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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Antimora microlepis Finescale mora North Pacific 75 TL 1890
Antimora rostrata Blue antimora Circumglobal 75 SL 1878
Auchenoceros punctatus Ahuru Southwest Pacific 13 TL 1873
Eeyorius hutchinsi Tasmanian codling Indo-Pacific 26 TL 1986
Eretmophorus kleinenbergi Mediterranean Sea 8.9 SL 1889
Gadella brocca Western Pacific 17.3 SL 1997
Gadella dancoheni Western Indian Ocean 2000
Gadella edelmanni Western Indian Ocean 1906
Gadella filifer Southeast Pacific 1899
Gadella imberbis Beardless codling Western Atlantic 23 TL 1888
Gadella jordani Jordan's cod Northwest Pacific 28 SL 1951
Gadella macrura Longtail cod Western Indian Ocean 2000
Gadella maraldi Gadella Eastern Atlantic 30 TL 1810
Gadella molokaiensis Eastern Central Pacific 1989
Gadella norops Indo-West Pacific 26.8 SL 1987
Gadella obscurus Southeast Pacific 20.8 SL 1984
Gadella svetovidovi Southeast Atlantic 28 SL 1992
Gadella thysthlon Southeast Pacific 21.4 SL 1998
Guttigadus globiceps Fat-headed cod Circumglobal in southern 14 TL 1906
Guttigadus globosus Tadpole cod Southwest Pacific and Sou 18.1 SL 1986
Guttigadus kongi Austral cod South Pacific 15.3 SL 1988
Guttigadus latifrons Northeast Atlantic and Me 18.2 SL 1908
Guttigadus nudicephalus Southeast Atlantic 14.7 SL 1990
Guttigadus nudirostris Southeast Atlantic 22.6 SL 1990
Guttigadus squamirostris Southeast Atlantic 16.1 SL 1990
Halargyreus johnsonii Slender codling Spotty records from the s 56 TL 1862
Laemonema barbatulum Shortbeard codling Western Atlantic 33 SL 1883
Laemonema compressicauda Southeast Atlantic 1903
Laemonema filodorsale Western Pacific 29 SL 1982
Laemonema goodebeanorum Western Atlantic 27.3 SL 1997
Laemonema gracillipes Eastern Pacific 16.9 SL 1899
Laemonema laureysi Guinean codling Eastern Atlantic 38 TL 1953
Laemonema longipes Longfin codling North Pacific 72 TL 1938
Laemonema macronema Western Indian Ocean 25.4 SL 1997
Laemonema melanurum Northwest Atlantic. 33 TL 1896
Laemonema modestum Northwest Pacific 34 SL 1910
Laemonema nana Northwest Pacific 7.3 SL 1953
Laemonema rhodochir Pacific Ocean 21.2 SL 1905
Laemonema robustum Robust mora Eastern Atlantic 36 SL 1862
Laemonema verecundum Bighead mora Eastern Central Pacific 11 TL 1897
Laemonema yarrellii Codling Eastern Atlantic 18 SL 1838
Laemonema yuvto Southeast Pacific 19.1 SL 1990
Lepidion capensis Southeast Atlantic 50 TL 1922
Lepidion ensiferus Patagonian codling Southeast Atlantic 40 TL 1887
Lepidion eques North Atlantic codling North Atlantic 1887
Lepidion guentheri Eastern Atlantic 81 SL 1880
Lepidion inosimae Morid cod Western Pacific 60.5 SL 1887
Lepidion lepidion Mediterranean codling Mediterranean Sea 88.9 TL 1810
Lepidion microcephalus Small-headed cod Southwest Pacific 48 TL 1956
Lepidion natalensis Southeast Atlantic and We 41 TL 1922
Lepidion schmidti Schmidt's cod Southwest Pacific 85 SL 1936
Lotella fernandeziana Southeast Pacific 1921
Lotella phycis Beardie Western Pacific 30 SL 1846
Lotella rhacina Rock cod Southwest Pacific 50 TL 1801
Lotella tosaensis Northwest Pacific 1936
Mora moro Common mora Eastern Atlantic 80 TL 1810
Notophycis fitchi Northeast Pacific 2001
Notophycis marginata Dwarf codling Southeast Pacific and Sou 24 TL 1878
Physiculus andriashevi Western Indian Ocean 1993
Physiculus argyropastus Indian Ocean. 1894
Physiculus beckeri Western Indian Ocean 1993
Physiculus bertelseni Western Indian Ocean 1993
Physiculus caboverdensis Eastern Central Atlantic 2018
Physiculus capensis Southeast Atlantic 18 TL 1922
Physiculus chigodarana Northwest Pacific 18 SL 1989
Physiculus coheni Eastern Central Pacific 1989
Physiculus cyanostrophus Southeast Atlantic 38.4 2002
Physiculus cynodon North Pacific 1986
Physiculus dalwigki Black codling Eastern Atlantic 30 TL 1858
Physiculus fedorovi Western Indian Ocean 1993
Physiculus fulvus Hakeling Western Atlantic. 10.6 SL 1884
Physiculus grinnelli Eastern Central Pacific 27.3 SL 1922
Physiculus helenaensis Skulpin Southeast Atlantic 30 TL 1989
Physiculus hexacytus Southeast Pacific 18.9 SL 1984
Physiculus huloti Brown codling Eastern Atlantic 18 SL 1953
Physiculus japonicus Japanese codling Northwest Pacific 35 TL 1879
Physiculus karrerae Western Atlantic 27.4 SL 1989
Physiculus kaupi Western Atlantic 22.4 SL 1865
Physiculus longicavis Southeast Pacific 20.8 SL 1984
Physiculus longifilis Filament cod Western Pacific 7.6 SL 1913
Physiculus luminosa Luminescent cod South Pacific 30 TL 1983
Physiculus marisrubri Western Indian Ocean 10.7 SL 1986
Physiculus maslowskii Eastern Atlantic 16.9 SL 1991
Physiculus microbarbata Eastern Central Atlantic. 1990
Physiculus natalensis Western Indian Ocean 24 TL 1922
Physiculus nematopus Charcoal mora Eastern Central Pacific 26 TL 1890
Physiculus nielseni Western Indian Ocean 1993
Physiculus nigrescens Darktip cod Western Pacific 16.6 SL 1912
Physiculus nigripinnis Northwest Pacific 29 SL 1982
Physiculus normani Western Indian Ocean 1986
Physiculus parini Southeast Pacific 11 SL 1991
Physiculus peregrinus Western Pacific 21.7 SL 1872
Physiculus rastrelliger Hundred fathom mora Eastern Pacific 25 TL 1890
Physiculus rhodopinnis Indo-Pacific from Madagas 21 SL 1982
Physiculus roseus Rosy cod Indo-Pacific 23 1891
Physiculus sazonovi Southeast Pacific 10.9 SL 1991
Physiculus sterops Eastern Central Pacific 1989
Physiculus sudanensis Western Indian Ocean. 1989
Physiculus talarae Peruvian mora Eastern Pacific 24 TL 1949
Physiculus therosideros Scalyfin cod Southwest Pacific 16.8 SL 1987
Physiculus yoshidae Northwest Pacific 20 SL 1982
Pseudophycis bachus Red codling Southwest Pacific 90 TL 1801
Pseudophycis barbata Southern bastard codling Southwest Pacific 63 TL 1863
Pseudophycis breviuscula Northern bastard codling Southwest Pacific 25 TL 1846
Pterophycis spatium Bigfin mora Northwestern Pacific 24.3 SL 2019
Rhynchogadus hepaticus Eastern Atlantic 10 SL 1884
Salilota australis Tadpole codling Southeast Pacific and Sou 50 TL 1878
Svetovidovia lucullus Northeast Atlantic. 50 SL 1953
Tripterophycis gilchristi Grenadier cod Indo-Pacific 33 TL 1902
Tripterophycis svetovidovi Brown grenadier cod South Atlantic 23.4 SL 1986

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