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74592 Prasad, G., A. Ali and R. Raghavan, 2007. Threatened fishes of the world: Puntius denisonii (Day 1865) (Cyprinidae). Environ. Biol. Fishes 2007 Puntius denisonii -->
74596 Raghavan, R., G. Prasad, P.H. Anvar Ali and L. Sujarittanonta, 2007. 'Boom and bust fishery' in a biodiversity hotspot - is the Western Ghats losing its most celebrated native ornamental fish, Puntius denisonii Day?. Curr. Sci. 92(12):1671-1672. 2007 Puntius denisonii 1671
87807 Baby, F., J. Tharian, S. Philip, A. Ali and R. Raghavan, 2011. Checklist of the fishes of the Achankovil forests, Kerala, India with notes on the range extension of an endemic cyprinid Puntius chalakkudiensis. Journal of Threatened Taxa 3(7): 1936-1941. 2011 Puntius denisonii 1938
94494 Raghavan, R., S. Philip, A. Ali and N. Dahanukar, 2013. Sahyadria, a new genus of barbs (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Western Ghats of India. J. Threat. Taxa 5(15):4932-4938. 2013 Sahyadria denisonii 4934
98384 Varkey, A.M.T., S. Sajeevan and M. Vadakkedath, 2013. Length-weight relationships of an endangered barb Puntius denisonii (Day-1865) from different rivers of the western Ghats of India. International Journal of Research in Fisheries and Aquaculture 3(3):81-84. 2013 Puntius denisonii 81
105471 eElurikkus, 2015. eElurikkus koondab ühte portaali Eesti eluslooduse andmed. 2015 Sahyadria denisonii -->
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