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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
Epiplatys annulatus8.32-12.22P 73010.499573010.5003Thys van den Audenaerde D., Kasewe-forest, marigots de la réserve forestière
Portal: FB. Source: P
Epiplatys annulatus8.32-12.22P -165099-165117Roloff E., Kasewe-forest
Portal: FB. Source: P
Epiplatys annulatus8.10-12.07P 73010.5004Thys van den Audenaerde D., Njala, riv. Taja
Portal: FB. Source: P
Epiplatys annulatus7.40-11.72P 73010.500673010.5011Thys van den Audenaerde D., Bayama, marigots de la riv. Waanje
Portal: FB. Source: P
Epiplatys annulatus7.35-11.70P 73010.5005Thys van den Audenaerde D., Pujehun, riv. Waanje, amont et aval du pont
Portal: FB. Source: P
Haplochilus annulatus Boulenger, 19157.13-11.55FB 2739355Probably Maka, at mough of Moa R., ca. 7°08'N, 11°33'W, Sierra Leone.
Portal: FB. Source: FB
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