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Family: Scyliorhinidae Cat sharks

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Akheilos suwartanai Ambon catshark Western Pacific 53.7 TL 2019
Cephaloscyllium albipinnum Whitefin swellshark Indo-West Pacific 102.5 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium cooki Cook’s swellshark Western Pacific 29.5 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium fasciatum Reticulated swellshark Western Pacific 42 TL 1966
Cephaloscyllium formosanum Formosa swellshark Northwest Pacific 65.6 TL 1962
Cephaloscyllium hiscosellum Australian reticulate swellshark Eastern Indian Ocean 52 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium isabella Draughtsboard shark Southwest Pacific 100 TL 1788
Cephaloscyllium laticeps Draughtboard shark Eastern Indian Ocean 150 TL 1853
Cephaloscyllium pictum Painted swellshark Western Pacific 71.7 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium sarawakense Sarawak pygmy swell shark Pacific Ocean 44.1 TL 2005
Cephaloscyllium signourum Flagtail swellshark Western Pacific 74.1 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium silasi Indian swellshark Western Indian Ocean 45 TL 1974
Cephaloscyllium speccum Speckled swellshark Eastern Indian Ocean 69.4 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium stevensi Steven's swellshark Western Pacific 66 TL 2011
Cephaloscyllium sufflans Balloon shark Western Indian Ocean 110 TL 1921
Cephaloscyllium umbratile Blotchy swell shark Western North Pacific 120 TL 1903
Cephaloscyllium variegatum Saddled swellshark Southwest Pacific 74 TL 2008
Cephaloscyllium ventriosum Swellshark Eastern Pacific 110 TL 1880
Cephaloscyllium zebrum Narrowbar swellshark Western Pacific 44.5 TL 2008
Poroderma africanum Striped catshark Southeast Atlantic 101 TL 1789
Poroderma pantherinum Leopard catshark Southeast Atlantic 84 TL 1838
Scyliorhinus besnardi Polkadot catshark Southwest Atlantic 47 TL 1970
Scyliorhinus boa Boa catshark Western Atlantic 54 TL 1896
Scyliorhinus cabofriensis Southwest Atlantic 46.8 TL 2016
Scyliorhinus canicula Lesser spotted dogfish North Sea (sw coast of Sw 100 TL 1758
Scyliorhinus capensis Yellowspotted catshark Southeast Atlantic 122 TL 1838
Scyliorhinus cervigoni West African catshark Eastern Atlantic 76 TL 1970
Scyliorhinus comoroensis Comoro cat shark Western Indian Ocean 1988
Scyliorhinus duhamelii Duhamel’s catshark Mediterranean Sea 43.6 TL 1913
Scyliorhinus garmani Brownspotted catshark Indo-West Pacific 38 TL 1934
Scyliorhinus hachijoensis Cinder cloudy catshark Northwest Pacific 41.6 TL 2022
Scyliorhinus haeckelii Freckled catshark Western Atlantic 60 TL 1907
Scyliorhinus hesperius Whitesaddled catshark Western Central Atlantic 47 TL 1966
Scyliorhinus meadi Blotched catshark Western Central Atlantic 49 TL 1966
Scyliorhinus retifer Chain catshark Western Atlantic 48 TL 1881
Scyliorhinus stellaris Nursehound Northeast Atlantic 170 TL 1758
Scyliorhinus torazame Cloudy catshark Northwest Pacific 77.8 TL 1908
Scyliorhinus torrei Dwarf catshark Western Central Atlantic 32 TL 1936
Scyliorhinus ugoi Dark freckled catshark Southwest Atlantic 63 TL 2015

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