Reproduction of Trichogaster lalius
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Main Ref. Riehl, R. and H.A. Baensch, 1991
Mode dioecism
Fertilization external
Mating type
Spawning frequency
Spawning aggregation Ref.  
Batch spawner Ref.  
Reproductive guild guarders
Parental Care paternal
Description of life cycle and mating behavior Male guards the floating bubble-nest where the eggs are laid, about 600 in number. Hatching takes place in 12 to 24 hours while the male parent continues to protect the nest. In about three days, the developing larvae become free-swimming and leave the nest. In an aquarium setting, it is about this same period that the male should be removed from the tank to lessen the probability of him eating the young (Ref. 1672).
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