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basibranchial basibranchial basibranquial basibranquial
basibranchial teeth, teeth
branchial branchial branquial branquial
branchial arch, arch arc branchial arco branquial arco branquial
branchial cavity, cavity cavité branchiale
ceratobranchial cératobranchial ceratobranquial ceratobranquial
epibranchial épibranchial epibranquial epibranquial
epibranchial organ
gill arch, arches arc branchial arco branquial arco branquial
gill chamber, chamber cavité branchiale cámara branquial câmara branquial
gill opening, opening ouverture branchiale abertura branquial aberturas branquiais
gill slits, slits fentes branchiales ?? Branquiales aberturas branquiais
hypobranchial hypobranchial hipobranquial hipobrânquial
orobranchial chamber
ultimobranchial gland
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