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absolute growth rate, growth rate, rate
arrow flèche flecha direcção do fluxo energético
arrow worms
brown algae, algae
caudal peduncle scale rows, peduncle scale rows, scale rows rangées d'écailles du pédoncule caudal filas de escamas del pedúnculo caudal
compensatory growth
crown foot, foot
extra growths, growths
furrows sillons ?? canais lineares
grow-out operations, operations bassins de grossissement operaciones de engorde crescimento em tanque
growth croissance crecimiento crescimento
growth model, model modèle de croissance modelo de crecimiento modelo de crescimento
growth overfishing, overfishing surexploitation de la croissance sobrexplotación de crecimiento deplecção por sobrepesca
growth rate, rate
growth ring
intrinsic growth rate
labial furrows, furrows sillons labiaux surcos labiales comissuras labiais
lateral scale rows, scale rows, rows rangées des écailles latérales filas de escamas laterales filas de escamas da linha lateral
logistic population growth
prowfish zaproridé Zaprorídeos
Prowfishes Pataecídeos
Sandburrowers Creediídeos
specific growth rate, growth rate, rate taux de croissance spécifique taxa de crescimento específico
throw net
tooth rows, rows rangées de dent filas de dentes
transverse scale row, scale row, row
wool-like growths, growths
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