List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 45
Species Name Used in Reference
Ecsenius aequalis Springer, 1988 Ecsenius aequalis (p. 115-119)
Ecsenius alleni Springer, 1988 Ecsenius alleni (p. 81;fig.42;pl.12.2;tab.21-23)
Ecsenius aroni Springer, 1971 Ecsenius aroni (p. 28;fig.14;pl.2.1;tab.6)
Ecsenius australianus Springer, 1988 Ecenius australianus (p. 82;fig.43;pl.12.2;tab.21-23)
Ecsenius axelrodi Springer, 1988 Ecsenius axelrodi (p. 84)
Ecsenius bandanus Springer, 1971 Ecsenius bandanus (p. 106-7)
Ecsenius bathi Springer, 1988 Ecsenius bathi (p. 86-88)
Ecsenius bicolor (Day, 1888) Ecsenius bicolor (p. 44;fig.27-28;pl.4.6,5.1-4)
Ecsenius bimaculatus Springer, 1971 Ecsenius bimaculatus (p. 107)
Ecsenius collettei Springer, 1972 Ecsenius collettei (p. 109-110)
Ecsenius dentex Springer, 1988 Ecsenius dentex (p. 69;fig.35d;pl.8.4;tab.19-20)
Ecsenius dilemma Springer, 1988 Ecsenius dilemma (p. 88-90)
Ecsenius fijiensis Springer, 1988 Ecsenius fijiensis (p. 90;fig.47;pl.12;tab.21-23)
Ecsenius fourmanoiri Springer, 1972 Ecsenius fourmanoiri (p. 93-4)
Ecsenius frontalis (Valenciennes, 1836) Ecsenius frontalis (p. 41;fig.24-26;pl.4.3-5;tab.10)
Ecsenius gravieri (Pellegrin, 1906) Ecsenius gravieri (p. 28-30; fig.15,16)
Ecsenius isos McKinney & Springer, 1976 Ecsenius isos (p. 101;fig.53;pl.13;tab.24-25)
Ecsenius kurti Springer, 1988 Ecsenius kurti (p. 117-119)
Ecsenius lineatus Klausewitz, 1962 Ecsenius lineatus (p. 52)
Ecsenius lividanalis Chapman & Schultz, 1952 Ecsenius lividanalis (p. 34;fig.18;pl.2.5,6;tab.7)
Ecsenius lubbocki Springer, 1988 Ecsenius lubbocki (p. 103;fig.54;tab.24-25)
Ecsenius mandibularis McCulloch, 1923 Ecsenius mandibularis (p. 119; fig.64; pl.14:fig.5)
Ecsenius melarchus McKinney & Springer, 1976 Ecsenius melarchus (p. 34;fig.19-20;pl.3.1-2;tab.8)
Ecsenius midas Starck, 1969 Ecsenius midas (p. 37;fig.21;pl.3.3-6;tab.9)
Ecsenius minutus Klausewitz, 1963 Ecsenius minutus (p. 71;fig.35a-c;pl.9.4,5;tab19-20)
Ecsenius monoculus Springer, 1988 Ecsenius monoculus (p. 57;fig.32d;pl.7.4;tab.16-17)
Ecsenius nalolo Smith, 1959 Ecsenius nalolo (p. 72;fig.36-37;pl.8.5,6;tab19-20)
Ecsenius namiyei (Jordan & Evermann, 1902) Ecsenius namiyei (p. 48;fig.29;pl.5.5-6;tab.13-14)
Ecsenius oculatus Springer, 1988 Ecsenius oculatus (p. 60;fig.32c;pl.7.1;tab.16-18)
Ecsenius oculus Springer, 1971 Ecsenius oculus (p. 62;fig.32a;pl.7.3;tab.16-18)
Ecsenius opsifrontalis Chapman & Schultz, 1952 Ecsenius opsifrontalis (p. 94)
Ecsenius pardus Springer, 1988 Ecsenius pardus (p. 63;fig.33c;pl.7.6,8.1;)
Ecsenius paroculus Springer, 1988 Ecsenius paroculus (p. 64;fig.32b,34;pl.7.2;tab.16-18)
Ecsenius pictus McKinney & Springer, 1976 Ecsenius pictus (p. 113)
Ecsenius portenoyi Springer, 1988 Ecsenius portenoyi (p. 65;fig.33a;pl.8.2-3;tab.16-17)
Ecsenius prooculis Chapman & Schultz, 1952 Ecsenius prooculis (p. 110-111)
Ecsenius pulcher (Murray, 1887) Ecsenius pulcher (p. 31;fig.17;pl.2.2-4;tab.6)
Ecsenius sellifer Springer, 1988 Ecsenius sellifer (p. 66;fig.32e;tab.16-17)
Ecsenius stictus Springer, 1988 Ecsenius stictus (p. 74;fig.38;pl.9.5-6;tab.19-20)
Ecsenius stigmatura Fowler, 1952 Ecsenius stigmatura (p. 41;fig.s22-23;pl.4.1-2;tab.8)
Ecsenius taeniatus Springer, 1988 Ecsenius taeniatus (p. 112;fig.60;tab.26-28)
Ecsenius tessera Springer, 1988 Ecsenius tessera (p. 67;fig.33d;pl.7.5;tab.16-17)
Ecsenius tigris Springer, 1988 Ecsenius tigris (p. 98; fig.52;pl.11:fig.1)
Ecsenius trilineatus Springer, 1972 Ecsenius trilineatus (p. 104-5)
Ecsenius yaeyamaensis (Aoyagi, 1954) Ecsenius yaeyamaensis (p. 75;fig.39;pl.9.1-3;tab.19-20)
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