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Family: Scaridae Parrotfishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Bolbometopon muricatum Green humphead parrotfish Indo-Pacific 130 TL 1840
Calotomus carolinus Carolines parrotfish Indo-Pacific and Eastern 54 TL 1840
Calotomus japonicus Japanese parrotfish Northwest Pacific 39 TL 1840
Calotomus spinidens Spinytooth parrotfish Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1824
Calotomus viridescens Viridescent parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 21 SL 1835
Calotomus zonarchus Yellowbar parrot Pacific Ocean 33 TL 1903
Cetoscarus bicolor Bicolour parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 50 SL 1829
Cetoscarus ocellatus Spotted parrotfish Indo-Pacific 80 SL 1840
Chlorurus atrilunula Bluemoon parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1983
Chlorurus bleekeri Bleeker's parrotfish Indo-Pacific 49 TL 1940
Chlorurus bowersi Bower's parrotfish Western Pacific 40 TL 1909
Chlorurus capistratoides Indian parrotfish Indian Ocean 40 TL 1847
Chlorurus cyanescens Blue humphead parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 50 TL 1840
Chlorurus enneacanthus Captain parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 50 TL 1802
Chlorurus frontalis Pacific slopehead parrotfish Pacific Ocean 50 TL 1840
Chlorurus genazonatus Sinai parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 31 TL 1983
Chlorurus gibbus Heavybeak parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 70 TL 1829
Chlorurus japanensis Palecheek parrotfish Pacific Ocean 56.2 FL 1789
Chlorurus microrhinos Steephead parrots Pacific Ocean 70 TL 1854
Chlorurus oedema Knothead parrotfish Indo-West Pacific 42 TL 1909
Chlorurus perspicillatus Spectacled parrotfish Eastern Central Pacific 60.9 SL 1879
Chlorurus rhakoura Raggedfin parrotfish Eastern Indian Ocean 44.2 SL 1997
Chlorurus sordidus Daisy parrotfish Indian Ocean. 40 TL 1775
Chlorurus spilurus Pacific bullethead parrotfish Western Central Pacific 48.6 FL 1840
Chlorurus strongylocephalus Steephead parrotfish Indian Ocean 70 TL 1855
Chlorurus troschelii Troschel's parrotfish Indo-West Pacific 34.6 TL 1853
Cryptotomus roseus Bluelip parrotfish Western Atlantic 13 TL 1871
Hipposcarus harid Candelamoa parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 75 TL 1775
Hipposcarus longiceps Pacific longnose parrotfish Pacific Ocean 60 TL 1840
Leptoscarus vaigiensis Marbled parrotfish Indo-Pacific 35.2 TL 1824
Nicholsina collettei Eastern Atlantic 24 SL 1968
Nicholsina denticulata Loosetooth parrotfish Eastern Pacific 32 TL 1917
Nicholsina usta Emerald parrotfish Western Atlantic 30 TL 1840
Scarus altipinnis Filament-finned parrotfish Pacific Ocean 60 TL 1879
Scarus arabicus Arabian parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 45 TL 1902
Scarus caudofasciatus Redbarred parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 50 TL 1862
Scarus chameleon Chameleon parrotfish Pacific Ocean 31 TL 1986
Scarus chinensis Northwest Pacific 1867
Scarus coelestinus Midnight parrotfish Western Atlantic 77 TL 1840
Scarus coeruleus Blue parrotfish Western Atlantic 120 TL 1771
Scarus collana Red Sea parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 33 TL 1835
Scarus compressus Azure parrotfish Eastern Pacific 68 TL 1916
Scarus dimidiatus Yellowbarred parrotfish Western Pacific 40 TL 1859
Scarus dubius Regal parrot Eastern Central Pacific 35.6 SL 1828
Scarus falcipinnis Sicklefin parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 60 TL 1868
Scarus ferrugineus Rusty parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 41 TL 1775
Scarus festivus Festive parrotfish Indo-Pacific 45 TL 1840
Scarus flavipectoralis Yellowfin parrotfish Western Central Pacific 40 TL 1958
Scarus forsteni Forsten's parrotfish Pacific Ocean 55 TL 1861
Scarus frenatus Bridled parrotfish Indo-Pacific 47 TL 1802
Scarus fuscocaudalis Darktail parrotfish Indo-West Pacific 25 TL 2000
Scarus fuscopurpureus Purple-brown parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 38 TL 1871
Scarus ghobban Blue-barred parrotfish Indo-Pacific 75 TL 1775
Scarus globiceps Globehead parrotfish Indo-Pacific 45 TL 1840
Scarus gracilis Northwest Pacific 1869
Scarus guacamaia Rainbow parrotfish Western Atlantic 120 TL 1829
Scarus hoefleri Guinean parrotfish Eastern Atlantic 66 TL 1881
Scarus hypselopterus Yellow-tail parrotfish Indo-Pacific 31 TL 1853
Scarus iseri Striped parrotfish Western Atlantic 35 TL 1789
Scarus koputea Marquesan parrotfish Eastern Central Pacific 31 TL 1980
Scarus longipinnis Highfin parrotfish South Pacific 40 TL 1980
Scarus maculipinna Spot fin parrotfish Eastern Indian Ocean 19.1 TL 2007
Scarus niger Dusky parrotfish Indo-Pacific 44.4 TL 1775
Scarus obishime Northwest Pacific 70 SL 1993
Scarus oviceps Dark capped parrotfish Indo-Pacific 44.5 TL 1840
Scarus ovifrons Knobsnout parrotfish Northwest Pacific 78 TL 1846
Scarus perrico Bumphead parrotfish Eastern Pacific 76 TL 1882
Scarus persicus Gulf parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 50 TL 1983
Scarus prasiognathos Singapore parrotfish Indo-West Pacific 70 TL 1840
Scarus psittacus Common parrotfish Indo-Pacific 43 TL 1775
Scarus quoyi Quoy's parrotfish Indo-West Pacific 40 TL 1840
Scarus rivulatus Rivulated parrotfish Western Pacific 40 SL 1840
Scarus rubroviolaceus Ember parrotfish Indo-Pacific 70 TL 1847
Scarus russelii Eclipse parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 51 TL 1840
Scarus scaber Fivesaddle parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 37 TL 1840
Scarus schlegeli Yellowband parrotfish Pacific Ocean 40 TL 1861
Scarus spinus Greensnout parrotfish Pacific Ocean 30 TL 1868
Scarus taeniopterus Princess parrotfish Western Atlantic 35 TL 1829
Scarus tricolor Tricolour parrotfish Indo-Pacific 52.7 TL 1847
Scarus trispinosus Greenbeak parrotfish Southwest Atlantic 55.6 SL 1840
Scarus vetula Queen parrotfish Western Central Atlantic 61 TL 1801
Scarus viridifucatus Roundhead parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 45 TL 1956
Scarus xanthopleura Red parrotfish Western Pacific 54 TL 1853
Scarus zelindae Zelinda's parrotfish Southwest Atlantic 33.2 SL 2001
Scarus zufar Dhofar parrotfish Western Indian Ocean 50 TL 1995
Sparisoma amplum Reef parrotfish Southwest Atlantic 39 SL 1841
Sparisoma atomarium Greenblotch parrotfish Western Atlantic 25 TL 1861
Sparisoma aurofrenatum Redband parrotfish Western Atlantic 28 TL 1840
Sparisoma axillare Gray parrotfish Southwest Atlantic 43.6 SL 1878
Sparisoma choati West-African Parrotfish Eastern Atlantic 31.4 SL 2012
Sparisoma chrysopterum Redtail parrotfish Western Atlantic 46 TL 1801
Sparisoma cretense Parrotfish Eastern Atlantic 50 TL 1758
Sparisoma frondosum Agassiz's parrotfish Southwestern Atlantic 34.5 SL 1831
Sparisoma griseorubrum Western Central Atlantic 1982
Sparisoma radians Bucktooth parrotfish Western Atlantic 20 TL 1840
Sparisoma rocha Trindade parrotfish Southwestern Atlantic 30.5 SL 2010
Sparisoma rubripinne Redfin parrotfish Western Atlantic and the 47.8 TL 1840
Sparisoma strigatum Strigate parrotfish Eastern Atlantic 45 SL 1862
Sparisoma tuiupiranga Southwestern Atlantic 15.4 SL 2003
Sparisoma viride Stoplight parrotfish Western Atlantic 64 TL 1788

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