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advance en avant delante à frente
apparent death, death
Aufwuchs fouling adherentes; sobrecrescentes epibiontes
Barentsz Sea
boundary current, current courant de front corriente de borde corrente oceânica
current commercial practice, commercial practice, practice
ebb current, current
economic rent
Ekman current meter, current meter, meter
excurrent apertures, apertures
feeder current, current
flood current, current
front front frente frente
incurrent apertures, apertures
parental behaviour
parental biomass
parental care, care soin parental
parental family
procurrent rays, rays
square brackets, brackets crochets parênteses rectos
Torrent catfishes, catfishes Amblicipitídeos
transparent object, object objet transparent objecto transparente
turbidity current, current courant de turbidité corente túrbida
undifferentiated coastline, coastline ligne de côte indifférenciée linha de costa indeferenciada
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