Introductions of Oreochromis aureus

[n = 60]

Year / Period From To Established Ecol. effects
unknown Unknown Dominica unknown  
unknown Israel UK not established unknown
unknown Unknown Australia not established  
unknown Unknown Czech Republic not established no data
unknown Unknown Dominican Republic established  
unknown Unknown Antigua established  
unknown Unknown French Polynesia unknown  
unknown Unknown Haiti established  
unknown unknown Jordan established unknown
unknown Unknown Neth Antilles unknown  
unknown Unknown Russia probably not established  
unknown Unknown Syria probably established  
unknown unknown Saudi Arabia established unknown
unknown Unknown Singapore probably established  
1970 - 1979 Unknown Turkey established  
1980 - 1989 Israel Zambia probably established  
1983 - 1984 Ein Hamifratz (Israel) Lake Darwendale (Zimbabwe) unknown unknown
1990 - 1999 unknown Libyan Arab Jamahiriya unknown unknown
1910 Israel South Africa established probably some
1951 Congo, Republic of Madagascar established unknown
1957 Israel USA established unknown
1957 Africa USA established unknown
1962 Israel Uganda not established  
1963 USA El Salvador established  
1964 USA Mexico established  
1965 El Salvador Costa Rica established  
1965 USA Brazil established  
1968 Mexico Cuba established  
1970 Israel Thailand established unknown
1971 USA Puerto Rico established  
1974 Israel Taiwan established probably none
1974 Costa Rica Guatemala established unknown
1974 El Salvador Guatemala established unknown
1974 Unknown Viti Levu, Fiji not established  
1976 Israel Cyprus probably established  
1977 Thailand Myanmar unknown  
1977 USA Philippines probably established  
1977 Singapore Philippines probably established  
1978 UK Kenya unknown unknown
1978 Costa Rica Nicaragua established  
1979 Florida (USA) Kuwait unknown unknown
1980 Taiwan Japan established  
1980 Unknown Dominican Republic established  
1981 Tihange, Belgium Côte d'Ivoire not established  
1981 Hongkong China established  
1981 Mozambique Côte d'Ivoire not established  
1982 United States of America Haiti established unknown
1983 Cuba Peru established  
1984 Lake Manzalla, Egypt Israel probably not established unknown
1984 UK Israel probably not established unknown
1984 Cuba USSR probably not established  
1985 Egypt Pakistan established probably none
1985 Unknown Bahamas unknown  
1985 Kuwait United Arab Emirates probably established none
1985 Panama Haiti unknown no data
1987 Puerto Rico Panama established  
1990 Israel Colombia unknown unknown
1991 United Arab Emirates Oman established unknown
1994 unknown Reunion unknown unknown
2002 China Viet Nam unknown unknown
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