny Western Pacific 52 TL 1858
Xenocephalus australiensis Australian stargazer Southwestern Pacific 30 TL 1989
Xenocephalus cribratus Eastern Indian Ocean 22.7 SL 1989
Xenocephalus egregius Freckled stargazer Western Atlantic 33 TL 1905
Xenocephalus elongatus Indo-West Pacific 30 SL 1843

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