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Family: Gymnotidae Naked-back knifefishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Electrophorus electricus Electric eel South America 250 SL 1766
Electrophorus varii South America 148.5 TL 2019
Electrophorus voltai South America 171.1 TL 2019
Gymnotus anguillaris South America 30 SL 1962
Gymnotus arapaima South America 55 TL 2001
Gymnotus ardilai South America 2004
Gymnotus bahianus South America 27.6 TL 1996
Gymnotus capanema South America 17.9 TL 2012
Gymnotus capitimaculatus South America 15.8 TL 2014
Gymnotus carapo Banded knifefish Central and South America 76 TL 1758
Gymnotus cataniapo South America 31.6 TL 1994
Gymnotus chaviro South America 27.5 SL 2009
Gymnotus chimarrao South America 24.3 TL 2008
Gymnotus choco South America 26 TL 2003
Gymnotus coatesi South America 30 TL 1935
Gymnotus coropinae South America 34.5 SL 1962
Gymnotus cuia South America 30.5 TL 2018
Gymnotus curupira South America 23.5 TL 2005
Gymnotus cylindricus Central America 1935
Gymnotus darwini South America 15.7 TL 2019
Gymnotus diamantinensis South America 12.5 TL 2002
Gymnotus esmeraldas South America 30.9 TL 2003
Gymnotus henni South America 31.2 SL 2003
Gymnotus inaequilabiatus South America 99.8 TL 1839
Gymnotus interruptus South America 12.1 TL 2012
Gymnotus javari South America 20.1 TL 2003
Gymnotus jonasi South America 13.5 TL 2001
Gymnotus maculosus Spotted knifefish Central America. 1995
Gymnotus mamiraua South America 24.3 TL 2001
Gymnotus melanopleura South America 10 TL 2001
Gymnotus obscurus South America 21.5 TL 2005
Gymnotus omarorum South America 28.6 TL 2009
Gymnotus onca South America 12 TL 2001
Gymnotus panamensis Central America 23.6 TL 2003
Gymnotus pantanal South America 26 TL 2005
Gymnotus pantherinus South America 23.6 TL 1908
Gymnotus paraguensis South America 24 SL 2003
Gymnotus pedanopterus South America 28.1 TL 1994
Gymnotus refugio South America 2016
Gymnotus stenoleucus South America 14.2 TL 1994
Gymnotus sylvius South America 42 SL 1999
Gymnotus tigre South America 41.1 TL 2003
Gymnotus tiquie Tiquie banded knifefish South America 24 TL 2011
Gymnotus ucamara South America 19 TL 2003
Gymnotus varzea South America 28.5 TL 2005

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