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ichnotaxon ichnotaxon icnotaxon?? icnotaxon
infrasubspecific taxon, taxon taxon infrasubspécifique taxon infrasubespecífico taxon infrasubespecífico
nominal taxon, taxon taxon nominal taxon nominal
nominotypical taxon, taxon taxon nominotypique taxon nominotípico
parataxonomists parataxinomistes parataxonomistas
subordinate taxon, taxon taxon subordonné taxon subordinado
superior taxon, taxon taxon supérieur taxon superior
taxon taxon taxon
taxonomic taxonomique taxonómico
taxonomic group, group groupe taxonomique grupo taxonómico
taxonomic hierarchy, hierarchy hiérarchie taxonomique hierarquia taxonómica
taxonomic taxon, taxon taxon taxonomique taxon taxonómico
taxonomy taxonomie taxonomia
zoological taxon, taxon taxon zoologique taxon zoológico
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