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Family: Rhinobatidae Guitarfishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Acroteriobatus andysabini Malagasy blue-spotted guitarfish Western Indian Ocean 100 TL 2021
Acroteriobatus annulatus Lesser sandshark Southeast Atlantic 140 TL 1841
Acroteriobatus blochii Bluntnose guitarfish Southeast Atlantic 100 TL 1841
Acroteriobatus leucospilus Grayspottted guitarfish Western Indian Ocean 96 TL 1926
Acroteriobatus ocellatus South-West Indian Ocean 81 TL 1926
Acroteriobatus omanensis Omn guitarfish Western Indian Ocean 60 TL 2016
Acroteriobatus salalah Salalah guitarfish Northwest Indian Ocean 78 TL 1995
Acroteriobatus stehmanni Socotra blue-spotted guitarfish Western Indian Ocean 62.2 TL 2021
Acroteriobatus variegatus Stripenose guitarfish Northern Indian Ocean 75 TL 1973
Acroteriobatus zanzibarensis Zanzibar guitarfish Western Indian Ocean 75 TL 1926
Pseudobatos buthi Spadenose guitarfish Eastern Pacific 68.5 TL 2019
Pseudobatos glaucostigma Speckled guitarfish Eastern Central Pacific 89 TL 1883
Pseudobatos horkelii Brazilian guitarfish Western South Atlantic 138 TL 1841
Pseudobatos lentiginosus Atlantic guitarfish Western Atlantic 76 TL 1880
Pseudobatos leucorhynchus Whitesnout guitarfish Eastern Central Pacific 118 TL 1867
Pseudobatos percellens Chola guitarfish Western Atlantic 100 WD 1792
Pseudobatos planiceps Pacific guitarfish Eastern Pacific 113.5 TL 1880
Pseudobatos prahli Gorgona guitarfish Eastern Pacific 90 TL 1995
Pseudobatos productus Shovelnose guitarfish Eastern Pacific 170 TL 1854
Rhinobatos albomaculatus Whitespotted guitarfish Eastern Atlantic 75 TL 1930
Rhinobatos annandalei Annandale's guitarfish Indian Ocean 89 TL 1926
Rhinobatos austini Austin’s guitarfish Western Indian Ocean 115 TL 2017
Rhinobatos borneensis Borneo guitarfish Northwest Pacific 90 TL 2016
Rhinobatos formosensis Taiwan guitarfish Western Pacific 73 TL 1926
Rhinobatos holcorhynchus Slender guitarfish Western Indian Ocean 127 TL 1922
Rhinobatos hynnicephalus Angel fish Northwest Pacific 62 TL 1846
Rhinobatos irvinei Spineback guitarfish Eastern Atlantic 100 TL 1931
Rhinobatos jimbaranensis Jimbaran shovelnose ray Eastern Indian Ocean 99.4 TL 2006
Rhinobatos lionotus Smoothback guitarfish Indian Ocean 75 TL 1926
Rhinobatos manai Papuan guitarfish Southwest Pacific 73.1 TL 2016
Rhinobatos nudidorsalis Central Indian Ocean 50.1 TL 2004
Rhinobatos penggali Indonesian shovelnose ray Eastern Indian Ocean 99.2 TL 2006
Rhinobatos punctifer Spotted guitarfish Western Indian Ocean 88.9 TL 1987
Rhinobatos ranongensis Ranong guitarfish Eastern Indian Ocean 64.5 TL 2019
Rhinobatos rhinobatos Common guitarfish Eastern Atlantic 185 TL 1758
Rhinobatos sainsburyi Goldeneye shovelnose Eastern Indian Ocean and 59.5 TL 2004
Rhinobatos schlegelii Brown guitarfish Northwest Pacific 100 TL 1841
Rhinobatos thouiniana Shaw's shovelnose guitar fish Indo-Pacific. 120 NG 1804
Rhinobatos whitei Philippine guitarfish Western Pacific 84.4 TL 2014
Tarsistes philippii Southeast Pacific 1919

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