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Family: Polynemidae Threadfins

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Eleutheronema rhadinum East Asian fourfinger threadfin Northwest Pacific 73.9 SL 1902
Eleutheronema tetradactylum Fourfinger threadfin Indo-Pacific 200 TL 1804
Eleutheronema tridactylum Threefinger threadfin Western Pacific 25 SL 1849
Filimanus heptadactyla Sevenfinger threadfin Western Pacific 38 TL 1829
Filimanus hexanema Javanese threadfin Western Central Pacific 12 SL 1829
Filimanus perplexa Splendid threadfin Western Central Pacific 16 SL 1991
Filimanus sealei Eightfinger threadfin Western Central Pacific 15 SL 1910
Filimanus similis Indian sevenfinger threadfin Indian Ocean 13 SL 1991
Filimanus xanthonema Yellowthread threadfin Indo-West Pacific 14 SL 1831
Galeoides decadactylus Lesser African threadfin Eastern Atlantic 50 TL 1795
Leptomelanosoma indicum Indian threadfin Indo-West Pacific 142 TL 1804
Parapolynemus verekeri Dwarf paradise fish Western Central Pacific 11 SL 1889
Pentanemus quinquarius Royal threadfin Eastern Atlantic 35 TL 1758
Polydactylus approximans Blue bobo Eastern Pacific 36.8 TL 1839
Polydactylus bifurcus Slender fivefinger threadfin Eastern Indian Ocean 27 SL 2001
Polydactylus longipes Long-limb threadfin Western Central Pacific 26 SL 2001
Polydactylus luparensis Sarawak Giant Threadfin Asia 72 SL 2010
Polydactylus macrochir King threadfin Indo-West Pacific 170 FL 1867
Polydactylus macrophthalmus River threadfin Asia 52 TL 1858
Polydactylus malagasyensis African blackspot threadfin Western Indian Ocean 14.9 SL 2001
Polydactylus microstoma Smallmouth threadfin Eastern Indian Ocean and 25 TL 1851
Polydactylus mullani Arabian blackspot threadfin Western Indian Ocean 28.5 TL 1926
Polydactylus multiradiatus Australian threadfin Eastern Indian Ocean and 24.5 FL 1860
Polydactylus nigripinnis Blackfin threadfin Western Pacific 20 TL 1964
Polydactylus octonemus Atlantic threadfin Western Atlantic 33 TL 1858
Polydactylus oligodon Littlescale threadfin Western Atlantic 46 TL 1860
Polydactylus opercularis Yellow bobo Eastern Pacific 50 TL 1863
Polydactylus persicus Persian blackspot threadfin Western Indian Ocean 16 SL 2001
Polydactylus plebeius Striped threadfin Indo-Pacific 45 SL 1782
Polydactylus quadrifilis Giant African threadfin Eastern Atlantic 200 TL 1829
Polydactylus sexfilis Sixfinger threadfin Indo-Pacific 61 TL 1831
Polydactylus sextarius Blackspot threadfin Eastern Indian Ocean and 30 TL 1801
Polydactylus siamensis Largemouth striped threadfin Eastern Indian Ocean 27.4 SL 2001
Polydactylus virginicus Barbu Western Atlantic 33 TL 1758
Polynemus aquilonaris Northern paradise fish Asia 15.8 SL 2003
Polynemus bidentatus Asia 15.3 SL 2006
Polynemus dubius Eastern paradise fish Asia 20 SL 1853
Polynemus hornadayi Hornaday’s paradise fish Asia 19.5 SL 1936
Polynemus kapuasensis Kapuas elegant paradise fish Asia 17 SL 2003
Polynemus melanochir Blackhand paradise fish Asia 25 SL 1831
Polynemus multifilis Elegant paradise fish Asia 28 SL 1843
Polynemus paradiseus Paradise threadfin Eastern Indian Ocean and 30 NG 1758

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