Sander volgensis (Gmelin, 1789)
Volga pikeperch
Volga zander,  Волжский судак
Sander volgensis
photo by Specziár, A.

Family:  Percidae (Perches), subfamily: Luciopercinae
Max. size:  40 cm SL (male/unsexed); max. reported age: 12 years
Environment:  demersal; pH range: 7.19999980926514 - 8; dH range: 10 - 25
Distribution:  Europe: Northern Black Sea basin from Danube (up to Vienna) to Kuban drainages; Caspian basin (Volga and Ural drainages).
Diagnosis:  Distinguished uniquely from congeners in Europe by the absence of canine teeth. Differs further by the combination of the following characters: second dorsal fin with 19-21½ branched rays; 70-83 scales on lateral line; and cheek scaled (Ref. 59043).
Biology:  Inhabits large, turbid rivers and lakes, and brackish coastal lakes and estuaries. Most active at dusk and dawn. Feeds on small fish and invertebrates. Larvae and juveniles are pelagic and feed on zooplankton. Attains first sexual maturity at 3-4 years of age and 20-30 cm SL. Spawns in April-May. May undertake short spawning migrations (Ref. 59043).
IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern (LC); Date assessed: 05 March 2010 Ref. (120744)
Threat to humans:  harmless
Country info:  Occurs manily in the basins of the Volga, Ural, Don Dnieper and other rivers. It is intensively dispersed into reservoirs where it can be quite abundant (Ref. 26334). This has been translocated to areas within the country, rapidly expanded its range and is now widely established in the country (Ref. 45022). EurRus

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