Larvae Information Summary for  Lampetra aepyptera
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Main Ref: Renaud, C.B. 2011
Yolk-sac larvae
  max min mod Ref.
Length at birth (mm)     3.4 89241
Preanal L. % TL        
Place of development  
Larval area freshwater
Yolk-sac       Ref:  
Yolk   Oil globules  
Post larvae
Striking feature  
Striking shape lateral   dorsal  
Striking feature  
Shape of gut  
Gas bladder   early   late  
Spinal armature   early   late  
Ammocoetes: Max. size, 135 mm TL, but presumably can attain greater lengths as adults have been recorded to 178 mm TL. Body proportions, as percentage of TL (based on 44 specimens measuring 100-130 mm TL): prebranchial length, 5.2 (estimated mean); branchial length, 10.8-15.4; trunk length, 50.3-56.2; tail length, 26.5-30.8. Trunk myomeres, 51-60. Body coloration unrecorded. Extent of pigmentation (- = absence to trace; + = 1% to under 25%; ++ = 25% to under 75%; +++ = 75% or more): upper lip, +; cheek, +++; subocular, -; lower prebranchial, ++; upper branchial, ++; lower branchial, -; caudal fin, +; tongue precursor bulb, ++; along elastic ridge of tongue precursor, ++. Lateral line neuromast pigmentation unrecorded. Caudal fin shape, rounded. Metamorphosing ammocoetes: 86-114 mm TL.
  L 1st feeding Ref. Months of presence of larvae
max     Jan Feb Mar Apr
min   May Jun Jul Aug
mod     Sep Oct Nov Dec
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