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accessory caudal ray, caudal ray, ray
anal fin ray count, fin ray count, ray count
branched rays, rays rayons branchus radios ramificados raios moles
branchiostegal rays, rays
branchiostegals rayons branchiostèges branquiostegales branquióstegos
Butterfly rays, rays raies-papillons épineuses gimnúridos? Gimnurídeos
caudal fin ray counts, fin ray counts, ray counts nombre de rayons de la nageoire caudale recuento de radios de la aleta caudal
Dark spotted moray, spotted moray, moray
Deepwater stingray, stingray plesiobátidos? Plesiobatídeo
dorsal and anal fin ray counts, and anal fin ray counts, anal fin ray counts nombre de rayons des nageoires dorsales et anales recuento de los radios de las aletas dorsal y anal
Eagle rays, rays aigles de mer miliobátidos? Miliobatídeos
Electric rays, rays torpilles torpedos Torpedinídeos
False morays, morays clópsidos; falsas morenas Clopsídeos
fin element counts, element counts, counts nombre de rayons des nageoires recuento de elementos de la aleta
fin rays, rays rayons des nageoires radios de las aletas raios das barbatanas
frayed fins, fins
homing accuracy, accuracy précision de retour vers les frayères fidelidad de retorno al lugar de nacimiento homing
incipient fin ray, fin ray, ray
Manta rays and devil rays, rays and devil rays, and devil rays mantes et diables de mer Mobulídeos
Moray eels, eels murènes Muraenídeos
Murray State University, Kentucky, Murray State University MSUKY Universidade de Murray, Kentucky
Oman moray, moray
paired fin ray counts, fin ray counts, ray counts dénombrement des rayons des nageoires paires
Palenose moray, moray
precaudal ray, ray
principal caudal rays, caudal rays, rays principaux rayons de la caudale raios caudais principais
principal caudal-fin rays, caudal-fin rays, rays
procurrent rays, rays
ray rayon raio
River stingrays, stingrays pastenagues d'eau douce Potamotrigonídeos
Round rays, rays urolophis Urolofídeos
rudimentary ray, ray
segmented ray, ray rayon segmenté raios segmentados
simple ray, ray
soft ray, ray rayon mou raio mole
spawning ground, ground frayère área de postura
spawning stock, stock population frayeure stock reprodutor
spinous rays, rays
Starry moray, moray
Sting rays, rays pastenagues Dasiatídeos
striated rays, rays
stripe rayure riscas
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