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Family: Sparidae Porgies

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Acanthopagrus akazakii Western Pacific 18.5 SL 2006
Acanthopagrus arabicus Arabian yellowfin seabream Western Indian Ocean 34.5 SL 2013
Acanthopagrus australis Yellowfin bream Southwest Pacific 66 SL 1859
Acanthopagrus berda Goldsilk seabream Indian Ocean, South Afric 90 TL 1775
Acanthopagrus bifasciatus Twobar seabream Western Indian Ocean 36.2 SL 1775
Acanthopagrus butcheri Black bream Indo-Pacific 60 TL 1949
Acanthopagrus catenula Bridled seabream Western Indian Ocean 36.4 SL 1801
Acanthopagrus chinshira Okinawan yellow-fin seabream Northwest Pacific 20.4 SL 2008
Acanthopagrus datnia Bengal yellowfin seabream Eastern Indian Ocean 50 TL 1822
Acanthopagrus latus Yellowfin seabream Northwest Pacific 40 FL 1782
Acanthopagrus morrisonae Western yellowfin seabream Eastern Indian Ocean 45 TL 2013
Acanthopagrus omanensis Black Margined Seabream Indian Ocean 14.5 SL 2010
Acanthopagrus pacificus Pacific seabream Western Pacific 50 SL 2010
Acanthopagrus palmaris Northwest black bream Eastern Indian Ocean 40 TL 1935
Acanthopagrus randalli Middle East Black Seabream Indian Ocean 32.2 SL 2009
Acanthopagrus schlegelii Blackhead seabream Northwest Pacific 50 SL 1854
Acanthopagrus sheim Spotted yellowfin seabream Western Indian Ocean 30 SL 2013
Acanthopagrus sivicolus Okinawa seabream Northwest Pacific 45 SL 1962
Acanthopagrus taiwanensis Taiwan picnic seabream Northwest Pacific 21.6 SL 2006
Acanthopagrus vagus Wandering seabream Africa 60 SL 1852
Amamiichthys matsubarai Japanese blue-spotted seabream Northwest Pacific 60 SL 1962
Archosargus pourtalesii Blackspot porgy Eastern Pacific 35.6 TL 1881
Archosargus probatocephalus Sheepshead Western Atlantic 91 TL 1792
Archosargus rhomboidalis Western Atlantic seabream Western Atlantic 33 TL 1758
Argyrops bleekeri Taiwan tai Western Pacific 50 SL 1927
Argyrops caeruleops Bluesnout soldierbream Western Indian Ocean 25.9 SL 2018
Argyrops filamentosus Soldierbream Western Indian Ocean 70 TL 1830
Argyrops flavops Yellow-snout soldierbream Western Indian Ocean 25.5 SL 2018
Argyrops megalommatus Red Sea soldierbream Western Indian Ocean, Red 20.7 SL 1870
Argyrops notialis Australian soldierbream Eastern Indian Ocean 30.1 SL 2018
Argyrops spinifer King soldierbream Indian Ocean 80 TL 1775
Argyrozona argyrozona Carpenter seabream Western Indian Ocean 90 TL 1830
Boops boops Bogue Eastern Atlantic 40 TL 1758
Boops lineatus Striped boga Western Indian Ocean 25 TL 1892
Boopsoidea inornata Fransmadam Southeast Atlantic 40 TL 1861
Calamus arctifrons Grass porgy Western Central Atlantic 25 TL 1882
Calamus bajonado Jolthead porgy Western Atlantic 76 FL 1801
Calamus brachysomus Pacific porgy Eastern Pacific 61 TL 1880
Calamus calamus Saucereye porgy Western Atlantic 56 TL 1830
Calamus campechanus Campeche porgy Western Atlantic 21 TL 1966
Calamus cervigoni Spotfin porgy Western Atlantic 20 TL 1966
Calamus leucosteus Whitebone porgy Western Atlantic 46 TL 1885
Calamus mu Flathead porgy Southwest Atlantic 26.5 NG 1966
Calamus nodosus Knobbed porgy Western Atlantic 54.4 TL 1966
Calamus penna Sheepshead porgy Western Atlantic 46 TL 1830
Calamus pennatula Pluma porgy Western Atlantic 37 TL 1868
Calamus proridens Littlehead porgy Western Atlantic 46 TL 1884
Calamus taurinus Galapagos porgy Southeast Pacific 40 TL 1840
Centracanthus cirrus Curled picarel Eastern Atlantic 34 TL 1810
Cheimerius nufar Santer seabream Western Indian Ocean 75 TL 1830
Chrysoblephus anglicus Englishman seabream Western Indian Ocean 100 TL 1908
Chrysoblephus cristiceps Daggerhead seabream Western Indian Ocean 75 TL 1830
Chrysoblephus gibbiceps Red stumpnose seabream Southeast Atlantic 75 TL 1830
Chrysoblephus laticeps Roman seabream Southeast Atlantic 50 TL 1830
Chrysoblephus lophus False red stumpnose Western Indian Ocean 50 TL 1925
Chrysoblephus puniceus Slinger seabream Western Indian Ocean 85 TL 1908
Crenidens crenidens Karanteen seabream Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1775
Crenidens indicus Western Indian Ocean 23.1 SL 1873
Crenidens macracanthus Günther's karanteen Eastern Indian Ocean 14.6 SL 1874
Cymatoceps nasutus Black musselcracker Western Indian Ocean 150 TL 1861
Dentex abei Yellowfin sea bream Western Pacific 30.7 SL 2007
Dentex angolensis Angolan dentex Eastern Atlantic 37 TL 1953
Dentex barnardi Barnard's dentex Eastern Atlantic 40 TL 1970
Dentex canariensis Canary dentex Eastern Atlantic 100 SL 1881
Dentex carpenteri Yellow snout seabream Eastern Indian Ocean, Wes 21.9 SL 2015
Dentex congoensis Congo dentex Eastern Atlantic 50 TL 1954
Dentex dentex Common dentex Eastern Atlantic 100 TL 1758
Dentex fourmanoiri Southwest Pacific 21.5 SL 1999
Dentex gibbosus Pink dentex Eastern Atlantic 106 FL 1810
Dentex hypselosomus Yellowback sea-bream Northwest Pacific 30.8 SL 1854
Dentex macrophthalmus Large-eye dentex Eastern Atlantic 65 TL 1791
Dentex maroccanus Morocco dentex Eastern Atlantic 45 TL 1830
Dentex spariformis Saffronfin sea bream Indo Pacific 26 FL 1910
Diplodus annularis Annular seabream Eastern Atlantic 28 TL 1758
Diplodus argenteus South American silver porgy Western Atlantic 37.8 TL 1830
Diplodus ascensionis Southeast Atlantic 22 TL 1830
Diplodus bellottii Senegal seabream Southwestern Mediterranea 30 SL 1882
Diplodus bermudensis Bermuda porgy Western Atlantic 30 TL 1965
Diplodus cadenati Moroccan white seabream Eastern Atlantic 45 TL 1974
Diplodus capensis Cape white seabream Southeast Atlantic and We 45 TL 1844
Diplodus caudimacula Silver porgy Western Central Atlantic 30 TL 1860
Diplodus cervinus Zebra seabream Eastern Atlantic 55 TL 1838
Diplodus fasciatus Banded seabream Eastern Central Atlantic 45 TL 1830
Diplodus helenae St. Helena white seabream Southeast Atlantic 31 TL 1879
Diplodus holbrookii Spottail seabream Western Atlantic 46 TL 1878
Diplodus hottentotus Zebra Western Indian Ocean 60 TL 1844
Diplodus kotschyi One spot seabream Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1876
Diplodus levantinus Eastern Mediterranean 23.1 SL 2016
Diplodus lineatus Eastern Central Atlantic 35 TL 1830
Diplodus noct Red Sea seabream Western Indian Ocean 25 TL 1830
Diplodus omanensis Oman porgy Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1984
Diplodus prayensis Two-banded seabream Eastern Central Atlantic 35 TL 1964
Diplodus puntazzo Sharpsnout seabream Eastern Atlantic 60 TL 1792
Diplodus sargus White seabream Northeastern Atlantic fro 45 TL 1758
Diplodus striatus Southwestern Indian Ocean 1883
Diplodus vulgaris Common two-banded seabream Eastern Atlantic 45 TL 1817
Evynnis cardinalis Threadfin porgy Western Pacific 40 TL 1802
Evynnis ehrenbergii Eastern Atlantic 43 TL 1830
Evynnis mononematos Northwest Pacific 2012
Evynnis tumifrons Yellowback seabream Western Pacific 35 SL 1843
Gymnocrotaphus curvidens Janbruin Southeast Atlantic 50 TL 1859
Lagodon rhomboides Pinfish Western Atlantic 40 TL 1766
Lithognathus aureti West coast seabream Southeast Atlantic 100 TL 1962
Lithognathus lithognathus White steenbras Southeast Atlantic 200 TL 1829
Lithognathus mormyrus Sand steenbras Eastern Atlantic 55 TL 1758
Lithognathus olivieri Steenbras Southeast Atlantic 25.6 SL 1969
Oblada melanurus Saddled seabream Eastern Atlantic 36.6 TL 1758
Pachymetopon aeneum Blue hottentot Western Indian Ocean 55 TL 1908
Pachymetopon blochii Hottentot seabream Southeast Atlantic 46 TL 1830
Pachymetopon grande Bronze seabream Western Indian Ocean 65 TL 1859
Pagellus acarne Axillary seabream Eastern Atlantic and Medi 36 SL 1827
Pagellus affinis Arabian pandora Western Indian Ocean 42.1 TL 1888
Pagellus bellottii Red pandora Eastern Atlantic 42 SL 1882
Pagellus bogaraveo Blackspot seabream Eastern Atlantic 70 SL 1768
Pagellus erythrinus Common pandora Eastern Atlantic 60 SL 1758
Pagellus natalensis Natal pandora Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1903
Pagrus africanus Southern common seabream Eastern Atlantic 75 TL 1962
Pagrus auratus Silver seabream Indo-Pacific 130 TL 1801
Pagrus auriga Redbanded seabream Eastern Atlantic 80 SL 1843
Pagrus caeruleostictus Bluespotted seabream Eastern Atlantic 90 SL 1830
Pagrus major Red seabream Northwest Pacific 100 SL 1843
Pagrus pagrus Red porgy Eastern Atlantic 91 TL 1758
Parargyrops edita Crimson sea bream Asia 26.2 SL 1916
Petrus rupestris Red steenbras Southeast Atlantic 200 TL 1830
Polyamblyodon germanum German seabream Western Indian Ocean 45 TL 1934
Polyamblyodon gibbosum Knife-back seabream Western Indian Ocean 60 TL 1914
Polysteganus baissaci Frenchman seabream Western Indian Ocean 35 TL 1978
Polysteganus cerasinus Cherry seabream Western Indian Ocean 13.4 SL 2015
Polysteganus coeruleopunctatus Blueskin seabream Western Indian Ocean aand 60 TL 1870
Polysteganus flavodorsalis Western Indian Ocean 26.5 SL 2015
Polysteganus lineopunctatus Southwestern Indian Ocean 32 SL 1903
Polysteganus mascarenensis Mascarene Red Seabream Indian Ocean 60 SL 2011
Polysteganus praeorbitalis Scotsman seabream Western Indian Ocean 90 TL 1859
Polysteganus undulosus Seventyfour seabream Western Indian Ocean 120 TL 1908
Porcostoma dentata Dane seabream Western Indian Ocean 36 TL 1908
Pterogymnus laniarius Panga seabream Southeast Atlantic 45 TL 1830
Rhabdosargus globiceps White stumpnose Southeast Atlantic 65 TL 1830
Rhabdosargus haffara Haffara seabream Western Indian Ocean 35 TL 1775
Rhabdosargus holubi Cape stumpnose Southeast Atlantic 40 TL 1881
Rhabdosargus niger Western Pacific 28.9 SL 2013
Rhabdosargus sarba Goldlined seabream Indo-West Pacific 80 TL 1775
Rhabdosargus thorpei Bigeye stumpnose Western Indian Ocean 40 TL 1979
Sarpa salpa Salema Eastern Atlantic 51 SL 1758
Sparidentex belayewi Western Indian Ocean 19.3 SL 1943
Sparidentex hasta Sobaity seabream Western Indian Ocean 83 TL 1830
Sparidentex jamalensis Fanged seabream Western Indian Ocean 22.4 SL 2014
Sparodon durbanensis Musselcracker seabream Southeast Atlantic 120 TL 1861
Sparus aurata Gilthead seabream Eastern Atlantic 70 TL 1758
Spicara altum Bigeye picarel Eastern Central Atlantic 30 TL 1917
Spicara australe Southeast Atlantic and We 30 TL 1921
Spicara axillare Western Indian Ocean and 38 TL 1900
Spicara flexuosum Eastern Atlantic, Mediter 23.2 TL 1810
Spicara maena Blotched picarel Eastern Atlantic 25 SL 1758
Spicara martinicum Western Central Atlantic 1830
Spicara melanurus Blackspot picarel Eastern Atlantic 32.8 TL 1830
Spicara nigricauda Blacktail picarel Eastern Atlantic 20 TL 1931
Spicara smaris Picarel Eastern Atlantic 24.2 TL 1758
Spondyliosoma cantharus Black seabream Eastern Atlantic 60 SL 1758
Spondyliosoma emarginatum Steentjie seabream Western Indian Ocean 45 TL 1830
Stenotomus caprinus Longspine porgy Western Atlantic 30 TL 1882
Stenotomus chrysops Scup Western Atlantic 46 TL 1766
Virididentex acromegalus Bulldog dentex Eastern Central Atlantic 52 TL 1911

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