Reproduction of Myloplus rubripinnis
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Main Ref. Baensch, H.A. and R. Riehl, 1985
Mode dioecism
Fertilization external
Mating type
Spawning frequency
Spawning aggregation Ref.  
Batch spawner Ref.  
Reproductive guild nonguarders
open water/substratum egg scatterers
Parental Care none
Description of life cycle and mating behavior The red hooked anal fin of the female is actually a plough. The male has a bilobed anal fin which is designed to wrap around the female's "hook". During spawning, the female inserts the hook into the substrate (e.g., gravel) and ploughs a furrow while laying the eggs with the male in a position next to her with his bi-lobed fin wrapped around the hook as he fertilises the eggs. The female's "hook" is suprisingly strong and can be pushed into coarse gravel (up to the anal opening) without any problem with a shaking body action, the male's bilobed hook folds under the same pressure so they can work in unison (Ref. 55767).
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