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aberration ab. aberration aberración aberração
aeration aération aireación
air saturation value of dissolved oxygen, saturation value of dissolved oxygen, value of dissolved oxygen
anaerobic respiration, respiration
asymptotic threshold concentration, threshold concentration, concentration
backscattering réverbération dispersión reverberação
bioconcentration bioconcentration bioconcentración bioconcentração
bioconcentration factor (BCF), factor (BCF), (BCF)
chemical filtration, filtration
declaration déclaration declaración declaração
difficult respiration, respiration
diurnal migration, migration migration diurne migración diurna migração diurna
fatty degeneration, degeneration
fish protein concentration (FPC), protein concentration (FPC), concentration (FPC)
gas supersaturation
generation génération generación
generation time, time
grow-out operations, operations bassins de grossissement operaciones de engorde crescimento em tanque
Lessepsian migration, migration migration lessepsienne migración lessepsiana migração Lessepsiana
Median effective concentration, effective concentration, concentration EC50 concentration efficace moyenne Concentração média efectiva
Median lethal concentration, lethal concentration, concentration LC50 dose léthale moyenne Concentração média letal
migration migration
nitrogen supersaturation
respiration respiration respiração
restoration restauration restauração
reverberation réverbération reverberação
separation from the group, from the group, the group
serration dentelure serrada
spawning migration, migration migration de frai
transliteration translittération transcrição literal
vertical migration, migration migration verticale migração vertical
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