Geophagus sveni

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Geophagus sveni Lucinda, Lucena & Assis, 2010

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Image of Geophagus sveni
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drawing shows typical species in Cichlidae.

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> Cichliformes (Cichlids, convict blennies) > Cichlidae (Cichlids) > Geophaginae
Etymology: Geophagus: Greek, gea = the earth + Greek, phagein = to eat (Ref. 45335);  sveni: The specific name sveni is a patronym for Sven Kullander, in recognition of his many contributions to Cichlid Systematics (Ref. 84008)

Environment: milieu / climate zone / depth range / distribution range بوم شناسي

; آب شيرين نزديك كف زي; تغييرات عمق - m (Ref. ), usually - m (Ref. ).   Tropical; 0°C - ; 9°S - 11°S, 48°W - 49°W

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South America: Brazil. Known from the middle portions of the Rio Tocantins drainage (Ref. 84008).

Size / Weight / سن

Maturity: Lm ?  range ? - ? cm
Max length : 16.7 cm SL جنس نر / بدون خواص جنسي; (Ref. 84008)

توصيف مختصر ريخت شناسي | ريخت ستجي بوسيله انداره گيري

The lack of head markings distinguishes Geophagus sveni from G. grammepareius, G. taeniopareius, G. harreri, G. argyrostictus, and G. gottwaldi which have a complete infra-orbital stripe, and from G. dicrozoster, G. winemilleri, G. brachybranchus, and G. proximus, which have a black preopercular marking. Preserved specimens of Geophagus sveni can be distinguished from all other Geophagus species without head markings (except G. parnaibae) by the possession of five faint vertical, parallel bars on the flank (vs. absent in G. megasema, G. camopiensis and G. altifrons; four in G. surinamensis, and six in G. abalios and G. brokopondo). Geophagus sveni can be distinguished from by its lateral bars (solid bars vs. second and third bars medially bisected by a clearer area, respectively) and the colour pattern of the caudal fin, which is composed by alternating vertical light and dark bars (vs. alternating horizontal light and dark bars in G. parnaibae). The prominent mid-lateral blotch occupying rostro-caudally five or six scales width and reaching the row immediately above the upper lateral line distinguishes G. sveni from G. abalios, G. surinamensis, G. altifrons, and G. brokopondo. Geophagus sveni can be distinguished from G. camopiensis by the rounded mid-lateral blotch (vs. quadrate-like). Geophagus sveni differs from the sympatric and syntopic Geophagus neambi by the presence of five faint vertically bars (vs. seven or eight conspicuous dorso-ventral bifurcated vertically bars); live specimens with anterior portions of horizontal stripes conspicuously reddish and posterior portions orange (vs. anterior portions slightly more orange than the posterior portions) and three iridescent blue vertical spots present extending along the preopercle (vs. iridescent blue spots absent) (Ref. 84008).

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Lucinda, P.H.F., C.A.S. Lucena and N.C. Assis, 2010. Two new species of cichlid fish genus Geophagus Heckel from the Rio Tocantins drainage (Perciformes: Cichlidae). Zootaxa 2429:29-42. (Ref. 84008)

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بوم شناسي
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مصرف غذايي
اسامي عام
سوخت و ساز
سم شناسي بوم زيستي
تولید مثل
تخم ریزی
Spawning aggregation
تخم ها
نمو تخم
طول - وزن
طول - طول
نوسانات طولی
ريخت ستجي بوسيله انداره گيري
ريخت شناسي
توزاد ( لارو)
پويايي لاروي
آبزي پروري
نمايه آبزي پروري
تواتر آلل ها
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Mass conversion
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Estimates based on models

Phylogenetic diversity index (Ref. 82805):  PD50 = 0.5000   [Uniqueness, from 0.5 = low to 2.0 = high].
Bayesian length-weight: a=0.01000 (0.00244 - 0.04107), b=3.04 (2.81 - 3.27), in cm total length, based on all LWR estimates for this body shape (Ref. 93245).
Trophic level (Ref. 69278):  2.3   ±0.1 se; based on size and trophs of closest relatives
جهندگی (Ref. 120179):  زياد, كمينه زمان لازم براي دو برابر شدن جمعيت ، كمتر از 15 ماه (Preliminary K or Fecundity.).
آسيب پذيری (Ref. 59153):  Low vulnerability (24 of 100) .
Nutrients (Ref. 124155):  Calcium = 271 [145, 520] mg/100g ; Iron = 2.04 [1.27, 3.86] mg/100g ; Protein = 18.1 [16.7, 19.5] % ; Omega3 = 0.356 [0.145, 1.012] g/100g ; Selenium = 57.1 [25.4, 118.5] μg/100g ; VitaminA = 24.5 [7.3, 67.3] μg/100g ; Zinc = 2.46 [1.70, 4.38] mg/100g (wet weight);