Squalus hemipinnis White, Last & Yearsley, 2007
Indonesian shortsnout spurdog
Squalus hemipinnis
photo by Krajangdara, T. & S. Rodpradit

Family:  Squalidae (Dogfish sharks)
Max. size:  52.2 cm TL (male/unsexed); 78 cm TL (female)
Environment:  benthopelagic; depth range 1 - 100 m
Distribution:  Eastern Indian Ocean: Indonesia.
Diagnosis:  This species is distinguished by the following set of characters: slender body of moderate size, depth 9-10.6% TL; relatively narrow and very short snout, horizontal prenarial length is 8.4-9.1% TL; large eyes, length 5.1-5.6% TL; secondary lobe of anterior nasal flap is well developed; small dorsal fins that are strongly raked; first dorsal-fin spine is moderate, broad-based while the second dorsal-fin spine is moderate, robust and broad-based; weakly falcate pectoral fin in adults its inner margin relatively short, 6.9-7.8% TL; caudal fin with a short, broad caudal bar, enlarged upper caudal blotch and the fringe is located distally on lobe in juveniles; flank denticles are broadly unicuspidate to weakly tricuspidate; monospondylous centra 35-38, precaudal centra 72-76, total centra 96-100 (Ref. 58445).
Biology:  Apparently occurs on or near the bottom of upper continental and insular slopes, but depth distribution is undetermined; probably on shallower water than its congeners. Presumably feeds on small fishes, cephalopods and crustaceans. Viviparous, with yolk-sac dependency. Gives birth to 3 -10 pups, but gestation period is unknown. Males mature at about 43 cm TL and females by 61 cm TL; with largest embryo measured at 18 cm. The species is a very common catch component fo the demersal longline fishery in deepwater areas in eastern Indonesia. It is caught for its meat, fins and liver oil (Ref. 58042).
IUCN Red List Status: Near Threatened (NT); Date assessed: 01 December 2008 Ref. (120744)
Threat to humans:  harmless
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