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aggregated/clumped/contiguous distribution, distribution
attribute attribut atributo atributo
bimodal distribution, distribution distribution bimodale distribución bimodal distribuição bimodal
Caribbean Sea
continental distribution, distribution distribution continentale distribución continental distribuição continental
deoxyribonucleic acid, acid DNA acide désoxyribonucléique
disjunct distribution, distribution répartition disjointe distribución disjunta distribuição disjunta
even/regular/uniform distribution
Hairyfish and tapetails or ribbonbearers, and tapetails or ribbonbearers, tapetails or ribbonbearers mirapínnidos Mirapinídeos
ingroup tribu
length distribution, distribution distribution de longueur distribución de tallas distribuição de comprimentos
peripheral distribution, distribution répartition périphérique distribuição periférica
Probability distribution, distribution
random distribution
Ribbonfishes poissons-rubans Traquipterídeos
size distribution, distribution
size frequency distribution, frequency distribution, distribution
subtribe sous-tribu subtribo
tribasal pectoral fin, pectoral fin, fin
tribe tribu tribo
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