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Family: Mugilidae Mullets

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Agonostomus catalai Comoro mullet Africa 20 1932
Agonostomus telfairii Fairy mullet Africa 75 TL 1832
Aldrichetta forsteri Yellow-eye mullet Southwest Pacific 50 SL 1836
Cestraeus goldiei Goldie river mullet Asia and Oceania 40 FL 1883
Cestraeus oxyrhyncus Sharp-nosed river mullet Asia and Oceania 39 TL 1836
Cestraeus plicatilis Lobed river mullet Asia 32.5 TL 1836
Chaenomugil proboscideus Snouted mullet Eastern Central Pacific 22 TL 1861
Chelon auratus Golden grey mullet Eastern Atlantic 61 FL 1810
Chelon bandialensis Diassanga Mullet Africa 57.2 SL 1991
Chelon bispinosus Cape Verde mullet Eastern Central Atlantic 15 SL 1825
Chelon caeruleus Mediterranean Sea 68.2 SL 2018
Chelon dumerili Grooved mullet Eastern Atlantic 40 TL 1870
Chelon labrosus Thicklip grey mullet Eastern Atlantic 75 SL 1827
Chelon ramada Thinlip grey mullet Eastern Atlantic 70 TL 1827
Chelon richardsonii South African mullet Southeast Atlantic 40.5 TL 1846
Chelon saliens Leaping mullet Eastern Atlantic 40 SL 1810
Chelon tricuspidens Striped mullet Southeast Atlantic 75 TL 1935
Crenimugil buchanani Bluetail mullet Indo-Pacific 100 TL 1853
Crenimugil crenilabis Fringelip mullet Indo-Pacific 60 TL 1775
Crenimugil heterocheilos Half fringelip mullet Indo-Pacific 50 SL 1855
Crenimugil pedaraki Longfin mullet Indo-West Pacific 60 TL 1836
Crenimugil seheli Bluespot mullet Indo-Pacific 60 TL 1775
Dajaus monticola Mountain mullet Western Atlantic 36 TL 1834
Ellochelon vaigiensis Squaretail mullet Indo-Pacific 63 TL 1825
Gracilimugil argenteus Flat-tail mullet Indo-West Pacific 45 TL 1825
Joturus pichardi Bobo mullet Central America 61 TL 1860
Minimugil cascasia Yellowtail mullet Asia 12.5 TL 1822
Mugil bananensis Banana mullet Eastern Atlantic 40 TL 1927
Mugil brevirostris Southwest Atlantic 20.9 SL 1915
Mugil broussonnetii Broussonnet's mullet Pacific Ocean 19.4 SL 1836
Mugil capurrii Leaping African mullet Eastern Central Atlantic 45 SL 1892
Mugil cephalus Flathead grey mullet Cosmopolitan in coastal w 100 SL 1758
Mugil curema White mullet Western Atlantic 91 TL 1836
Mugil curvidens Dwarf mullet Western Atlantic 34.3 TL 1836
Mugil galapagensis Galapagos mullet Southeast Pacific 40 TL 1961
Mugil hospes Hospe mullet Western Atlantic 35.5 TL 1895
Mugil incilis Parassi mullet Western Atlantic 40 TL 1830
Mugil liza Lebranche mullet Western Atlantic 80 TL 1836
Mugil longicauda Western Central Atlantic 1976
Mugil margaritae Caribbean 26.5 SL 2015
Mugil rubrioculus Redeye mullet Western Atlantic and the 44.6 TL 2007
Mugil setosus Liseta mullet Eastern Central Pacific 30 TL 1892
Mugil thoburni Thoburn's mullet Eastern Pacific 29.5 TL 1896
Mugil trichodon Fantail mullet Western Atlantic 46 TL 1875
Myxus elongatus Sand grey mullet Southwest Pacific 40 TL 1861
Neochelon falcipinnis Sicklefin mullet Africa 41 FL 1836
Neomyxus leuciscus Acute-jawed mullet Pacific Ocean 46 SL 1872
Oedalechilus labeo Boxlip mullet Eastern Atlantic 25 TL 1829
Osteomugil cunnesius Longarm mullet Indo-West Pacific (Ref. 4 41 SL 1836
Osteomugil engeli Kanda Indo-Pacific 47.7 FL 1858
Osteomugil formosae Northwest Pacific 1922
Osteomugil perusii Longfinned mullet Indo-West Pacific 25 TL 1836
Osteomugil robustus Robust mullet Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1861
Osteomugil speigleri Speigler's mullet Indo-West Pacific 35 TL 1858
Parachelon grandisquamis Largescaled mullet Eastern Atlantic 40 TL 1836
Paramugil georgii Silver mullet Western Pacific 30 TL 1897
Paramugil parmatus Broad-mouthed mullet Western Pacific 30 TL 1849
Planiliza abu Abu mullet Asia 20 TL 1843
Planiliza affinis Eastern keelback mullet Northwest Pacific 39.4 TL 1861
Planiliza alata Diamond mullet Indo-West Pacific 75 TL 1892
Planiliza carinata Keeled mullet Indian Ocean 24.4 TL 1836
Planiliza haematocheilus So-iuy mullet Northwest Pacific 80 TL 1845
Planiliza klunzingeri Klunzinger's mullet Western Indian Ocean 24.4 TL 1888
Planiliza macrolepis Largescale mullet Indo-Pacific 60 SL 1846
Planiliza mandapamensis Indian mullet Indian Ocean 1997
Planiliza melinoptera Otomebora mullet Indo-Pacific 30 SL 1836
Planiliza ordensis River Diamond mullet West Central Pacific 1945
Planiliza parsia Goldspot mullet Indian Ocean 23.5 TL 1822
Planiliza persica Persian mullet Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1995
Planiliza planiceps Tade gray mullet Indo-Pacific 70 TL 1836
Planiliza subviridis Greenback mullet Indo-Pacific 40 SL 1836
Planiliza tade Indo-West Pacific 1775
Plicomugil labiosus Hornlip mullet Indo-Pacific 40 SL 1836
Pseudomyxus capensis Freshwater mullet Africa 45 FL 1836
Rhinomugil corsula Corsula Asia 45 TL 1822
Sicamugil hamiltonii Burmese mullet Asia 12 TL 1870
Squalomugil nasutus Shark mullet Asia and Oceania 1883
Trachystoma petardi Pinkeye mullet Oceania 81 TL 1875

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